Claddagh Garnet Gemstone Ring

A terrific option for a garnet ring or a heart ring, the Kaisilver claddagh ring retains the complete meaning of the first claddagh ring made centuries ago. The RG173  garnet claddagh ring can be ordered in gold or 925 sterling silver. The claddagh ring is widely regarded as history's most meaningful jewel. Garnet the deep red gemstone has tremendous history and folklore attached to it. While you can order a claddagh ring with the gemstone of your choice, garnet is one gem that should be a part of every jewelry collection. 

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While there are many varieties of garnet, red garnet has always been the most popular and sought after. Going by ancient customs and beliefs, wearing a red garnet gemstone as a ring or as a talisman, keeps the wearer safe during a journey. Garnet is also believed to boost confidence and creativity. Centuries ago when gems were identified merely by their color garnet was often classified as a ruby. The bible speaks of a crystal called 'carbuncle' which was the name given to a group of red gemstones. A claddagh ring would also make a gorgeous birthstone ring for those born in the month of January, the gem is the designated birthstone for the first month of the year. The breastplate worn by Aaron, the high priest of the Jews had 12 stones to represent the 12 Israeli tribes. One of these stones was red garnet and that is how the gorgeous red gemstone found a permanent position on the birthstone charts. 

Features Of The Kaisilver Claddagh Ring:

  • The design of the ring was finalized after doing a thorough study of the historic jewel. 
  • The Kaisilver claddagh garnet is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans from Thailand. 
  • The ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made about 4 centuries ago. 
  • Gold and silver cladagh rings are made with the same superior quality standards.
  • You can order the garnet ring or a ring with any other gemstone in all ring sizes.
  • There is no limit on gem selection, we can procure just about any gemstone for you. 
  • Kaisilver claddagh rings can be ordered for men and women, in all sizes.
  • The same ring can also be ordered with no gemstone, complete metal.
  • Our claddagh rings give equal emphasis to durability and beauty. 
  • The women's claddagh ring has a minimum weight of 8 to 12 grams. 
  • The minimum metal weight for men's claddagh rings is 18 to 20 grams. 
  • Larger ring sizes might require additional metal weight. 

Meaning Of The Claddagh Ring: Wearing a claddagh garnet ring is extremely special, the ring is finely crafted by expert Thai artisans, the gem is a certified natural untreated red garnet. Understanding the history of the ring will make you better appreciate your claddagh ring. We provide a brief note about what the claddagh ring means here, at the end of this paragraph is a link to a complete report on the topic. The first claddagh ring was made around 4 centuries by an Irish fisherman turned slave. The young man made the ring hoping that its features would help express his true love for his beloved. The heart in the ring depicts love, the crown signifies loyalty and the hands show togetherness and friendship. This is really the basic meaning of the historic ring. Learning the story behind the jewel will reveal how the ring is a tremendous symbol of sacrifice, true love and loyalty. Check out the complete report on the claddagh ring here

The Concept Of Love: Wearing a claddagh garnet ring or a claddagh with any other gem, need not necessarily imply a matrimonial relationship. Love in this case can refer to a matrimonial relationship, love between mother and children, love between sisters or even between 2 close friends. The qualities of love, loyalty and togetherness fits in perfectly with marriage, it is therefore no surprise that claddagh gemstone rings have grown extremely popular across the globe - as wedding and engagement rings. 

Gemstone Selection: The RG173 shows a silver or gold claddagh ring with a natural certified red garnet gemstone. For centuries it was believed that red was the only color in which garnet was naturally formed. It was much closer to our time that science proved the existence of garnets in a range of color. While green garnet has attracted interest for some time, the real scintillating beauty is the orange spessartite garnet. A darkish color shade of wine is the hottest preference among seasoned gem and jewelry lovers today. Kaisilver does not limit your choice of gemstones - we can provide red, green or spessartite garnet (prices differ), or any other gem that you wish. If you like the design concept of the claddagh garnet ring but, prefer to learn of other gem choices - here are some tips. Choose a gem by color, this will allow you to pick your favorite color in a range of colors. Consider adding a birthstone to your Kaisilver claddagh ring,  this adds even more meaning to the jewel. If you are considering a pair of wedding or engagement rings, go for a pair of claddagh rings. These rings can exchange birthstones, this concept is believed to strengthen bonds. 

No Gemstone Ring: We just talked about the garnet claddagh ring or a ring with any other gem, it should be mentioned that the first claddagh ring was made with gold - no gemstone. Kaisilver was the first fine jewelry provider to provide gem options for the historic jewel. The gem adds meaning and beauty to the jewel. Having said that, it is interesting to note that, many men prefer to wear their claddagh ring with no gem. A claddagh ring with no gem, still retains the complete significance of the first ring. A plain claddagh ring in gold or silver with no gem, is easier to maintain as you need not worry about getting the gem damaged. The final choice is always yours, so make your decision and let us know that you prefer. 

For Men And Women: The Kaisilver claddagh ring for men and women quite obviously, have the same essential features. The men's claddagh ring has much larger dimensions and weighs much more than the ring worn by women. 

Pricing And Options For The Kaisilver Claddagh Ring.

Email us at if you need a gem not mentioned here or require a 10k gold ring. Prices for yellow, white and pink gold remains the same. All ring size requests can be accommodated. We also provide an option for 3 round diamonds (2.5mm 1 piece and 2mm 2 pieces) in the crown. The gold and silver claddagh rings are crafted to the same superior quality standards. 

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How To Buy: If you appreciate fine jewelry and love to wear jewels with meaning and historic significance, the Kaisilver claddagh garnet ring would be a gorgeous addition to your collection. However we ask you not to be in a rush to buy, that is not the way how fine jewelry should be bought and sold. Email the team at and provide details of your requirement. Metal and gem preference and ring size requirement is information that we will need. The team will come up with advice and suggestions and reply promptly. Once you have all your questions answered, move to the payment process which is explained below. If you would prefer to have an expert call you on the phone, include your phone number in the email. Also mention your location and preferred time to receive the call. We will adjust time zones and have an expert call you - we bear the call charges. Providing as much information about your interest as possible in the email, will allow us to assign the right person to make the call. You will never be under any obligation to make a purchase, so please take advantage of our expertise. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider of high end custom jewelry based in Thailand, Kaisilver custom makes all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver. Jewelry can be made with your designs or ours. Networked to leading gem miners and cutters across the globe, we have access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Choice of gemstone need not be limited to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. The support team at will be glad to help with any queries that you might have. 

There is a production lead time of 4 to 6 weeks, this after the order is confirmed with payment. We accept payment through Paypal and Western Union but, recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment suits you and we will provide details for the same. 

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