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Bracelets are awesome jewels, they let you define your style more clearly, they all you to showcase many gems and they are surely the best way to add elegance to your wrist. You could buy a sterling silver or gold bracelet for yourself or, choose one for that special person in your life. Picking a gemstone bracelet that is made to order will allow you to express your style much better. Don't go merely by external beauty and attractive price tags, you want your bracelet to serve you well for a long time. Being fairly big jewels, bracelets require the attention of experience jewelry artisans. A substandard bracelet could snap at the links, this could cause the bracelet to drop off and get lost. Even the best artisan in the world could not make a decent bracelet if, the sufficient metal weight is not assigned to the job. Kaisilver bracelets generally have around, 40% to 60% more gold or silver weight as compared to what other jewelers provide. This along with workmanship from the best craftsmen in the industry, helps us deliver some of the best custom bracelets that you will ever come across. 

Kaisilver Bracelet Highlights

  • We custom make all bracelets in gold or 925 silver, the design can be yours or ours. 
  • There is no limitation on gem selection, a single bracelet can combine different gems. 
  • Both 925 silver and gold bracelets have the same quality of workmanship and gems.
  • All bracelets have good metal weight, this adds to their long term durability. 
  • Gold bracelets are available in 14k and 18k gold, you can select yellow, pink or white gold. 
  • Since all gems are custom cut, you can request for the gemstone shape and size of your choice. 

A gorgeous bracelet bracelet custom made with gems of your choice. This bracelet has a weight of around 20-25 grams, this will keep it in shape for many years. You can request for this made to order bracelet to be crafted in gold or 925sterling silver ... more

amethyst bracelet

A sturdy gemstone bracelet with large 10x8mm or 9x7mm oval gemstones. You choose the gems for your 925 silver or gold bracelet, different gems can be combined in the same bracelet. Design can be customized to suit your preference. Learn all about the gorgeous BRC70 custom bracelet ... more

gemstone bracelet kaisilver made to order

A stylish gemstone bracelet shown with trillion (triangular) amethyst gemstones. Custom made in 10k, 14k or 18k gold and 925 silver is also an option. You can pick any gem combination that you wish to. Finely handcrafted by Kaisilver Thailand ... more

An elegant and feminine ruby, sapphire and emerald bracelet. This custom bracelet is shown with the Big Three Gemstones but, you can order the same made to order bracelet in gold or 925 sterling silver, with the gemstones of your choice ... more

custom gold or silver bracelet gemstones

An organic design for this custom gemstone bracelet from Kaisilver. Choose gold or silver and specify the bracelet length requirement. You can combine any gems of your choice, could also request for gems and a diamond in the center of each flower ... more

bracelet custom gold or silver

A gorgeous bracelet with rare iolite gemstones, you get to pick the gemstones for your silver or gold bracelet. We can craft the BRC101 gem bracelet with all gem combination, the length can be customized to your requirements. Read the full report ... more

Our reference her is to a finely crafted custom bracelet from Kaisilver Thailand, not talking about mass produced bracelets. The design of a custom bracelet include features that go beyond, just making the jewel look good. It is fine for a jewelry buyer to focus on bracelet design and price but, the jeweler has a responsibility that should be fairly implemented. It is tempting to make gold or silver bracelets with low metal (gold or silver) weight. This i something that will allow the jewels to wear more 'friendly' price tags, something that could lead to a wider market. Fortunately that is not how we at Kaisilver work.

Both gold and 925 silver bracelets are crafted by the same team of highly skilled artisans in Thailand - the same dedication and commitment to quality. We give equal importance to impressive appearance and durability, the idea is to deliver a bracelet that gives your many long years of satisfaction. Kaisilver custom jewelry including bracelets, have a metal (gold or silver) weight that is around 40% to 60% more than, what other jewelers provide. Interestingly crafting a durable bracelet needs, more than just an optimized metal weight. Each design that we finalize is provided with advanced features to make the jewel sturdy. The type of links used to put the bracelet together, clasp locking mechanism and even the type of gem mountings used - are carefully designed, focus being on making the bracelet more durable. 

Since each bracelet is fully custom made, the design features including the dimensions, gem selection and bracelet length can be decided by you. We would therefore request you to discuss details with our experts at they   before finalizing your purchase. 


We are regarded as the leading online global provider for high end made to order jewelry. We can craft any type of jewel that you need in gold or silver with, the gemstones of your choice. Our expertise in gem selection has brought us direct connections with leading, gem mining operations across the globe. We place no restrictions on the gemstones that you choose. You can pick a design from our website or send us images or sketches of your own concepts. Discuss your requirements with our expert team at they will be glad to advise and suggest even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 


Every item shown on Kaisilver websites has a unique item code mentioned on the image. The bracelets shown above have a link to a detailed report. Check out all the information and email us at if you need any more information. Remember that every design shown on our websites, can be customized to suit your preference. We could even craft a custom bracelet or any other jewel, based on your own design ideas. With the same team of skilled artisans and gem cutters working on both gold and silver jewelry orders, your gold or silver bracelet would have the same premium quality. When it comes to choosing gemstones for your bracelet, your choice is not restricted to the gems shown on or mentioned on our websites. You could pick just about any gem and request for any gem combination for your custom made bracelet. The support team will send you a specific price quote and provide detailed options for payment. 


I just received my ring and I had to send you a note of thanks. It is as beautiful as I expected it would be. Your patience with my questions was always gracious and the answers prompt and courteous. Please extend my thanks to the entire company and the artists who created this piece of art during extremely trying times for you. Feel free to use my endorsement of your company on your website, and I will be sure to tell everyone about your company. Thank you and God bless all of you ... Lynn St. Martin. ... more