Garnet Pendant, Gold Or Silver

While we talk about a garnet pendant in this report, you could choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering the piece. Keep in mind that this is a large red garnet measuring around 15x7mm, some gems could be very expensive if ordered in this size. Science has today confirmed that, garnets exist in a range of colors but, there is little doubt that red remains the favorite. This custom pendant from Kaisilver is a fine jewel, it is crafted by skilled artisans and no ready molds or blocks are used. This also means that, you can request for design modifications and a change in dimensions. This can turn out to be very useful when, you wish to moderate the size or price of the pendant. 

garnet pendant
big gemstone pendant

Garnets have been known for at least 2,000 years, they were at that time presumed to always be red. Interestingly people did manage to differentiate between red garnet and ruby. This even when the methods used to identify crystals and gems were quite primitive in those days. The belief that garnets encourage boldness and creativity is centuries old, many believe in this even today. With such a long history it is no surprise that, the birthstone charts assign a special place to the gemstone. Garnet heads the charts and is designated as the birthstone for the month of January. 

We probably mentioned in this report that, the PG2000 is a large garnet pendant. So is it fair to refer to the center marquise garnet as a large or big gem. It is true that red garnet is not specifically rare but, large sizes are surely not a common sight. This Kaisilver custom pendant, centers a big marquise garnet with a size of about 15x7mm. Even if you consider a +/- 1mm size, this is a big gemstone by all means. Typically this would require a piece of rough garnet that, is around 20mm to 25mm long (2cm-2.5cm). Talk to any garnet miner and he will tell you that, these large gems have come down to a small trickle. So we can confidently claim that, this a garnet pendant with an unusually large gem. For you it means that, the jewel is exclusive and unique. It is very unlikely that you will come across anyone wearing any jewel, that is encrusted with such a large red garnet. 

Pendant Highlights:

  • Custom made in gold or silver, the same quality standards for both metals. 
  • The natural marquise shaped red garnet gem has a size of around 15x7mm.  
  • You can select any gem of your choice, some gems might have to be smaller. 
  • All features of the pendant can be customized, discuss with our support team. 
  • We can even custom make a pendant for you with your own design concept. 
  • The options for the gold pendant are 14/18k white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • The pendant is designed to be a slider, chain enters loop from behind. 
  • We can alter the features, to provide a top bale for the chain. 
  • The side gems are 2.5mm round white sapphires, diamonds are an option. 
  • You can choose from white, pink, yellow sapphires or ruby, for the small gems. 
  • If you choose diamonds, we would suggest 2mm rounds. 
  • The total length of the pendant is around 20-22mm. 
  • The metal weight for the pendant is around 10 to 12 grams. 


garnet pendant made to order kaisilver

The price quoted above is for the 2.5mm white sapphire gems option. If you wish to go for the diamond option, the above price will move up by another 200 U.S$. The pendant will then have 8pcs of 2mm round diamonds. For gems like tourmaline, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire and emerald, we would suggest the the gem size be in the range of 10x5mm marquise to 12x6mm marquise. Contact the support team with your requirements if, you need a modification in design or a different gemstone. 

Customizing Tips: Remember that this is a custom garnet pendant, you should make sure that your preferences are incorporated into the design when you order. Here are some ideas to get you going, the final call is always yours. The gem in this pendant is big. This is a size that would be near impossible to find in the case of certain gems like ruby, sapphire, tanzanite and emerald - we would therefore recommend a gem size of 10x5 or 9x5mm for these gemstones. The dimensions of the pendant would be adjusted accordingly. Cutting a marquise gemstone is not easy, but we custom cut each gem inhouse. You could also consider going for a 11x9mm or 12x10mm oval gemstone, the basic shape of the pendant would remain the same but the gem setting would be a bit rounded. This is one option that might impress serious gem lovers. The oval gemstone obviously packs more glitter and sparkle as compared to the marquise gem. The loop for the chain in this garnet gemstone pendant is located on the back of the jewel. A pendant of this type is referred to as a 'slider'. A more conventional option would be for the bale (chain loop) to be placed on top of the pendant. You can decide which one suits you and we will customize the design accordingly. One exciting idea would be to order a the pendant with a pair of matching earrings. We can discuss the dimensions and other details for the earrings as we move ahead. 

How To Buy: Don't be in a hurry to place an order and pay, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with our support experts. Email us at and let us know what exactly you need. We will get back to you suggestions and advice, make sure that all your queries are answered. We can craft a pendant or any other jewel for you with your own design idea, just email us a sketch or image. There is no limitation on design or gemstones, gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. Since each garnet pendant is completely custom made, there is a 4 to 6 week production period from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We recommend Paypal as a mode of payment but can also accept Western Union. Let us know which payment option suits you and we will provide details for the same. 

About Kaisilver: As one of the leading online providers of high end custom jewelry, we craft all types of jewelry in silver or gold. You could pick one of our designs and request for design modifications or send us a design image of your own. Our commitment to quality remains the same, irrespective of the metal or gemstones selected. We are directly connected to every important mining location on the globe. We have preferential access to most gem quality material and can procure a gemstone for you from any part of the globe. Get in touch with our experts at to discuss any issues related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to share our expertise with you even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us. 

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