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Writing and explaining the absolute beauty and significance of the, Kaisilver claddagh opal ring is much like visioning a fairy tale. Fortunately we at Kaisilver do not sell dreams and do not indulge in sales talk, so let's get down to the facts - even if they might sound stranger than fiction. Opal get's its name from a Sanskrit word 'upala' which means 'precious stone' and it happens to be exactly that. The opal in your claddagh ring is mined in the deserts of Australia, surprisingly the gem has moisture embedded in the form of microscopic spheres. The claddagh ring was first made about four centuries ago by an Irish slave. Made when he was enslaved in harsh conditions, Robert Joyce wished that the unique features of the ring would express his true feelings for his beloved. More about opal and the claddagh ring as we move ahead in this report.   

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Opal Color Flashes: The opal set in this finely crafted claddagh ring, shows tiny specks of color flashes. These flashes appear to move as you observe the ring from different directions. This happens because of the moisture filled microscopic spheres that we spoke about in the earlier paragraph. When light strikes the opal, the light is split as it reaches the spheres and this what causes that spectrum of colors. If you have ever heard folklore about opal bringing bad luck, there is now a scientific explanation for that myth. When left in heated environments, the moisture present in opal is affected and this in turn eliminates those pretty color flashes. There were stories how an opal changed color when its wearer fell sick and had high fever. There is a remote possibility that the fever was high enough to affect the moisture in the opal, the gem would then appear dull and lack luster. 

Opals Aren't Unlucky: The story about opal gems bringing bad luck is not many centuries old. Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel by the name of Anne of Geierstein in 1829. Lady Hermione a lady in the novel, wore a beautiful opal in her hair. Apparently the gem turned dull and opaque with no color play, after she dropped some holy water on it. There was no science to this narration, the lady (in the novel) then died and was reduced to a pile of ashes. At that point she is believed to have become a demon due to this incident. This story seemed to stick in the minds of people, it gave rise to the myth that opals are unlucky!


The white, yellow and pink gold claddagh rings are priced the same. Email us for pricing if you need a 10k claddagh ring in any of those gold colors. The pricing for the opal ring is shown in the second group of gemstones. There is no limitation on gemstone, your selection need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. Opal options include white opal, fire opal, pink opal (price quoted below) - if you wish to have an Australian black opal for your claddagh ring, we will work out a price quote for you. Just mentioning that, black Australian opal is significantly more expensive as compared to the other opals mentioned here. 

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Caring For Opal: Opal should not be exposed to heated conditions or strong detergents and chemicals. And like all other jewelry, keep your claddagh ring away from situations where it can be struck by physical impact. Opal is absolutely gorgeous, give it some care and attention and it will retain its condition for years and decades. Opal is believed to symbolize truth and innocence, wearing an opal gemstone jewel reveals your refined approach to style and beauty. 

We mentioned that Australian opals are set in Kaisilver opal rings including the claddagh ring. We should mention that many of the opal gems mined in Ethiopia especially in the Welo region, are hydropane opal gems. These gems absorb water and seem to lose their base color and color flashes. The good news is that, the effect is temporary and the opal comes back to its original form, the moment the additional water dries up. It is best to let these hydropane opals dry on their own - dyers and heat should not be used in an attempt to speed up the drying process. Once again confirming that, our claddagh opal ring has an Australian opal and not an opal gem from the Ethiopian mines. Australian opals are many times more expensive as compared to opal gems from the African nation. We also offer the option for a Mexican Fire Opal gem, this is an orange to reddish orange variety of opal. The gemstone has a much higher degree of transparency as compared to other opals. Email us at if you would like to have an image and pricing for that option. 

Opal Colors: The RG228 white opal claddagh ring is shown with a white opal, the gem shows the color flashes that is referred to as 'color play'. A pink variety of opal is mined in Peru, this pastel pink opal is quite opaque and does not show any color  play. Request for an image if you prefer have a pink opal for your claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver. You will also come across the name black opal, basically a type of natural opal that has a dark (not necessarily black) color. In natural form, black opal is generally preferred from the Lightning Ridge area of Australia. A color play would be seen on fine black opal, this would obviously appear scintillating since it happens on a dark background. We are talking about Australian black opal from Lightning Ridge - this gem can cost thousands of dollars per carat and could even rival the price of premium quality ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. We can surely handcraft a silver or gold claddagh ring with Australian black opal for you - this if your budget can handle it. Ethiopia has become major source for opal in the last decade, it started with the Welo mines of the African nation. Some specimens of opals with dark backgrounds which would, technically classify as black opals have been mined in the Ethiopian mines. However these gems do not have the durability and status of Australian black opal. You might also come across Ethiopian black opals that appear stunning, often seen in large sizes. While these are natural opals, they are treated through a process that makes their background appear dark. These gems are significantly cheaper but, the nature of the treatment and whether it will last permanently are still unknown. 

Claddagh Meaning:  First made about 4 centuries ago, the claddagh ring is today regarded as history's most meaningful jewels. The Claddagh Meaning Report from Kaisilver, has the most widely acclaimed story of the historic ring. We will very briefly explain the ring and its significance here. An Irish fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce, lived in a small Irish fishing village in Ireland. On one fateful day, the boat in which the young man and his friends were sailing, was attacked by pirates. After looting their belongings, the pirates sold the occupants as slaves. Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. It was then that he decided to make something special for his beloved who, he had left behind in the village. Years later when he was relieved from slavery, he went back to his village and was overjoyed to see that his beloved was still waiting for him. He gave her the ring and the couple were soon married. 

It was many years later that the villagers learnt about the features of the ring. It depicted a heart in the center held by two hands, a crown rested on the heart. It was quite clear that Robert wished to express his true feeling for his beloved, through the features of the ring. The heart denoted love, the hands showed friendship and the crown symbolized loyalty. Word about the ring and the touching story of sacrifice and loyalty, spread across the globe. Centuries later, the claddagh ring is highly respected as classic jewel. It is suited for all occasions. Kaisilver invested months of efforts as the team, spent time with Irish scholars and visited national libraries in that country. Inputs from that study, formed the basis of the now legendary Kaisilver claddagh ring. Finely handcrafted to the same superior standards in gold and 925 silver. Each ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made centuries ago. You can order the ring with or without a gemstone, we have larger ring dimensions for men's claddagh rings. 

Gold Or Silver: Kaisilver provides the same superior standards for gold and silver claddagh rings, so the choice is generally yours to decide. The opal gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. The price table displays prices for 14k and 18k gold and 925 silver, we can provide a custom price quote if you prefer to have a 10k claddagh ring. The sterling silver claddagh ring has the same level and meaning as the gold ring, it is obviously priced much more moderately. For the 925 silver opal ring, we would suggest that it be left without any plating. This because any plating done on silver, will wear off with time. It is commonly believed that plated silver jewelry will not tarnish. While this is partially true, the fact is that the plating will wear off after a while - this will cause the ring to tarnish. And since the wear off will happen in patches, the tarnish will also happen in patches - polishing the ring will be a challenge. On the other hand a sterling silver claddagh ring that is not plated, will be fairly easy to clean. Just make sure that you do not, allow the tarnish to settle for a long time. You basically want to do the polish and clean process, as soon as signs of tarnish are noticed. 

Ring Suitability: The claddagh ring with its deep symbolism of love, friendship and loyalty is suitable, for all occasions. No doubt that the significance of the historic ring makes it perfect, for a wedding or engagement ring. However this does not mean that, the claddagh ring is suited only to mark matrimonial milestones. The love and loyalty represented in the features of the ring apply to everyone. So you could pick a claddagh birthstone ring by selecting your birthstone. The ring is also a great choice for a mothers ring. Each year Kaisilver crafts a fairly large number of claddagh rings in gold or silver, specifically ordered as graduation gifts. The ring is truly timeless and carries a message that will never be outdated or irrelevant. 

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Gem Selection: The best thing about picking your opal ring or any other jewel from Kaisilver is that, you can customize just about any feature of the jewel. There is absolutely no limitation on gem selection, your choice is not limited to what is shown on our websites. If you prefer to have an opal ring, you could choose from white opal, black opal (Australia) or pink opal. Prices vary for these and we can therefore discuss prices based on your specific preference. The Kaisilver claddagh gemstone ring is custom made with all gem options, not just opal. All gems are natural and come, with a gem authentication certificate from an reputed and independent testing lab. 

Opal Care: To begin with let us say that, all jewelry irrespective of price, metal or gemstones - should be kept away from environments where it can be hit by physical impact. You should also not allow your jewelry to come near heated environments or places where, it can come into contact with strong chemicals or detergents. Now coming specifically to opal, these are recommendations in addition to what you just read in this paragraph. We did explain in the earlier part of the report that, opals contain a percentage of moisture. Heat, chemicals or strong detergents can affect the moisture content in the country. 

Cleaning Ring: Cleaning an opal gold claddagh ring should be fairly easy, gold does not get tarnished. Use clean water in a bowl at room temperature, gently place the ring into the bowl. Gently swing the ring around ensuring that, it does not hit against the sides of the bowl. Use a soft baby toothbrush to clean the portion under the gemstone. Some jewelers suggest that, you use some soap in the water. If you plan to do that, you should not be using more than a few drops in the water. And make sure that the ring is thoroughly rinsed in plain water after the cleanup. Now when it comes to drying the opal claddagh ring, you do not want to blow it or rub it dry. Gently dab the wet ring with a soft, clean piece of fabric and then, leave it to dry on its own in safe place - placed on a soft cloth.

Now the 925 silver opal ring might need some polishing to remove any tarnish that might set in. The most important thing is to ensure that, tarnished rings are cleaned at the outset. Allowing the tarnish to settle and develop on your silver claddagh ring, will make it stubborn - this can pose a challenge when you wish to clean it. Polish the silver ring with a slight amount of any jewelry grade polishing lotion or cream.  Some of these polishing agents might require you to add them to water, check out the proportions mentioned on the container and follow that. Use a soft clean fabric, to gently rub the silver portion of the ring. Try to keep the polishing lotion or cream, away from the gemstone. Once done, you will need to follow the same process that we mentioned in the previous paragraph for the gold opal ring. Might be a good idea to add those few drops of mild soap into the water, this will help remove any polishing agent that might have stuck to the gem or the metal. 

How To Order: If you wish to order the opal claddagh ring or any other Kaisilver jewel, do not be in a rush to confirm your order. Email your requirements to our experts at, have all your questions answered - ask as many questions as you wish. Remember that we can also craft a ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings or cufflinks with your own design. You can pick any jewel from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver, with the gemstone of your choice. Like we mentioned above, the same premium quality standards are maintained for gold and sterling silver jewelry. Once you have all the information  that you need, move to the payment phase. We accept both Paypal and Western Union Transfers but, recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know your preferred mode of payment and we will provide details for the same. There is a 4 to 5 week production period from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. If you prefer to talk to our expert on the phone, please follow this process. Email complete details of your requirement or query, this will allow us to assign the right expert to the call and prepare for the same. Also include your phone number, location and preferred time to receive the call. We will align time zones and call you at the specified time - the call charges will be borne by us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end jewelry, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 discerning clients from 15 nations. We craft all types of jewelry in gold or silver, your design or ours with no limitation on gem selection. With a gem procurement network that, extends to leading gem mining and cutting operations across the world - we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that, you always get the best gem at each price point. All jewelry is crafted by a team of highly skilled artisans in Thailand. Get in touch with our team at, if you have any questions, we will be glad to help even if you buy nothing from us. 

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