Diamond Rings From Kaisilver Thailand

Diamond rings have always been highly sought of. Diamonds are rare, precious, gorgeous and take at least 2 billion years to form naturally. Diamonds are no longer only a girls' best friend, men are equally eager to wear the glittering stone. It is interesting to learn that, much of the glitter and sparkle of a diamond showcases the extreme skills of humans. A piece of rough diamond when it is mind, looks fairly dull and uninteresting. It is the geometric expertise of diamond cutters, that the stone relies on. The orientation of the rough diamond, the number and placement of facets, the depth of the stone etc are all critical in revealing the best glitter of the cut and polished diamond. Kaisilver diamond rings are handcrafted with your design or ours. We have a range of diamond rings that, have a much more exotic and luxurious look than, their price tag would suggest. Thailand's finest jewelry artisans craft each diamond ring with complete care and attention. Our experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to provide any advice or information that you might need. 

diamond band ring custom made

A gorgeous diamond band, perfect for a wedding or engagement diamond ring. The design concept of this diamond ring is suitable for both men and women. Adding one more diamond would increase the band width of the ring, fully custom made ... more

diamond ring custom made from Thailand

A sleek but extremely diamond gold ring also custom made in sterling silver. Available in all ring sizes, the RG210 diamond ring from Kaisilver, can be ordered with 2 diamond sizes. This allows you to match your budget and personal preference. Full details ... more

custom diamond ring

RG226 a gorgeous diamond ring, durable and classy and customizable with 2 diamond size options. Princess  cut diamonds deliver a better glitter and this looks great in yellow, white or pink gold. Crafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans ... more

diamond band ring

Designed and crafted to look gorgeous and durable enough to match your hectic lifestyle. This diamond band ring is suitable for men and women, the center round diamond is flanked by a diamond on either side. Customizable band width gold or silver ... more

men's diamond ring kaisilver

A handsome broad men's diamond ring, this is a heavy ring and very sturdy. You can order the MAN65 Kaisilver diamond ring with all diamonds or even combine, gems and diamonds in the same ring. The ring is available in gold (single or two tone) and 925 silver ... more

Thai diamond ring, made to order

A classic design for this diamond ring from Kaisilver Thailand. You can see how the 4 diamonds set close to each other, give the ring a broad and extravagant look. Can choose from yellow, white or pink gold and sterling silver. Can combine gems and diamonds ... more

diamond rings thailand silver or gold

Finely handcrafted gold and silver diamond  bands for men. The design is also suited for women. A classy ring for a diamond engagement or wedding band. The same ring can be ordered with all gems or a combination of gemstones and diamonds, in all sizes ... more

diamond ring finely handcrafted Kaisilver

A sturdy and streamlined diamond ring, designed and crafted by Kaisilver experts in Thailand, the RG183 can be crafted in gold or silver. You could retain the design of this ring but choose to replace, some or all the diamonds with gems of your choice ... more.

About Diamonds: To begin with Kaisilver diamond rings are made with natural diamonds unless, you specifically request for man made or lab created diamonds. Diamonds are rare, the price per carat of these glittering beauties surges as the stone size increases. Retail diamond jewelry sellers pile on their fancy overheads including, high rental costs and staff commissions on to their merchandise. Kaisilver crafts fine diamond rings and other jewelry, using a team of highly skilled jewelry artisans in Thailand. We work with very moderate profit margins, this obviously means that, you get more value for your money when you shop at Kaisilver. Diamonds are graded by quality, while the top quality diamond range can be extravagantly priced, it is possible to stay within the medium range and still get that extravagant look and feel. Choose the grade of diamonds that looks great to the human eye, most people would not inspect your diamond ring with a magnifying glass or a microscope. 

Innovative designs can combine multiple diamonds within a ring and give it that, big glitter look. Remember we just mentioned that, the price of larger diamonds (per carat) moves up exponentially as the size of the diamond increases So you go for a bunch of diamonds, set fairly close in the ring and give it that wide lavish look. 

How To Buy: All the items on this web page have a link to the complete report page. You will see information regarding the specifications, options and pricing for each diamond ring. Having said that, we will not suggest that you rush and make a purchase. Discuss your requirements with our team of experts at sales@kaisilver.com and have all your questions answered. We can even craft your diamond ring with a design concept provided by you. A choice of 14k, 18k white, yellow and pink gold and sterling silver, is provided for all Kaisilver jewelry. Pricing for 10k gold diamond rings can be provided on request. The same fine workmanship is provided for silver and gold diamond rings. Include you phone number, location and suitable time to receive the call, if you would like to have our expert call you on the phone. Providing complete details in the email will ensure that we prepare well for the call. We bear the call charges and you will never be obligated to make any purchase from us. 

There is a 4 to 6 week production period from the date of payment being made to confirm the order. While we accept payment through Paypal and Western Union, we would recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which payment mode you prefer and we will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: More than 12,000 jewelry lovers from 15 nations, trust Kaisilver for all their gem and jewelry requirements. Working with a team of extremely skilled jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, we craft all types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Maintaining the same superior quality standards for gold and silver jewelry, we can work with your designs or ours. Networked to all the leading gem miners and cutters across the world, we place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions that you might have.