Moonstone Rings Custom Made 

Kaisilver moonstone rings are handcrafted to deliver the best combination of good looks and long term durability. Before we tall you more about our gold and sterling silver rings with moonstone, let us reveal some historically significant information regarding the gem. 

History has some fascinating tales to tell about this mystical gem - moonstone. Centuries ago it was believed that moonstone was formed from moonlight. Some people even believed that the intriguing shimmer seem on moonstone, came from frozen moonlight rays that became entrapped in the stone. Indian civilization has always been associated with gods and crystals. The Indians believed that keeping a piece of moonstone in a ones mouth on a full moon day, empowered the person to see the future. 

claddagh ring with moonstone

The four century old historic claddagh ring, crafted by Thailand's leading artisans. Choose moonstone or any gem of your choice. The same superior quality standards for the gold or 925 silver claddagh moonstone ring - all ring sizes ... more

moonstone ring for men

Shown as a moonstone silver ring this, men's ring can be ordered in gold or silver with moonstone or any gem of your choice. The ring is designed and crafted to look awesome. A heavy metal weight and contoured design ensure durability ... more

Every gemstone has some fascinating details, some of these relate to science and others are beliefs and traditions that have come down from centuries. We spoke about folklore related to moonstone above, let us now discuss a few facts about the gem. Modern jewelry lovers, enjoy learning more about the gems that they wear. Understanding the gemstone in your moonstone ring, will help you better appreciate and celebrate the gem.

Moonstone is basically a feldspar, it is composed of layers of feldspar. These layers have different optical properties and refractive indices. When light hits the stone, it travels through the layers and keeps deflecting depending on the refractive index of each of the layers. It is this optical effect that, generates the soft glowing shimmer in the stone. People in the old days believed that, the shimmer on moonstone reflects the waxing and waning of the moon. 

Kaisilver Moonstone Rings:

  • You can order a moonstone ring in gold or silver, choose our design or send us your own design. 
  • Kaisilver moonstone rings in gold or sterling silver, are crafted to the same superior standards. 
  • Any of the rings on our websites, can be ordered with moonstone as the gem choice. 
  • All moonstone gems are closely inspected by our experts before, being custom cut by skilled artisans.
  • Moonstone is often recommended as an alternate birthstone for the month of June. 
  • All moonstone rings are crafted to look good and be long lasting.  
  • You can also choose a moonstone ring design and request for any gemstone of your choice. 

Moonstone Properties: It is not uncommon for moonstone ring buyers, to choose the gem because of the 'special powers' attributed to the gem. You might be surprised to know that, many of ancient beliefs related to gems are followed even today. There are a few gems which are referred to as 'traveler's stones' and moonstone is one of them. The belief behind this was that, the shimmering 'moonlight' that floated in moonstone, could help a traveler judge the direction of the journey. The gem is also believed to represent motherhood and the unconditional love of mothers. Some people believe that wearing a ring with moonstone, makes them feel inspired and creative. If you believe in the special properties of gems you would know that, moonstone helps a person develop wealth and dispel fear. 

How To Buy: If you are interested in Kaisilver jewelry with moonstone or any other gemstone, send across details of your requirements to our experts at We request you not to hurry a purchase as, that was the never the way in which high end jewelry was meant to be bought and sold. You could pick any design from our online resources and request for it to be crafted in, gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. The design can be from our website or one of your own creations. Choosing gemstones for your favorite jewelry is a pleasure when you work with us. Being networked to practically every gem mining and cutting center on the globe, allows us to offer unlimited gem selections. This obviously means that you need not, limit your gem pick to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. While providing a choice of metals (gold or silver) for all jewelry orders, we ensure that both metals are crafted to the same superior quality standards. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With over 12,000 quality discerning clients across 15 nations, proudly wearing a handcrafted jewel by Kaisilver - we are widely rated as the leading online source for high end custom made jewelry. Each Kaisilver jewelry is handcrafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans - we do not deploy mass production processes. This also means that, all requests for design customization can be accommodated. Networked to almost every gem producing center in the world, we can procure and custom cut just about any gem that is found on planet earth. Our experts at  will always welcome your queries and requirements even if, you plan to make no purchase from us. 

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