Gold And Silver Rings

Gold and 925 silver rings with designs and gems selected by you. Using the services of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters, we craft all types of jewelry with no restriction on design or gemstones. Stylists agree that a custom ring, will inevitably offer the best satisfaction and value for money paid. Having said that, the truth is that every jewel reflects the capability and reputation of the jeweler. It is therefore important that you evaluate the jeweler before, reviewing the jewels. Kaisilver is regarded as the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry. More than 7,000 discerning clients across 15 nations rely on us for all their gems and jewelry requirements. You can pick a design from our collections and request for design changes or, send us your own sketches and concepts to be custom crafted. 

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diamond engagement ring

A scintillating diamond engagement ring, crafted in gold or 925 silver. The features of this gorgeous ring can be customized to suit your requirements. You can order this engagement ring with a diamond or any other gemstone of your choice ... more.

diamond ring

Rings with diamonds, gorgeous and glittering, you should ensure that you have complete information when ordering a piece. The MAN65 is a high end custom men's diamond ring and is crafted in gold and 925 silver, get more information ... more

opal gemstone ring

An elegant opal ring with diamonds, you have a choice of white, yellow and rose gold to choose. Like always, silver opal rings have the same quality standards as their gold counterpart. The color play in opal has a unique and exciting appeal ... more

men's aquamarine ring

This men's aquamarine ring showcases style and durability, the gemstone is an authentic certified aquamarine gem. You can order the same men's ring with a gemstone of your choice.  The ring is heavy and built to last for a few generations ... more

ring with green jade gemstone claddagh

A ring first made four centuries ago is paired with a gorgeous green gem, that has been known to humans for thousands of years. A claddagh ring with green jade, this ring is custom made in 925 silver or gold and can be ordered in all ring sizes ... more

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