customer feedback

At Kaisilver we do not indulge in high pitched marketing noise or advertising, we prefer to let our work speak for itself. Another reason for not splurging on sales hype is because, all these overheads would ultimately add on to the price. Our team is staffed by professionals from every activity related to gems and jewelry procurement and manufacturing, we do not employ sales or marketing personnel. We strongly believe that it is far more effective to enhance customer experience and provide superior quality in terms of customer guidance, product quality and workmanship.  Ensuring satisfied clients is the best way to publicize our commitment to quality, we present a reviews from some of our customers. All comments are published here with express approval from the client. We are honored to have a very high rate of repeat customers and new customers recommended by existing clients. 

Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am very excited and overwhelmed to receive my ring and earrings. The ring is EXACTLY the same as the one that was stolen and I never thought I could replace it exactly, even to the spinal effect of the stones.It was very kind of you to take the trouble and time, and allow me to take the time to describe exactly what I wanted.The result is the ring is perfectly the same and the earrings match so well, just like the ones I lost. I do thank you so much. Your service and products have been excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.  Reading the comments of other people you must be very pleased with the pleasure you give to your customers, when they receive your products. Please use me for publicity if you wish. Thank you also for your good wishes and blessing.Thank you and God bless ...... Patricia Dodd.

The ring is absolutely beautiful, the ruby stunning. I was worried whether it would ever come, being delayed due to all the turmoil in Bangkok, but when it finally did, I was absolutely delighted. I’ve looked in many jewellery shops and haven’t seen a ruby as nice yet. Thankyou, my girlfriend, now fiancé, absolutely loved it! The communication and customer service was really excellent as well, customising the ring went very smoothly, and the price was excellent for the quality. Regards ...  John Williams.

The ring came today and it's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much, I'll keep you informed about how everything goes. I'll be proposing on the 26th of this month, you guys are great thanks again so much ... James Jarrett.

The cat ring is beautiful and elegant, and so so cute. I can't believe you got it to me before my girlfriends' birthday. I felt truly touched, at all the care you put into the product, and for the beautiful little bag it came with, and for your lovely card. Thank you for your understanding, care and expediency. God bless you for it! I have never been treated this way as a customer! THANK YOU! ... Mr.Eugene Iosilevich.

Thank you for the is awsome and the birthday card was a special touch..much appreciated. Much respect ... Neil Heron.

Happy New Year!! I got my ring last week.And I'm impressed by it .I love everything about it! The antique look of the silver is beautiful. It looks great. The stone is very pretty.thank you sooo much. Take care .... Christine.

Yes I did receive it.Thank you very much. It is more than I hoped for. I will let you know about the chain. It is being given for christmas and will let you know. Thank you again for the beautiful pendant ...... Please go ahead and use my comments. Your product is unbelievable ...Jackie. 

I just received my ring and I had to send you a note of thanks. It is as beautiful as I expected it would be. Your patience with my questions was always gracious and the answers prompt and courteous. Please extend my thanks to the entire company and the artists who created this piece of art during extremely trying times for you. Feel free to use my endorsement of your company on your website, and I will be sure to tell everyone about your company. Thank you and God bless all of you ... Lynn St. Martin.

I have just received my ring, it is lovely.  I thank you for your time and consideration ... Maryann Ryan. 

My rings were delivered today. They are very beautiful. Thanks again Ms. Nok and everyone at Kai Silver ... Anthony Rogers


I received my ring today and just wanted to thank you on your fine craftsmanship. The ring is absolutely beautiful.  A big thanks to all of you at Kaisilver ... Anthony Rogers