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As the term natural gemstone rings suggests, the reference is to gold or silver rings with gems that are formed by nature. A ring with a natural gem, could include one of the many gorgeous gemstones that are found in nature. Any 'gem' that is made by humans, using any type of technic or technology - would not classify as a natural gemstone. When you talk about Kaisilver rings, it is always implied that the gems and diamonds used are natural and not manmade material. Jewelry buyers in general, choose artificial gems to get the look of a natural gem but, at a significantly lower price. It is indeed a matter of personal choice and all is fine as long as, you know exactly what type of gemstone you are getting. It is important to remember, that just getting a natural gem in your ring might not mean that, you are getting good value for what you spend. Keep reading this report and we will, reveal a few important tips and suggestions. 

Kaisilver rings can be made with your design or ours, all rings can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with gemstones of your choice. You could also request for design modifications, for rings picked from our websites. Both gold and silver rings are crafted with natural gemstones, to the same premium standards. 

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ruby ring natural  ruby gemstone

A ring with a natural ruby gemstone would be highly desirable, this is even if the jewel is finely handcrafted by Kaisilver artisans in Thailand. Ruby the July birthstone is rare and expensive, Kaisilver procures natural ruby gems from the mines. The gemstone in every jewel is certified for authenticity ... more.

men's gemstone ring natural ruby

A handsome gemstone ring for men. The MAN50 men's gold or silver ring is shown with a natural ruby gemstone. You can order this natural gemstone ring, with the gemstone of your choice. The gold and silver men's gem rings have the same superior standards. All ring sizes are available for this men's ring ... more

natural gemstone ring amethyst custom

An absolutely stunning gem and yet, affordable even in larger sizes. The RG137A natural gem ring from Kaisilver, is expertly handcrafted in gold or sterling silver. Shown with a gorgeous natural amethyst gemstone, this ring can be ordered with the gem of your choice. Check for price and details ... more

emerald ring with many gemstones

For seasoned natural gemstone fans, a gold or silver ring that brings together multiple natural colored gems is absolutely adorable. The RG216 ring combines emerald, ruby and Australian ruby in one ring. Remember that you get to choose the gems of your choice. Read details on this ring ... more

natural gemstone rings with tourmaline

Rising tourmaline gemstone prices have encouraged, a growing supply of cheap factory manufactured imitations. Kaisilver offers natural tourmaline gems in all colors, your tourmaline ring will have a natural gemstone certified by an independent testing house for authenticity. Review the collection ... more

natural ruby gemstone ring for men

Ruby rings for men with natural gemstones, have some very essential features that you should evaluate. Picking men's natural ruby gemstone rings can be complicated as, the fact that you get a natural ruby gem does not imply that, you are getting good value for the price. Learn more about men's ruby gem rings ... more.  

gemstone ring emerald

A certified natural emerald gemstone for this gold ring. Crafted by expert artisans in Thailand the RG137 ring, can be ordered in gold or silver. There are no restrictions on gem selection, the ring also has two natural diamonds - on either side of the oval emerald gem. We invite you to read the full report ... more

cross wedding band for men

A sturdy and impressive men's cross ring, the perfect design for a men's cross wedding band. The MH-02 band ring can be modified to accommodate a gemstone or diamond in the center of the cross. Fully customizable in gold or silver, you could also request for a different motif instead of the cross ... more

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The price of a natural gemstone can vary widely, this based on the quality or grade of the gem. So if you talk about a sapphire ring with a natural sapphire gem, the price of the same ring could vary from $3,000 to above $10,000 depending on the quality of the sapphire gemstone. The gemstone and diamond is generally dominated by brokers and commission agents. A chain of middlemen who, add their profit margins to the price tag. Simply speaking, you end up getting significantly lower value, for the money that you pay. One of the reasons why over 12,000 jewelry lovers across 15 nations, rely on Kaisilver for their gem and jewelry requirements is that, we provide good value at each price point. By procuring gems directly from the mining sources, we cut out the long chain of middlemen. The result is that, you get the best natural gemstone for your ring (or other jewel) at each price point. 

Most natural gemstones are treated to bring out their color and clarity - gemstone treatments are many and some of them, could even reduce the durability and value of the gemstone. So what this does mean is that, just being assured of a natural gemstone for your ring does not mean that, you are getting a jewel that is worth the price. No doubt that the casual jewelry buyer, would not be in a position to stay updated with developments in gem treatments etc. Kaisilver has an active and highly experienced gem procurement team, we check and recheck every factor related to the gemstones that we use in our jewelry. Our team of experts at is always ready to answer any queries that you might have. You would agree that, very few jewelers care to provide the detailed information that we do. This holds true even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. We invite you to take advantage of our expertise in every aspect of gemstones and jewelry.

You would know that natural gems come in a range of colors, a single gem like sapphire or tourmaline could be found in at least half a dozen colors. Various subtle differences in a color range, delivers an even wider choice. Natural gem rings are often ordered, based on gem color preference. This takes us to an important fact, different gem types can often have the same basic color. For example red gems could include ruby, rubelite tourmaline, red spinel, red garnet, red spessartite, bixbite (red beryl) etc. Knowing this helps because, if all you need is a specific color and are not particular about gem price - making the right gem choice could help moderate the price of your purchase. For example rubelite could be priced much lower than ruby and a high quality Mozambique red garnet gemstone, can save you a significant budget if picked instead of a red spessartite gem. Most jewelry providers do not care to provide personalized support, the main focus is on pushing for a sale without complete information. Order your ring with natural gemstone or any other jewel from Kaisilver and we will, take the responsibility of ensuring that you get best material value for what you spend. 

All natural gem rings would require a level of caring, this no matter how much you pay for your gemstone ring. The fact however is that, a researched design with sufficient metal (gold or silver) weight, advanced features and high quality workmanship can add to the durability of your ring. This is one more factor that, we would encourage you to discuss with our support team. Send us an email and detail your requirements, we will be glad to share our expertise with you - with no obligations attached.  

How To Order: Each item on this web page has a link to a detailed report, we request you to read the complete report and contact us at with any questions that you might have. Remember that, Kaisilver places no restriction on gem selection - this means that your natural gemstone in your ring, need not be limited to the gems shown on our websites. All design modification requests can be accommodated and we can, even craft your jewel based on a design idea provided by you. Gold and sterling silver are options for all Kaisilver jewelry, both metal options are provided with the same  superior production standards. When picking a gold natural gem ring, specify 10k, 14k or 18k gold and also let us know if your choice is yellow, white or pink gold. The support team will provide you with a clear price quote based on your requirements. For a silver natural gemstone ring, we would recommend no plating as, any type of plating done on silver will wear off after a while. But if you still prefer a plating for your silver ring, let us know and we will do it for you. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across the world, relying on Kaisilver Thailand for all their gemstone and jewelry needs, we have been leading the online custom jewelry sector for over two decades. We meticulously handcraft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, cufflinks etc in gold or silver. Maintaining the same premium standards for gold and silver custom made jewelry, we can work with your designs or ours. A team of highly skilled jewelry artisans, gem cutters in Thailand work on all the jewels that we finely craft.

Having preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems directly from global mining and major cutting locations, we place no restrictions on your choice of gemstones. Specializing in natural gemstone jewelry, we have every single gem certified for authenticity by an independent gem testing office. Each natural gemstone ring, will come with an authentication certificate for the specific gem set in the ring. Our team of experts at will be glad to explain and suggest on any issue related to gems and jewelry. Since you will never be under any obligation to make a purchase, we will suggest that you take advantage of our expertise. 

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