Rings With Gem Stone Sapphire 

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In this section we talk about rings with sapphire gemstone. Besides introducing you to some exclusive designs for your sapphire gemstone ring, we will also show you some interesting colors of sapphire. As you might be aware sapphires are found in a wide range of colors including white, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green and purple. A Kaisilver gemstone ring with sapphire, can be crafted with your design or ours. And since we place no restriction on gemstone - you could choose from any of the sapphire colors or just about, any gem of your choice. Sapphires are extremely tough and durable, they are rare and were at one time reserved just for monarchs and royals. Kaisilver procures sapphire gems directly from the miners, custom cutting is done at our end. Every cut and polished gem is sent to an independent testing lab to certify its authenticity. So what you get is a natural certified sapphire and not a synthetic piece or a piece of colored glass. One very important thing about souring your sapphire gemstone ring from Kaisilver is that, you are assured of the same superior standards for gold and sterlingsilver rings.  

sapphire gemstone ring

Combining the classic elements of the years gone by, with the fine handcrafting skills of Thai artisans.This gold ring with blue sapphire gemstones, can be ordered with all sapphire colors or all gemstone combinations. The ring can also be crafted as a sapphire band. All gold colors and silver - all ring sizes ... more.  

ring with sapphire custom made

Men's ring with sapphire gemstone, you could pick a yellow, pink, green or blue sapphire gem. Order as a 10k, 18k or 14k sapphire ring. We can also craft a sapphire gemstone ring for you with your own design. Kaisilver  sapphire gemstone rings in gold or silver have the same superior quality standards ... more

sapphire birthstone ring

This ring with many gems can be crafted with all sapphires, you could pick one single sapphire color or have a splash and combine different colors. Perfect for a September birthstone ring. The gem also celebrates the 5th, 45th or 70th wedding anniversary. Finely handcrafted in both gold and 925 silver ... more

blue sapphire gemstones

Kaisilver procures sapphires directly from miners. Each handpicked gem is meticulously checked before being custom cut by expert Thai cutters. Every gem is checked and certified by an independent testing lab before, it is set in a Kaisilver jewel. We can procure and custom cut pink, yellow and blue sapphire gemstones in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. 

ring with star sapphire gem

An antique look for this handcrafted  silver ring, a star sapphire in the center and a pear shaped white topaz on either side. A scintillating design for just about any gemstone option. Custom star sapphire ring in gold or 925 silver. You can pick the center and side gems of your choice. Design modifications possible ... more

blue sapphire ring custom made

A beautiful multi sapphire ring, can be ordered with a combination of different sapphire colors in the same ring. A pretty sapphire diamond ring suitable for both casual and special occasion wear. Alternate blue and pink or blue and yellow sapphire in your ring. A white, yellow or pink gold ring - in all sizes ... more

claddagh sapphire ring

One of the most meaningful sapphire ring that you will come across. The four century old claddagh legend, crafted by Thailand's highly skilled artisans. Each Kaisilver claddagh ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made centuries ago. A gold or silver claddagh ring with the gem of your choice ... more

pink sapphire gemstone

With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems from across the globe, the Kaisilver gem team can source and custom cut, just about any gemstone for your jewelry order. Pink sapphires in sizes ranging  from 1 carat to 10 carats in a range of price points. It is also possible to deliver a set of matching certifiedpink sapphires for ring, earrings, pendant etc. 

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Sapphire Prices Grades Treatments: Jewelry buyers generally presume that jewelers know best, so the technical details of a jewel are left to the jeweler. At Kaisilver we believe that clients should be informed about various aspects of the jewel and gemstones. A well informed buying decision is a win-win for the client and the jeweler. We begin by listing a few essentials of sapphires. To begin with we did mention that sapphires in jewelry are generally picked from white, yellow, pink, green or blue sapphires. Giving a price guide for sapphires could be tough as, the gemstone comes in a range of grades and prices could range from $700 per carat to around $2,000 per carat. This for the medium to good grade sapphires. Top quality Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphire gems can be priced well above $2,000 per carat. So if you are evaluating the price of a sapphire gemstone ring, use the figure of around $800 per carat as the yardstick. At Kaisilver sapphires are procured directly from miners, in the absence of middlemen you get more value for the amount that you spend. Should you have a substantial budget for your sapphire ring, discuss about a higher quality gem with our experts. Still on the issue of price it is interesting that, sapphire grade being equal - a larger gem will cost more (per carat) than a smaller gem. 

Most sapphire rings on the Kaisilver websites give options for 'medium' and 'good' grade sapphires. We would advise you to pick the 'medium' grade option. This because our strict quality grading standards, give a 'medium' grade rating to gems that most other gem and jewelry providers, would classify as 'good'. However if you still require a high quality sapphire, let us know and we can procure such a piece without a problem.   

Before we talk about the treatments applied to sapphire, a short message about the authenticity of Kaisilver sapphires and other gems. The sapphire in your ring and in ever other ring that is crafted by Kaisillver artisans in  Thailand, is professionally checked for authenticity. Issued by an independent testing laboratory, the certificate confirms that the gem is natural - not an imitation or synthetic. 

Now something about sapphires that, most jewelers would prefer not to talk about - treatments. There is one treatment for ruby and sapphire that humans have known at least for a century. This involved the simple heating of the gems, the process improved color and clarity and perhaps, burnt away some of the foreign elements in the gem. The effect of the treatment is stable and permanent an equally important fact is that, it does not compromise the hardness or durability of the gem. Expert gemologists accept this form of treatment and it is practiced even today. Also note that this simple heat treatment does not reduce the value of the gem in any way. Your Kaisilver sapphire gemstone ring would have such a sapphire gem - with a certificate of authenticity. 

A few decades ago, gem cutters and sellers experimented with a few more ways of treating blue sapphires. These are distinctly different from the simple heat process and are not considered to be normal. They also alter the value and/or the durability of the gem. In the first process referred to as the 'diffusion' or 'bulk diffusion' process, sapphire is heated in the presence of a few gases and chemicals. The reaction at high temperatures, causes the sapphire to develop an attractive color on the surface. Sapphires with high color zoning and a patchy look, can develop an even blue color tone. The process has been further developed and you now, have the color enhancement to a fair depth in the gem. This process reduces the value of the sapphire. The second form of treatment has been quite controversial. Labelled as 'fissure' filling or 'glass' filling, low quality sapphires with plenty of fissures (fine cracks), are heated for high duration at a high temperature. This is done in the process of glass containing compounds. The glass melts and seeps through the fissures. On solidification, the gem appears much prettier and gorgeous. You should be aware that, fissure filled rubies and sapphire are extremely compromised in terms of hardness and toughness. They are priced at a fraction of their simple heated counterparts. These gems should not cost you more than $10 to $15 per carat in retail. Business ethics say that, sapphires treated by any process other than the simple heat process, should be clearly labelled as such. It is quite obvious that jewelers should ensure that the price tag reflects, the type of treatments used. Any reputed laboratory testing a sapphire or ruby, should clearly specify the type of treatment used on the gem. But to be very honest, a small fraction of the gems and jewelry sold today come with independently certified gems. Kaisilver has your interest at heart and will never ship your sapphire gemstone ring, without an authentication certificate for the gem. 

We do hope that you now have a fairly good idea of the what to accept and expect, from you ring with sapphire gemstone. This information will be useful no matter where you decide to buy your sapphire ring from. You can always contact our experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any more information that you might need. 

How To Order: Before you confirm your order for a sapphire ring in gold or sterling silver, make sure that you have all the information that you need. Email our experts sales@kaisilver.com and ask as many questions as you wish. Both gold and silver rings will have the same superior quality standards, all requests for design modifications can be accommodated. We can craft a one-of-a-kind sapphire ring with a design concept provided by you. Once you have all the information, move ahead to confirm the order with payment. Paypal is a safe mode of payment and we recommend that option. However we can accept Western Union Money Transfers if you prefer to use it. Payment details will be emailed once we have your preference. There is a 4 to 5 week production time, so make sure that you order well in advance if you have a specific date requirement. If you are squeezed for time, rush an email to us with full details of your requirements. We will make an assessment and accept the order only if, the scheduled date is feasible. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry in gold and 925 silver, Kaisilver has a esteemed base of over 12,000 clients from 15 nations. Networked to gem miners and cutters across the globe, we have access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that we consistently provide the best gem at each price point. We craft all types of jewelry with your designs or ours and place, no restriction on your choice of gemstone. A team of expert jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, attends to every Kaisilver order ensuring that, the same high quality standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry. Contact our team at sales@kaisilver.com  if you have any questions or requirements.