Sapphire Gold Rings

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While you will come across 14k sapphire rings very often, gold rings with sapphires have a few more options with reference to the gold selected. Sapphire is hard and durable, a well designed and crafted sapphire gold ring can stay in shape for decades - with a modest amount of care. Sapphires are tough, hard, rare and expensive - the price of this gemstone has never shown a significant fall even in depressed economic conditions. It is mainly the higher price bracket of gold rings with sapphire gemstones, that make them popular for special occasions. Weddings and engagements and even anniversary celebrations, are often marked with a gold ring set with sapphire. Let us clarify right now that, our reference is limited to natural sapphires not, factory made substitutes. We will also refer to natural medium to good grade sapphire gems, not the low grade material that is generally used to manufacture mass produced jewelry. We will get into more detail about 10k, 14k and 18k gold sapphire rings and also, cover issues related to white, yellow and pink gold further down in this report. 

white gold sapphire gold ring

A classy 14k white gold sapphire ring, can be crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. Options exist for yellow, pink or white gold sapphire gemstone rings. A sleek design that is surely not dainty of fragile, a sturdy construction with no metal scooping. All gem options including pink, yellow, green, blue, green or purple sapphire. Also in silver ... more

sapphire diamond ring 14k 10k 18k gold

An excellent rendition of a ring with a flower motive. You need not be a serious nature lover to fall in love with this beauty. Alternated with sapphires and diamonds, the center of this sapphire ring is set with a glittering diamond. Multi gem rings can be ordered with all gem combinations. You might want to consider mixing sapphire colors ... more

Sapphire Meaning: Sapphires are gorgeous, they are sturdy enough to be passed on from generation to generation. A great example is the sapphire gold and diamond ring that the late Lady Diana, for her engagement. The ring boasted of a stunning sapphire gem from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Decades later her son Prince Williams, used the very same sapphire gemstone from his mother's ring, to craft an engagement ring for Kate Middleton - now his wife. We can confidently say that, Lady Diana had worn that ring for many years, she was rarely seen outside without the sapphire diamond gold ring. 

Sapphire has for centuries symbolized social status, dedication and faithfulness. Interestingly many of those beliefs exist even today - a large number of gem lovers wear gold rings with sapphire gemstones, as they believe that is holds immense symbolism. The popularity of sapphire engagement gold rings, relates to the social status and meaning attributed to the rare gemstone. Sapphire is also a birthstone, it strikes a special connect with those born in the month of September. Given the fact that sapphire has been known for centuries, the gemstone finds a prominent place on the birthstone and anniversary gemstone charts. You could wear an attractive sapphire gold ring to celebrate a 5th, 45th or 70th anniversary. 

The most amazing thing about sapphire is that, it is popular with both men and women - the precious gem has been one of the most sought after gemstones all through history. And when you talk about sapphire wedding rings, you will find the precious gem in engagement wedding rings worn by both men and women. 

As we talk about occasions for which sapphire gold gemstone rings are popular, there is one important statement that we would like to make. There is absolutely no reason why a sapphire gemstone ring cannot be worn as an informal jewel - this if your budget can manage a sapphire gold ring. You can always include a few gold rings in your collection, and circulate them in your daily wear. You need not fuss over your sapphire ring as it can largely take care of itself. This implies that sapphire rings worn frequently, would still appear good enough for formal wear. 

sapphire gold ring for men

A heavy gold sapphire ring for men, we would recommend 14k men's rings as they combine the right amount of gold content and metal hardness. Men generally prefer yellow or blue sapphire for their rings. The halo of diamonds glitters around the oval sapphire gem. Choose a white or yellow gold men's ring as per your preference ... more

sapphire gold ring

A sapphire heart ring  in gold or 925 silver, the famous claddagh ring with a 4 century history. This sapphire gold ring is perfect for an engagement or wedding ring. The ring symbolizes love, loyalty and togetherness. Go for a pink, yellow, green, blue or purple sapphire gemstone. Custom made in Thailand yellow, white or pink gold ... more

Sapphire Colors: No doubt that reference to a gold ring with sapphire, generally implies a blue sapphire but, Kaisilver offers much more than that. Science has in recent times proved beyond doubt that, nature has bestowed us with a wide spectrum of sapphire colors. So when you choose to pick a sapphire gold ring from Kaisilver, open your mind to all the sapphire colors that we provide. There is a notion that blue sapphire is somehow more meaningful and valuable, as compared to sapphires in other colors. For centuries blue was the only color known when it comes to sapphire gems. It is therefore not surprising that, most sapphire gold rings are crafted with blue sapphires. The Persians had at some point in history, mistakenly referred to blue lapis lazuli as sapphire! They even believed that the earth was resting on a huge sapphire and that, the reflection from the blue sapphire gave us the sky. Back to gem colors for a sapphire gemstone ring, here are some of the gorgeous colors that should be part of your jewelry collection. Kaisilver silver or gold sapphire rings, can be crafted with white, pink, blue, yellow or orange sapphires. If you choose to go for a sapphire ring design with many gems, you can combine multiple sapphire colors in the same ring. We talk about gold colors below, try to bring up some interesting color combinations between the sapphire and gold color that you choose. Just remember that the more unique and signature your sapphire gold ring, the more gorgeous it is. 

Price Logistics: While there is no standard price for a sapphire gold ring, it helps to understand the price logistics of the gemstone. Remember that we are talking about sapphires and gold - two expensive components of your ring. Natural sapphires come in various grades, the price could range from $500 to over $5,000 per carat. Most sapphire gold ring buyers would have a price point in their minds, we all budget our spending. Kaisilver sources sapphires directly from the mines, no middlemen and no multiple profit margins added to the price tag. When ordering a sapphire gold ring from Kaisilver, you get to choose between a medium grade or good grade sapphire. Strict quality standards combined with a price, that is not loaded with brokerage fees and commissions ensures that, the medium grade sapphire should satisfy most of you. In economic jargon we would say that, you end up getting more stone value - for the money that you spend. Having said that, go for good grade sapphires for your ring if, your budget can handle the price.

pink sapphire gold ring

Square sapphire gemstone rings have a formal and sophisticated look. Having said that, the RG233 gold ring with sapphire gemstone, is suited for both informal and special occasion wear. Can be ordered in all gold and sapphire colors. The ring is a classic example that an engagement ring need not have diamonds ... more

yellow sapphire gemstone

Yellow sapphire a gorgeous color option for the precious gem. If you are an ardent sapphire lover, open up to the other color options that the gemstone offers. Interestingly fancy sapphire colors like yellow, pink, green and purple are rarer than blue sapphire. Discuss sapphire gemstonecolors for your ring with our support experts. 

10k 14k 18k Gold: We did say that 14k sapphire rings are popular, let us briefly touch upon the 14k, 18k and 10k standard for gold jewelry. Kaisilver will allow you to pick a sapphire gemstone ring in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - let's understand their meaning. Since pure gold is too soft to make sturdy jewelry, it is combined with a few other metals to increase its hardness. So this means that a gram of the resulting gold alloy would contain, a specific amount of gold and the rest of the weight would be made up by the other metals. Since gold is an expensive metal, it is only right that you know, just much gold is contained in your sapphire gold ring. When we talk about 10k gold the metal would have 42% gold and the rest would be formed of the other metals, 10k gold is harder than both 14k and 18k gold. Coming to a 14k gold sapphire ring, the metal would consist of 58% gold and 42% would include the other metals. 14k gold is a bit softer than 10k gold but harder than 18k gold. You then have 18k sapphire rings where,  the gold content in the metal would be 75% with the balance 25% being composed of the other metals. As you might have guessed, 18k gold is softer than 10k gold and a bit softer than 14k gold. So if you had to talk about the same sapphire gemstone ring being made in 10k, 14k and 18k gold - the price of the ring would move up as you went from 10k to 18k. At the same time the hardness of of the metal would drop as you move from 10k to 18k. It is widely agreed that 14k gold provides the right balance between, metal hardness and gold content - this is what makes 14k gold popular for sapphire gemstone rings. Before we move to the paragraph on gold color, we must say that, the hardness of the gold alloy that we just talked about, does not depend on the color of the gold. As an example, when we talk about an 18k sapphire gold ring, the hardness of the metal would remain the same across all three gold colors (white, pink and yellow). 

sapphire ring

A sapphire gold ring in 10k, 14k or 18k gold need not be huge and flashy. The undisputed elegance of sapphire or for that matter of any gemstone, can be showcased even in a modestly dimensioned gold or silver ring. Choose any gem for the KSR00BS ring or stay with one of the glorious sapphire colors. Check details and pricing ... more.  

pink sapphire gemstone

The color of pink sapphire ranges from a pastel pink color to a more, purplish red color. By sourcing gems directly from the mining areas, Kaisilver can provide the color shade that you desire. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with our experts at they will be glad to help with suggestions and pricing. 

Gold Colors: Sapphire gold rings could be ordered in yellow, white or pink gold - this whether you order a 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring. A small technical detail about gold color. We mentioned that other metals are added to gold to increase the hardness of the metal. By specifically selecting these 'other' metals, it is possible to impart a color to the resulting alloy. This is how gold colors are derived. Now let us talk about gold color with reference to sapphire gem color. Remember that, we did say that sapphire gold rings, can be crafted with a range of sapphire colors. When choosing the gold color for your sapphire gemstone ring, follow your choice but keep a few things in mind. Blue, pink and green sapphires would look just fine in white or yellow gold rings. If you fancy getting a pink gold sapphire gemstone ring, review the gem and gold color - one very interesting and offbeat, combination would be pink sapphire in pink gold. Let us consider yellow sapphire gold rings separately as the same gem in yellow or white gold, gives a totally different look. If you really want the color of yellow sapphire to take center stage, a white gold ring should be your choice. Yellow sapphire in yellow gold, creates a much warmer tone - the gem appears to merge into the ring but, for its sparkle and luster. If you order your gold ring from Kaisilver, you can request for sample images that, show the sapphire color of your choice in different gold colors. 

Custom Rings: There is absolutely no doubt that a custom sapphire gold ring, would give you best value for the money that you spend. Ready made rings are made to please mass markets, the best way to do this is to compromise on various quality features and achieve 'friendly' price tags. On the other hand a custom ring from Kaisilver is designed, configured and crafted just for you. We have no need to compromise on any feature. The specifications are clearly discussed with you, the ring is designed and handcrafted to look gold and be durable. This can be seen in the fact that, Kaisilver custom jewelry generally weighs around 40% to 50% more than, what other jewelers would offer for similar jewels. We handle the entire process including the gem procurement, custom cutting and crafting each ring. Gems are procured directly from the mines, each piece is custom and then sent to an independent gem testing lab to ensure that, it is natural and not a factory made substitute. Your sapphire ring is crafted at our center by highly skilled Thai jewelry artisans, passes through stringent quality control tests and ships to you. There are no middlemen and no agents in the whole process, a modest profit margin is added by us. You end up getting wholesome material value, for your budget. We are an online operation with no sweet selling sales staff and fancy showroom rents. Our support staff are experts in various aspects of gemstones, jewelry and production processes - we provide information and guidance and do not hard sell. 

How To Buy: Whether it is a sapphire gold ring or any other jewel that you are interested in, we would suggest that you discuss all your requirements with our experts at . Each item on this web page is provided with a short description and a link to a complete report. Few jewelers care to provide the intense level of detail that we provide, you are always welcome to discuss further details with our team. You could pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver with sapphire, or any gemstone of your choice. Request for design changes or send us your own design. Since each gem is immaculately custom cut and every ring handcrafted, there is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Payments are accepted through Paypal as it is safe for you and us. While we will also consider accepting Western Union Transfers, we do not recommend this mode of payment for first time buyers. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry, we craft all types of jewels including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and cuff links in gold or sterling silver. Your design or ours and no restriction on gem selection, the same superior quality is maintained for gold and 925 silver rings. Over 12,000  clients across 15 nations rely on Kaisilver for all their gem and jewelry requirements. Contact us at if you have any questions or requirements. We will be glad to help, even if you buy nothing from us. 

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