Sapphire Rings From Kaisilver

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Many of you might not be aware that, both sapphire and ruby come from the same mineral - corundum. Since Kaisilver sapphire rings are custom made with the design and gemstone of your choice, there really is no limitation on the type of sapphire gemstone ring that you can order from us. Since science has now proved that sapphires are found in a wide color range, the idea that a sapphire ring would always have a blue sapphire gem is not very correct. Good workmanship and handpicked gems that deliver value at each price point are assured for both 925 silver and gold sapphire gemstone rings. While a good quality sapphire ring cannot be cheap, sapphire rings need not necessarily be too extravagantly priced. Sapphires are available in a range of prices and sizes, the price per carat of a sapphire will move up sharply as the gem size increases. This report refers to only natural sapphire gems and not factory produced imitations. At Kaisilver we procure these gems directly from the mines, we also have preferential access to the world's largest resources of cut and polished gemstones. You can therefore request for the gem that you like, we can procure and custom cut the piece to suit your requirements. The design for your sapphire ring can be provided by you or,  you could pick any item from our website and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver with a sapphire gem of your choice.  Get in touch with our experts at if you have any questions or requirements, related to gemstones and jewelry. 

Wear some refreshing glitter on your finger, a gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond sapphire ring. Available in white, yellow or rose gold and silver is also an option.  You choose the sapphire colors that you wish to showcase in this ring, you could even mix different sapphire colors in the ring ... more

blue sapphire men's ring

A handsome, reliable and tough men's sapphire gemstone ring. Heavy metal weight and a certified natural blue sapphire, handcrafted by Thailand's best artisans. Pick a white, yellow, green, pink or blue sapphire gemstone. The gold or silver ring can be ordered with the gem of your choice ... more

sapphire gemstone ring

Sapphire gemstone ring custom made by Kaisilver Thailand. 10k 14k 18k white yellow pink gold or sterling silver. All sapphire colors or any gemstone of your choice. Can combine different gemstones in the same ring. Suitable for men and women ... more

white gold sapphire ring

Inspired by antique jewelry, this finely crafted yellow, white or pink gold sapphire ring is shown with diamonds and blue sapphire. Mix sapphire colors in your ring or pick totally different gemstones. Shown with a tapered band width, the RG237 can also be ordered with a uniform band width. Silver is also an option .. more

sapphire men's ring custom made

Interesting design and quality workmanship are things that the modern man appreciates. Here is a men's sapphire ring with side gemstones, a ring that will impress even the most discerning men. The silver or gold sapphire ring can have the side gems of your choice. The ring is designed and crafted to look great and last long ... more

pink sapphire gemstone ring

Instantly add a touch of sophistication to your personality, slip this square sapphire gemstone ring on your finger. Choose a white, blue, pink, yellow, orange or green sapphire gem stone for your ring. Available in 14k or 18k gold or 925 sterling silver. We provide a choice of all three gold colors namely white, yellow and pink ... more

sapphire ring custom made

Giving style an entirely new dimension, the MAN05 custom sapphire ring for men is fully custom made in gold or silver, available in all ring sizes ... more

blue sapphire diamond ring

A picture of true luxury and style, a 6mm cushion blue sapphire is flanked by a 3mm diamond on either side. Perfect for a sapphire engagement ring, priced to be within most budgets . Order a silver or gold sapphire ring, custom made in all ring sizes. You could choose a pink or yellow sapphire instead of, blue ... more

For men who love to wear precious gemstone rings that make a clear statement, here is the king of style and function. A hefty sapphire and diamond ring, sturdy and durable. You could order this men's gold or silver sapphire ring with a yellow, white or green sapphire gem too. A range of gems to choose from ... more

sapphire gemstone ring for men

A sizzling combination of blue sapphire and rubies - two of the most sought after gems in history. Handcrafted by Kaisilver Thailand in 14k, 18k gold and sterling silver. An imposing ring with durable configuration. All gem combinations can be accommodated ... more

From the bright sunny yellow to the orange-yellow hues of sunset, yellow sapphire gems have today established a loyal following. Yellow sapphire gemstone rings with oval, round and cushion cuts or more elaborate fancy shapes and dimensions.


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Kaisilver: We have been fulfilling requirements for high end custom made jewelry for over a  decade. Widely accepted as the world's leading online custom made jewelry provider, we custom make all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver jewelry. We will be glad to craft your jewels as per images provided by you. More than 7,000 quality conscious jewelry lovers spread across the 5 continents, today rely on Kai Silver for all their gems and jewelry requirements. Contact our experts at for any queries that you might have. 

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