Sapphire Rings For Men, Gold Or 925 Silver 

Working with some of the finest jewelry artisans in Thailand and a team of gem experts with decades of experience - Kaisilver still faces a keen challenge when designing a sapphire ring for men. It is not the design of the ring that is tough to create, a team of high talent designers motivated by design  consultants in 5 nations - design some of the most impressive men's sapphire gemstone rings. The challenge lies in working an equation between men's desire for a large sapphire and a reasonable price tag. Sapphires are rare gems, the demand for this precious stone never eases and this allows it to command a high price. Things get even more complex when, the size of the gem exceeds 2.5 to 3 carats. In this report we present a collection of handsome sapphire rings for men in gold or sterling silver. We can even craft a unique jewel for you with your own design sketch or concept.  

sapphire band ring for men

Men's sapphire band rings are very popular, the uncluttered and yet stylish look of a sapphire band, make it perfect for men irrespective of their style or dress preference.  Another advantage of a men's band ring is that, the width of the band can be easily customized based on gemstone size ... more

men's sapphire gemstone ring heavy

A sapphire gemstone ring for men with 3 gems. All gem combination requests can be accommodated. As mentioned above, men's sapphire ring can also be crafted with a design provided by you. You can order the MAN54 ring with no gemstones on the side. Yellow, blue, pink and green sapphire options ... more

men's ring sapphire or gold

A heavy sapphire gold or sterling silver ring for men. Custom made to the same superior quality standards in gold or silver - the ring has a sturdy construction and good metal weight. Sapphire gems in all Kaisilver rings  are natural and certified. The center sapphire is flanked by a natural diamond on each side ...  more

18k or 14k sapphire gold ring for men

Custom made men's gold ring with sapphire or any gem of your choice. The ring is durable and is set with a natural sapphire gem - certified for authenticity by an independent testing center. Besides being available as an 18k, 10k or 14k men's ring - the MAN135 is also expertly crafted in sterling silver ... more.

men's sapphire gold ring or silver

This blue sapphire and ruby ring is handcrafted in gold or silver, the design is quite extravagant but if you can handle all that attention, it is a true masterpiece. The design of this ruby sapphire men's ring,  can be customized to include a single row of gems around the center gemstone. All ring sizes available ... more

blue sapphire ring for men

Very convenient to wear everyday and for prolonged periods, this sapphire band ring for men has a modest band width. You can choose all blue sapphires or pick green, blue, pink or green sapphires. It is also possible to combine different gems in the ring. Finely handcrafted in Thailand by skilled artisans ... more

men's sapphire diamond ring

Yellow, blue, green or pink sapphire gemstone ring for men. The design is perfect for gold or silver and all gold colors. The halo of diamonds around the center sapphire gem, gives the ring a lavish look. The gemstone size for your ring can be customized according to your budget and preference ... more

men's ring yellow sapphire gemstone

All the men's rings shown on this web page or anywhere on our websites, can be ordered with a sapphire gemstone. You have a choice of pink, green, blue or yellow sapphires to choose from. We can also craft a men's sapphire gem ring with your own design idea. All sapphires are certified for authenticity. 

Men's Sapphire Ring Tips:

  • Sapphire rings for men can be crafted in gold or 925 silver, with equal quality standards. 
  • Options exist for 14k / 18k white, yellow or pink gold and also sterling silver. 
  • While blue sapphire is highly preferred, yellow and green sapphires are also an option. 
  • Each men's  sapphire gemstone ring is finely handcrafted, design modifications are possible. 
  • A unique gold or sterling silver men's ring can also be crafted with you own design concept. 
  • Kaisilver men's rings have a weight that is around 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide. 
  • Sapphires are priced reasonable in the below 3 carat size range.
  • Kaisilver can procure and custom cut sapphires in large sizes up to 6 carat range. 
  • All sapphires are natural, custom cut and certified by an independent testing center. 
  • Sapphires in men's rings are ideally bezel mounted where, the entire gem bordered with metal. 

About Sapphires: A member of the corundum mineral family, sapphire and rubies come from the same mineral. Gem quality corundum when it comes into contact with other elements during its formation, takes on a color. Interestingly pure corundum is white (colorless). Corundum in any color except red is referred to as sapphire - pink, green, orange, blue, yellow and purple is some of the colors in which sapphires are formed. And when the corundum is distinctly red it is referred to as ruby. Men's sapphire gemstone rings can be ordered in any of those sapphire colors but, yellow, green and blue are popular choices. Sapphires are hard gems, they are rated as the second hardest substance to be found naturally. Diamond another spectacular stone to be used in jewelry, is rated as the hardest natural substance. Much of the folklore and tradition attached to sapphire is limited to blue sapphire - this because, the existence of sapphires in any color besides blue was never known for centuries. 

Sapphires have always signified sincerity and truth, it was available only to royal and aristocrats. Men celebrating a birthday in September, make a special connect to this gem. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. Given its symbolic meaning (sincerity and truth) is it also popular in men's wedding rings. A men's ring with sapphire gemstone, would also be the perfect way to celebrate the 5th, 45th and 70th wedding anniversary. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot wear your sapphire ring everyday without, waiting for a special occasion. It is the upper price bracket of sapphire rings that, has them reserved for a special occasion. 

How To Buy: Do not buy a Kaisilver men's sapphire ring or any other jewel in a hurry. Each item shown on this web page has a link to the complete report. You can review all details related to gemstones, metal, pricing, dimensions etc. Our  expert team at will be glad to help with any information that you might need. We can also craft a sapphire ring or any other jewel, with your design. All jewelry can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, with no limitation on gem selection. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements on the phone, send us an email with the details - include your phone number and location, also the time suitable for you to receive the call. We will assign a speaker to study your requirements, prepare a solution and call you at the time set by you. The charges for the call be paid by us and you will never be obliged to make a purchase from us. 

There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We recommend Paypal as the mode of payment for first time buyers but, will accept Western Union Money Transfers if that is what you prefer. Let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we will be provide details.   

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