Claddagh Gemstone Ring With Emerald

The RG144N claddagh ring from Kaisilver brings together an emerald a gem that, has been known since (at least) 4,000 B.C.E and the historic claddagh ring - a jewel with a 4 century history. Regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history, the claddagh ring symbolizes love, togetherness and loyalty. Each ring is fully custom made by some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. The natural emerald gem is handpicked and carefully inspected by highly trained gem experts before it is, custom cut to perfection.    

The emerald gemstone claddagh ring can be ordered in 14k and 18k gold or sterling silver. A price quote for a 10k claddagh ring can be provided on request. Shown as a yellow gold emerald ring in the image, the ring can be ordered in white, yellow or pink gold. We will get to the meaning of the claddagh ring and the significance of its interesting features in a moment but, let us first enlighten you with the features of this gorgeous Kaisilver ring. The ring is designed and crafted to give it a classy high end look, at the same time no effort has been spared to ensure that it is sturdy enough for years and decades of wear. 

RG144N Claddagh Ring Highlights:

  • Each ring is finely crafted, no mass production techniques are used in the production line.
  • The gold and sterling silver claddagh gemstone rings have the same superior quality standards.
  • The Kaisilver claddagh ring, retains all the features of the first ring made 4 centuries ago.
  • You can order the ring in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. We recommend 14k gold.
  • Prices for the 10k emerald claddagh gemstone ring can be provided on request. 
  • You can choose the gemstone of your choice, there is no restriction on gem selection.
  • The ring has a natural emerald gemstone, the size is 7mm (heart shape).
  • The gemstone is bordered with metal (gold or silver) ensuring that it is securely mounted.
  • This type of gem mounting also protects the gem from physical impact on the side. 
  • With a minimum metal weight of 10 to 12 grams, the ring will not dent or bend easily.
  • Requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated, larger rings might need additional metal weight. 
  • We provide an option where 3 natural diamonds (2mm rounds) can be set in the crown.
  • The first claddagh ring was made about 4 centuries ago by an Irish slave for his beloved.
  • More than 7,000 handcrafted Kaisilver claddagh rings are worn across 12 nations.
  • Our rings are widely accepted as one of the finest renditions of the historic jewel. 

Claddagh Story: The story takes us back by around four centuries to small picturesque fishing village in Ireland - the village was named Claddagh. A fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce lived in the village with his beloved. The young man would leave home and head for the high seas with his companion fishermen each day. A tragic event once happened in the middle of the sea, this was something that dramatically changed the life of the young fisherman. The boat in which Robert and his co-fishermen were sailing, was attacked by pirates. The attackers robbed everything of value from the boat, they then sold the inhabitants of the boat as slaves. Young Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith, he was forced to work for his master and learn the trade. 

Being separated from his beloved was something, that Robert could not bear. He kept thinking about hear and dreamed of being a free man one day. He kept busy learning the trade from his master and hoped to quieten his heavy heart. His dreams of being freed and being reunited with his beloved, gradually seemed to fade away - it was then that he decided to do something to stay motivated. He started to make a ring for the woman in his life hoping to give it to her, when he was once again a free man. 

A few years later, steps were taken to abolish slavery and Robert Joyce was soon a free man. Taking the ring that he had so so carefully made and kept safe, the young man rushed back to his village. He was absolutely thrilled when he found his beloved still waiting for him - he gave her the ring and it was not long before the young couple decided to tie-the-knot and be happy together. As time went by the story of the claddagh ring spread far and wide, details of the ring began to emerge. The features of the ring came to be known - it depicted a heart in the center being held by 2 hands, a crown stood above the center heart. Details about the features in the claddagh ring have been discussed below, keep reading the fascinating details. 


Price details for a 10k gold claddagh ring can be provided on request. There is no restriction on gemstone, you can request for a gem not in this list. While there are 2 grades of emeralds in the table below, you should be fine with the medium grade option. This because Kaisilver gem quality classification is much higher than, what other jewelers use. You should know that emeralds by their natural formation, will always include visible fissures and inclusions. Gem lovers refer to these as the birthmarks of the gem. We would recommend no plating for the silver claddagh ring as, any plating on silver wears off with time.

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Claddagh Features And Significance: The claddagh emerald ring is not just another heart ring, this jewel has tremendous meaning and is suited for every occasion. The meaning of the claddagh ring is embodied in the unique features of the jewel. Robert Joyce wished to convey his true feelings for his beloved, he did this through the features of the ring. It is quite obvious that the heart in the center of the ring symbolizes love, the crown signified loyalty (to his beloved) and the hands were extended out in friendship and togetherness. The ring came to be known in places far away from Ireland, the meaning of the ring made it suitable for every occasion. 

About The Emerald Gemstone: Scientists agree that emerald was formed and known to humans, for at least 4,000 years. Cleopatra was an avid fan of the precious green stone. Her collection included some priceless emerald pieces that were mined from a then famous island near Egypt. Emerald is a variety of beryl and has some unique features both naturally and commercially, that not many other gems can boast of. The emerald claddagh ring is a spectacular jewel, finely crafted showcasing one of the rarest green gems and amazingly gorgeous. We already told you about the amazing real life story behind the centuries old claddagh ring, understanding the gem will help you appreciate and admire the ring even more. Emerald goes through some tough genesis in nature, this during the millions of years that it takes for the gem to form in its natural environment. Violent variations in climate including changes in temperature, pressure and even physical elements in the vicinity of the formation area, leave their indelible impression on the gem. Emerald bravely carries these experiences, embodying them within itself. To the human eye, the gem exhibits inclusions and often fine internal fissures. Gem experts and knowledgeable gem lovers, fondly refer to these internal features as 'birthmarks' of emerald. Just like birthmarks in humans they, give each emerald piece a unique identity of its own - yes, no two emerald pieces can ever be identical in all respects. Gem miners and cutters have known for a few centuries that, soaking an emerald in natural oils adds to the luster of the gem -- this as the oils seep into the gem. This form of gem treatment is accepted by the most gem testing labs and gem experts alike. When the worlds largest gem testing laboratories like GIA receive an emerald (for testing) that is absolutely clean inside with no visible fissures or inclusions, they realize that it is almost (98%) sure to be a fake man made stone. 

How To Buy: You might find buttons and icons all over online jewelry stores, they idea is to rush you to make a buying decision. In our humble opinion, that was never the way in which high end custom made jewelry, was meant to be bought and sold. We wish to ensure that you have all the information and advice you need before confirming payment, we are in no hurry to rush you into making a decision. Our attitude can be judged from the extremely detailed information that we provide for each product. If you are interested in learning about a product or buying a piece from us, email our support team at   with your requirements. You can even send us images or sketches of your own designs. There is no limitation on gem selection, so do not limit your choice to what is shown or mentioned on Kaisilver websites. If you wish to have our expert discuss details on the phone - include your phone number, location and suitable time to receive the call, in your email. Providing detailed requirements in the email, will allow us to better prepare for the call and also to assign the right expert to attend to your query. We will align time zones to your location and make the call at our expense. 

There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. You can pay through Paypal or Western Union but, we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know the mode of payment that fits your convenience and we will, provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Each piece of jewelry crafted by Kaisilver, showcases the masterly skill of some of the finest jewelry artisans in Thailand. Over 12,000 knowledgeable gem and jewelry lovers, rely on us for all their requirements. With clients spread across 12 nations, we are widely acclaimed as the best online source for custom made jewelry. We craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver with your designs or ours. Both metal options get the same superior quality of design and workmanship. Linked to practically ever gem mining and cutting operation in across the globe, we are in a position to provide unrestricted gem selection options. Your choice is not restricted to what you see on our website. Discuss any issue related to gems and jewelry, with our expert team at  we will be fine even if, you plan to make no purchase from us.There is therefore no reason why, you should not take advantage of our expertise. 

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