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Talk about opal and you will think about those color specks and flashes seen in the gemstone. White opal with visible color play is one of the most desired opal gem. There was a time when Australia was the only source for white opal, closer to our times we saw Ethiopia coming on the scene in a big way. Having said that, there is no doubt that Australian opals always carry a premium price tag. The RG211 opal ring from Kaisilver, has a handpicked and custom cut white opal gem from the Australian mines. The ring is gorgeous, we have incorporated many features to add durability to the jewel. 

opal gemstone ring
opal ring custom made

Knowledgeable gem lovers adore opals, they see a unique beauty in the gemstone that is impossible to find in any other gemstone. It is believed that the gemstone gets its name from the Sanskrit word 'upala' which means, precious stone. Some historians claim that, it was the Greek word 'opallios' that gave opal its name. The Greek word translates into 'change of color'. Interestingly the Romans had their own name for the gemstone, they called it 'opalus'. 

If you look at this opal diamond ring from different directions, the pattern of the color play is dynamic and it keeps shifting around the stone. This was probably why the Greeks called it 'opallios' meaning, changing colors. It takes an expert gem cutter to get the best out of a piece of opal. The piece of rough opal needs to be oriented at the right angle before, the first cut is made. Just remember that the colors seen on the white opal are more of an illusion, so the portion that best shows the effect needs to be retained during the cutting process. If you got a bit scientific, you would refer to the color play seen on opal as 'opalescence'. 

Highlights Of The RG211 Opal Ring:

  • You can choose from gold or 925 silver for your custom opal ring. 
  • The gemstone quality and workmanship is the same for gold and silver. 
  • Gold options include 14k or 18k and white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • The ring is completely custom made, design modifications are possible. 
  • All ring size requests can be accommodated for this opal diamond ring.
  • The center gemstone is a 7mm trillion natural Australian white opal. 
  • You can choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering the ring. 
  • It is possible to craft this ring with a pink opal or fire opal gem.  
  • The entire border of the gem is covered with metal, this is a secure mounting. 
  • There are three 2.5mm round diamonds on either side of the gemstone. 
  • The ring has a good metal weight of 12 to 15 grams, larger rings can be heavier. 
  • Let us know if you need an opal ring with no scooping done inside the band. 
  • We can also custom make an opal ring for you with your own design concept. 

As you will see from the image of the RG211 opal diamond ring, the color play or flashes seen on the white opal gemstone are one of the big attractions in  the ring. Let us understand how the color play effect comes into plan on opal gemstones. The internal structure of opal is made up of numerous microscopic spheres, these are densely packed next to each other. An amazing fact is that, these spheres that form the opal contain a percentage of moisture. When light strikes the opal, the light enters the stone and hits these spheres. The moisture that is present in them refracts the light, this is what causes those fancy colors.  We had explained the that the color play effect is dynamic, it seems to change when seen from different angles. You can now see why this happens. 

You now know that the gemstone in your opal ring has some amount  of moisture, you also know that this moisture is important for the gem to display that gorgeous color play effect. It is therefore easy to understand that, anything that destroys the water content in an opal should be avoided.  Ensure that you opal and diamond ring is never exposed to heat sources. Strong chemicals and corrosive elements can also damage an opal. 

Many of us wear a gemstone because of some special belief or historic tradition. A classic example of this is birthstones, the origin of this practice can be traced back to several centuries. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, the gemstone has a special meaning to those born in that month. Opal is often referred to as the 'visionary stone' wearing it is supposed to bring keen analytic skills to the wearer. Crystal healers often refer to opal as the gemstone that gives hope and motivation. 

No matter why you choose the RG211 opal and diamond ring, the jewel is designed and crafted to look gorgeous. With a little amount of care, your opal ring ring serve you well for a very long time. Interestingly it is not just opals that require some care, even emeralds and diamonds need some amount of attention. Nature has given us a dazzling array of gemstones, understanding them and respecting their physical properties will bring us immense satisfaction.

Customization: Like all other jewelry from Kaisilver, this opal and diamond ring is fully custom made. What this means is that, every single feature of this opal gemstone ring can be modified to suit your preference. The ring is shown here with a 7mm trillion opal gemstone, you could request for an oval of round gem instead of the trillion shape. Besides requesting for design modifications, you could also send us your own design sketch or image to be custom made. 

Details Options And Ring Price, With Diamonds On The Sides

opal ring price

The RG211 With White Sapphires Instead Of Diamonds On The Sides

opal ring gold or 925 silver

How To Buy: If you are interested in the RG211 gold or 925 silver opal ring from Kai Silver, discuss your requirements with our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com There is no buying pressure so make sure that, you get answers for all your questions. Remember that we can accommodate all design modification requests, we could even craft your ring based on a design provided by you. The gemstone for your ring need not be an opal, you could select just about any gem that you fancy. With a gem procurement network that extends to virtually ever, gem mining operation on the globe - we are in a position to place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstone. 

There is a production time of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We recommend Paypal as the mode of payment for first time buyers but, can also accept Western Union Transfers. Let us know which mode of payment suits you and we will provide details for the same. 


Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant. Mr. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S 

Hello and GOD BLESS YOU!!! I just received my bracelet and it is absolutely amazing! The ring is very beautiful too, but I am especially thrilled with my bracelet! I hope to do business with you again one day, and will recommend you to all of my friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! God bless you all. Ms. Cheryl Curtis, U.S 


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