All types of jewelry including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and cuff links - custom made in gold and 925 sterling silver. Pick one of our jewels or send us your own design ideas to be custom made. The same superior quality standards maintained for gold and sterling silver jewelry. With preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gemstones, we place no restrictions on your choice of gemstones. Get in touch with our experts at if you have any questions or requirements related to gemstones and jewelry. 

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Custom jewelry can never be cheap because, the word 'cheap' in terms of gems and jewelry always implies a compromise in terms of quality of material or workmanship. At Kaisilver we provide fine workmanship and handpicked gems for all jewelry, this is irrespective of the gemstones and metal selected. While you wear and admire the gorgeous jewelry that our skilled artisans craft for you, we have ensured that vital features that enhance the durability of the jewel are integrated into the design and construction. 


By deploying the same talented teams  designers, craftsmen and gem experts for both gold and 925 silver jewelry, we prove our commitment to quality for all the custom jewelry that we create. At a time when jewelers are investing increasingly lower metal weight in jewelry in a bid to keep prices attractive, we invest around 40% to 50% more metal weight than many other jewelers. We realize that cutting on metal weight is a sure way to reduce the durability of a jewel. We can fulfill jewelry requirements in gold or sterling silver, gold jewelry can be custom made in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. Request for a specific price quote if, you require 10k gold in any of the three gold colors. 


An unmatched expertise in gem procurement and direct access to some of the biggest gem manufacturing inventories, we do not restrict your selection to any fixed set of gemstones. We can procure any gem that you require, from any part of the world and do a custom cut for you. So please do not restrict your choice of gems based on what you see or read on our web sites. We welcome your own design ideas and concepts, email us your sketches and images and we will work out detailed suggestions and price quotes for you. Any design from our website can also be altered to fulfill your requirements.  You could select, any jewel from our websites and order it in gold or 925 silver with your choice of gems.