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This web page lists the main content reports on Kaisilver. We do hope that you find the website to be useful and interesting. Besides being the leading online source for high end custom jewelry, we at Kaisilver also focus on educating and informing visitors to the website. We can custom make all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gemstones of your choice. There is no limitation on design and we will gladly work with  a design concept provided by you. Get in touch with our team at for any information or guidance that you need. We will be glad to help with issues related to gems and jewelry even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

Large gemstones, big authentic gemstones from across the globe. Certification for these big gems available on request ... more

Custom gold jewelry, available in 14k or 18k gold, pick our designs or send us your own  concepts. Your choice of gems and there is no need to be limited by what you see on our websites ... more

More gemstone ideas, individually picked closely inspected and certified to be authentic. We can also procure and custom cut a gemstone as per your requirements ... more

A big heart pendant and some more awesome pendants for you to choose from. Available in yellow, white and rose gold or sterling silver ... more.

Pendant setting ideas, oval, round, rectangular, pear and heart shape gemstone set in elegant and uncluttered gold or silver settings ... more

If you are looking for big emeralds, Kaisilver is the right source for you. Besides the emeralds in our collection,  we are connected to major emerald mining operations across the globe. Let us know the size and shape that you need and we will work together to get you a large emerald that provides good value for your money ... more

High end calladagh rings made to order. Uniform quality of craftsmanship and gems for the gold and silver calladagh ring from Kaisilver ... more

Gold and 925 silver jewelry, high end jewelry in designs and gemstones of your choice.  Skilled artisans work on each jewel, all gemstones are handpicked and custom cut ... more

Blue topaz gemstone jewelry for men and women. Sterling silver and gold topaz jewelry, you can choose sky blue, swiss blue or london blue topaz gemstones for your topaz jewels ... more

Bracelets your designs or ours, available in gold and 925 silver. You can choose any combination of gemstones, there is no limitation on gem or design selection ... Page 1 ... Page 2 ... Page 3

Hand crafted antique style sterling silver rings, also available in gold. You choose the gemstone and ring size ... more

An awesome collection of red garnet rings for men and women. You pick the design or send us your own sketches and images ... more

Opal Diamond Ring RG211 archive page. 

Big topaz pendant, a large heart pendant with a blue topaz gemstone. Choose from sky blue, swiss blue or london blue topaz ... more

Sterling silver jewelry with superior quality standards. Custom 925 silver rings,  pendant, bracelets and earrings. No restrictions on design or gemstones, fine workmanship ... more

Antique style ring, handmade custom ring in gold or 924 silver, an unlimited range of gemstones to choose from. A classic look for that vintage touch ... more

Custom jewelry designs, you really need not limit yourself to the designs shown on our websites. We can custom make a jewel for you with your own design ideas, send us images or sketches ... more.

Male jewelry, male rings, male wedding rings and more. The interest in quality jewelry is fast increasing, Kaisilver jewelry for males combines impressive looks, wearing comfort and long term durability ... more

Made to order jewelry, some awesome ideas for designs, gems and concepts. While we can custom make any of these jewels for you, we are equally comfortable working with your designs ... more

Awesome sapphire and diamond band ring. Custom made in 14k or 18k gold, pick from white, yellow or rose old. You can also order a 925 silver sapphire band ring ... more

More high end jewellery, equal quality standards for sterling silver and gold jewellery ... more

A gorgeous ruby diamond earring and pendant set. Available in silver and gold, the gold ruby set can be ordered in yellow, pink or white gold ... more

Turquoise gemstones, jewelry with turquoise gems. We can also custom make turquoise jewelry with designs provided by you ... more

More content on Kaisilver websites, beyond jewelry and gemstones ... more

Some interesting gold jewelry ... more

Old diamond ring page, now redirected ... more

Garnet Pendant, archived content.