Gents Tourmaline Ring - MAN136

Green gemstones are popular and their popularity runs across all ages, genders and lifestyles. Green tourmaline rings for men are a great choice, the green of this gem is not bright and flashy, the gem has a saturated green color and is tough enough to withstand daily wear. Kaisilver presents a tough and sturdy men’s tourmaline ring with a large 11x9mm oval green tourmaline gemstone. The ring crafted by expert artisans in both gold and sterling silver, makes a confident statement without appearing loud and showy. 

There was a time when men invariably turned to emerald when, looking for a green gemstone ring. While emerald is indeed an awesome and historically well known gem, it lacks the toughness and durability that comes naturally to green tourmaline. It is no doubt true that emerald is several times, more expensive as compared to green tourmaline. Since we control the entire gem sourcing operation and are fully geared to custom cut quality gems, each tourmaline that is set is carefully selected by our gem experts and professionally cut.

MAN136 Ring Hightlights:

  • The ring is available in 14k or 18k gold and 925 sterling silver.
  • The same gem quality and workmanship is maintained for both metals.
  • The gold tourmaline ring has a weight of around 25 grams.
  • The same ring in 925 sterling silver weighs around 20 grams.
  • The width of the band behind the finger is around 6-7mm.
  • Larger gold tourmaline men’s rings might required more metal.
  • The gemstone is a natural 11x9mm oval green tourmaline stone.
  • You can order your men’s ring with the gemstone of your choice.
  • Each ring is fully custom made, all ring size requests are possible.
  • Select white, yellow or pink gold for your tourmaline gold ring.
  • Any plating done on the silver ring will not last permanently.
  • We can also custom make your ring with your own design concept.
  • Etching of a short message or name can be done inside the band.

The large green gem in this ring is set with a partial bezel setting, you can see that the gem his horizontally mounted with both ends covered with metal. You can request for the gem in your men’s tourmaline gemstone ring to be set with a bezel mount all around the edge of the gem. We realize that this ring is not cheap, you would expect to get many years of satisfaction by wearing it. This is precisely why we have built this jewel to be tough and sturdy, the gold tourmaline ring weighs around 25 grams and the silver ring around 20 grams.

Tourmaline is found in a range of colors, green, pink and a reddish pink are always in demand. Green tourmaline pairs well with all skin colors, the design and workmanship for this ring make it perfect for both casual and formal wear. You can wear your green tourmaline gold or 925 silver men’s ring with a formal suit or slip it on, as you dress casual for that stint at the gold course. Expect the ring to draw immediate attention and admiration as the 11x9mm oval gem size is significantly large. Most tourmaline rings for men would be made with a gem size that is around, 9x7mm or 10x8mm.

Based on the ring size required, we might suggest additional gold weight for rings that are very large. This might be necessary when the requirement is for a tourmaline ring, with absolutely no scooping done inside the band. You can discuss your specific requirements with our support experts become, finalizing your order with us.

Other green gem options listed in the price table for the MAN136 ring include, green jade, peridot and emerald. You could even request for a price quote that includes a gem not mentioned in the table, our team will work out a price quote for your request. 


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