Custom Made Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry at Kaisilver is custom made with no limitation on design or gemstones. We have brought together some of Thailand's finest designers and artisans to craft our jewelry. You could pick a design from our websites and request for it to be made in gold or 925 silver, with your choice gemstones. And if you are looking for that unique one of a kind piece, send us your image or sketch and we will work on the final specifications and pricing for you. With direct links to mining locations across the globe, we can procure and custom cut any gem that exists on this planet for you. In a world where light weight jewels have become the norm, we realize that cutting on gold weight drastically reduces the lifespan of a jewel. Our gold jewels generally weigh around 40-60% more than what, other jewels would provide for similar pieces. This does show on the price tag but it also means that, you get a jewel that will keep its shape and form for years to come. You are welcome to contact the support team at with any queries or requirements that you might have. Since there is no obligation to make any purchase from us, we would strongly suggest that you draw on our expertise before your next jewelry or gemstone purchase. 

pink sapphire gemstone ring

A gorgeous pink sapphire gemstone ring, custom made in gold or 925 silver. The sleek design for this sapphire ring is supported by a good weight, this ensures that the ring will withstand frequent wear. We have complete details for this ring ... more

antique gold ring design

An antique style star sapphire gemstone ring. The gold ring can be ordered in white, yellow or rose gold. The center star sapphire gem flaunts a pear shaped white topaz on either side. You can pick the gemstones of your choice for this ring ... more

gold claddagh ring with gemstone

The claddagh ring is rightly regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver claddagh rings in gold and silver are considered to be the world's best rendition of this historic jewel. We tell you all about this amazing ring ... more

spessartite gold ring for men

A majestic men's gold ring, set with a rare spessartite garnet gemstone. Invested with a 14k or 18k gold weight of 25 grams, this ring is stylish and raises the standard for fine men's jewelry. Order this  gold ring with the gem of your choice ... more

tanzanite diamond ring

An exotic African gemstone, found in just one location on earth. Tanzanite is around 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, it is found only in one narrow stretch of land in Tanzania. This tanzanite and diamond ring is available in all ring sizes ... more.  

ruby ring for men

An impressive ruby diamond ring for men, designed and crafted to last a lifetime. The ring is set with a natural certified ruby gemstone. Ruby remains one of the most sought after gemstones all through history. Get to know all about this ring ... more

custom gold bracelets

14k and 18k gold bracelets made to order, you choose the design and gemstones. We can custom make your bracelet with your design or ours. Yellow, white and pink are the gold color choices available. Review some awesome gold bracelets ... more

yellow or white gold sapphire ring

A pink, yellow or white sapphire diamond ring custom made in all ring sizes. You can order this gorgeous ring as a regular band or with a tapered band. All gemstone options available and you can also combine different gems in your ring ... more