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Jewelry lovers adore rings with multiple gemstones, these rings can deliver a splash of color and sparkle that refreshes and dazzles. While the most popular way to pick gems for a ring with many stones is to choose favorite colors, these rings can often be designed and worn to have a special significance. For example, you could wear a multi birthstone ring where, each birthstone marks the birthday of a member of the family. The number of gems in this case could vary and Kaisilver will design the perfect ring to fit the number of gems that you pick. The RG133N ring can be customized to accommodate the gems, gemstone count and shape and size that you wish. The ring can be ordered in all sizes in gold or sterling silver - both metal options get the same superior quality of gems and workmanship. 

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We did mention above that the RG133N ring with many gems can be ordered with the gemstones of your choice. The size and shape of the gems can be selected by you. The ring itself has a rather antique and organic design, this can be further accentuated by choosing by mixing gem types, shapes and sizes in the ring. The price table below shows one of the gem size and shape options, let us know what is your choice and we can work a specific price quote for the same. The overall dimensions of the ring are optimized for the gem size and the number of gemstones. Since the number of permutations and combinations for gems, sizes and shapes are unlimited - it is best to email us your requirements and let our experts come up with advice and price point. 

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Highlights For The RG133 Custom Ring:

  • Custom made multi stone ring in gold (white, yellow, pink gold) or 925 sterling silver.
  • The gold ring can be ordered in 14k, 18k, 10k (request for quote) gold. 
  • No limitation on gemstone options for the RG133N ring with many gems. 
  • We can accommodate all combinations of gems, all sizes and shapes.
  • With 8x6mm oval gems, the multi gemstone ring has a head height of around 12mm (1.2cm). 
  • The ring width behind the finger is around 4mm (0.4cm) wide. 
  • The ring has a minimum metal weight of 22 to 25 grams.
  • The RG133N custom ring could require additional metal weight for large ring sizes. 
  • You can order the gold or 925 silver multi gemstone ring in all ring sizes.
  • Crafted by expert artisans in Thailand, the gold and silver rings have the same quality standards.
  • The design of the ring can be adapted to suit a smaller or larger number of gems. 

You pick the gems of your choice but, let's spend a moment talking about the gems shown in the above ring. The pastel blue sparkling gem on top is an aquamarine, a gorgeous gem which is the birthstone for the month of March. The green gemstone on the right is undoubtedly one of the most sought after gems in history - emerald the birthstone for May. The red gem on the right side of the ring needs no introduction, it is the July birthstone and is widely known as the Queen of the gemstone world, ruby. The purple violet February birthstone amethyst is placed just below the aquamarine. 

Gems for a multiple gemstone ring like the RG133N Kaisilver custom ring, can also be selected based on traditions and beliefs. Green gems for example symbolize harmony and peace, red is the color of love, sincerity and power. There is an age old belief that various gems embody special properties that, can make a persons life safer, healthier and wealthier. Many of the beliefs related to gems and crystals are believed even today. 

Another reason for mixing gems in a ring relates to style and fashion. Besides delivering a sizzling combination of color, a ring with many colored gems also goes well with a wide range of dress styles and colors. This is no small reason especially when you shop for a superior quality high end gold or silver gemstone ring. Kaisilver custom rings are crafted by skilled artisans in Thailand, each ring is given complete attention and we do not use mass production techniques. The RG133N design is suited for both formal and casual wear, it is a ring that you could wear to work and then keep it on for that dinner appointment. 


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Gem Selection Tips: While it is truly exciting to choose gems without any limitations on gem type, shape or size, making a choice can pose quite a challenge. Below are a few random thoughts on picking the gemstones for your multi stone ring. 

  • Consider ordering the multi gemstone ring as a family birthstone ring where, each gem represents the birthstone of a family member. 
  • Choose gems based on your color preference, relate those to match with the favorite dresses in your wardrobe. 
  • Choose this ring as a mothers' ring, gift the ring to your mom and include birthstones of all children in the family. 
  • Remember that the design of the ring can be adapted to accommodate more or less gems.
  • The dimensions of the ring can be customized based on the gem size and placement. 
  • You could go for an all sapphire multi stone ring that combines pink, green, yellow and blue sapphire.

Metal Options: As stated about we provide the same quality of workmanship and gems for both gold and sterling silver jewelry. Each ring is fully custom made and we do not rely on standard molds and blocks. Our recommendation would be to order a 14k white, yellow or pink gold ring but the final choice is yours. Kaisilver price tables generally quote prices for 14k and 18k gold (all 3 gold colors) but, 10k gold ring prices can be provided on request. If you plan to order the RG133N multi gemstone ring in 925 silver, we would suggest that you leave the ring un-plated. This because any plating done on silver will wear off with time. All silver tarnishes it is a natural phenomenon, fortunately it is possible to easily clean a tarnished silver ring. But if the ring happens to be a plated silver ring with the plating wearing off, cleaning the piece can be tough and at times impossible. The good thing about a silver RG133A ring is that, the design with its classic antique and organic look, appears even better when crafted in silver. Having said that, we will leave the choice of metal to you. You can always discuss specific gem colors and metal color suitability with our experts, drop them an email and they will get back to you soon. 

How To Buy: If you are looking for a multi stone ring or any other jewel, Kaisilver is the right place to source your jewelry and gemstone needs. Crafting high end custom jewelry with a team of super skilled Thai artisans and gemstone cutters, we have claimed our position as a leading provider of custom jewelry. We ship globally and can fulfill your jewelry requirements based on your design or ours. We do not encourage rush purchases as that, is not the way how high end jewelry should be bought and sold. Email our support experts at with details of your requirements, you can even include your own designs. If you prefer to talk to one of our experts, include your phone number, location and suitable time to receive the call in your email. We will align time zones and assign an expert to the task. Provide as much detail related to your requirements as possible in the email, this will help us better prepare for the phone conversation. 

There is a production lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for an order, this after the order is confirmed and payment made. Payments are accepted through Paypal and Western Union, we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment suits you and we will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, prefer to fulfill their requirements from Kaisilver. A team of dedicated artisans, gem cutters, jewelry designers and jewelry production experts work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. Networked to almost every gem mining and cutting center in the world, we have preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gemstones. This obviously means that your gem selection is never limited to what  is shown or mentioned on our websites. Get in touch with the Kaisilver team at  with any requirements or questions that you might have. You will never be obliged to make a purchase from us so, do not hesitate to take advantage of our expertise. 

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