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Crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans, the MAN56 diamond ring for men is available in all ring sizes and in both gold and sterling silver. Diamonds happen to be one of the most expensive natural creations to be used in jewelry, they are rare, exotic and pack fire and glitter that no other natural creation can deliver. This Kaisilver diamond ring is a symbol of luxury, a jewel that you could wear for years, decades and then pass on to the next generation. This is no exaggeration and you will believe that, once you read this detailed report and get acquainted with the advanced features incorporated into the design. 

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MAN56 Men's Diamond Ring Highlights:

  • Custom made by highly skilled Thai jewelry artisans in gold and 925 silver. 
  • The same quality standards maintained for the gold and sterling silver diamond ring. 
  • The diamond ring has options for 3mm or 4mm round diamonds (4 pieces). 
  • You can order the MAN56 Kaisilver ring with all gems or mix gems and diamonds. 
  • The gold weight of the ring is between 22 to 25 grams, larger rings might require more weight. 
  • The head (front) height of the diamond ring is around 11mm to 13mm. 
  • The width of the portion behind the finger is around 5mm to 6mm. 
  • Requests for a men's diamond ring with no metal scooping in the band, could call for more weight. 
  • Each ring is fully customized, design modifications can be accommodated. 
  • The ring is available in all ring sizes - 10k, 14k 18k white, yellow or pink gold or 925 silver. 
  • Requests for a price quote if you prefer to have a 10k gold diamond ring for men.
  • We can also craft a men's diamond ring with a design provided by you. 

Design For Style, Comfort, Durability: The MAN56 diamond ring is designed to make the ring durable and comfortable to wear. With a head size of around 11mm-13mm, the ring is broad and requires substantial metal weight to make it long lasting. The minimum metal weight invested in the ring is 22g to 25g, at least 40% to 60% more than what other jewelers would provide for a similar ring. If you wish to order a big men's ring, we might advise you to invest a higher gold weight to maintain the same level of durability and comfort. Let us know if you have a specific requirement for a men's ring with no scooping done inside the band. We will evaluate the possible need for additional metal weight and work out the costs involved. 

Diamonds And Gemstones: The MAN56 Kaisilver diamond ring is fully custom made, you can order the ring with just diamonds, just gemstones or a combination of both. The price tables mentioned below might not display all combinations, please email us with your specific gem and diamond requirements. The team will get back with a specific price quote. All gems and diamonds are natural, we do not deal in synthetics and other man made substitutes. 

Diamond Size And Price Relation: Diamonds are priced per carat which is the weight unit of the precious stone. While the price of a diamond is based on size and quality, there is one important factor that influences diamond price. As the size of a diamond increase, the price calculation based on [price per carat x weight in carats] does not hold true. Simply put a diamond of quality Q1 and weighing 2 carats, would cost more than double of a 1 carat diamond of the same quality Q1. This is something that has been considered when designing the MAN56 diamond ring. The 4 diamonds are set next to each other, generating an area of glitter on the face of the ring. The look of the ring offers a brighter and bigger luxury look than the price tag would suggest. 

Gems And Diamonds: The MAN56 diamond ring can be crafted with gems or diamonds or a combination of both. Since the combinations are way too many to list, email our support team with your requirements and we will work out a price quote for the same. One idea would be to have the ring made as a family birthstone ring, each stone could represent a birthstone marking the birthday of a family member. 

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How To Buy: We are in no hurry for you to place an order and confirm the payment. That is not the way that we do business, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with our team at sales@kaisilver.com Let us know the item that interests you (design number), your choice of 10k, 14k, 18k - white, yellow or pink gold or sterling silver. We place no restrictions on gem selection, so provide details about your choice of gemstones. We can also craft a men's diamond ring or any other jewel, with design specifications provided by you. Email us an image or sketch and we will together finalize details and pricing. We can also have our English speaking experts call you on the phone, send us an email with detailed requirements and include your phone number, location and preferred time to receive the call. Details provided in the email will help us better select the right expert and prepare for the phone discussion. We will bear the cost of the phone charges and there is absolutely no problem if, you finally choose not to purchase from us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Widely regarded as one of the leading online source for high end custom jewelry, we are proud to have a client base that includes over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers spread across 15 nations. Some of Thailand's highly skilled jewelry artisans, work on designs created by a team of talented Kaisilver designers. We are networked to almost every gem mining and cutting operation on the globe. This is gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We provide the best quality of gems at every price point. Contact our experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or requirements related to gemstones and jewelry. 

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