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Aquamarine  the birthstone for the month is a pale blue gem and belongs to the same mineral family as, emerald (green), and morganite (pink, peach pink). The gemstone can often resemble (in color) the light blue (sky blue) shade of blue topaz. It is however much rarer, sturdier and more valuable than blue topaz. Kaisilver as the leading online provider of highend custom made jewelry from Thailand, gets a significantly high number of orders for men's aquamarine rings each year. Some of Thailand's finest artisans craft Kaisilver custom men's aquamarine rings in gold or sterling silver - the same superior quality workmanship is maintained for both gold and silver rings. The design for your aquamarine ring can be picked from our websites or provided by you. You could pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be, crafted in gold or silver with the gem of your choice. Discuss your requirements with our support experts at

aquamarine gemstone ring for men
custom men's ring aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine is surely one of the few lighter toned gems that men choose. Most men's rings are crafted with gems that have a deeper color saturation like blue sapphire, ruby, deep red garnet, green tourmaline, saturated green peridot, london blue topaz etc. Observe the gem in a men's aquamarine gemstone ring, you would expect the gem to be fragile and requiring significant care. Fortunately that is just not how aquamarine was made by nature, the gem is durable and rates an 8 (out of 10) in terms of hardness. The hardness of gems is measured on the Mohs scale that runs from 1 to 10 where, 10 is the hardest and that rating is awarded to diamond.

You might presume that a gem like aquamarine is set most often in gold rings but we at Kaisilver, get men's aquamarine ring orders in both gold and sterling silver. We happen to be the only high end jewelry provider to maintain, the same superior quality standards for both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders. It is true that men's silver aquamarine rings will require an occasional cleaning process, this to take off any tarnish that might form on the metal. The good thing is that, aquamarine can withstand all conventional processes used to clean silver jewelry. 

Kaisilver men's gemstone rings are globally known for their good looks and toughness. Advanced design features in each aquamarine ring ensure that, the jewel does not bend or dent easily. Beginning with a metal (gold or silver) weight that is at least, 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide, we also mount the gemstone with a bezel setting. A bezel setting where the entire edge (rim) of the gem is covered with metal is known, to be the most secure type of gem mountings. It keeps the gem securely mounted and protects the gem from side impact on the rim of the stone. These are things that might go unnoticed but are absolutely essential, to make the ring long lasting. Another feature that you could make a request for is to have the men's ring crafted with no scooping done inside the band. This process increases the metal thickness and makes the ring much more tougher. Such an option can call for additional metal weight and this in turn, could raise the price of the men's aquamarine ring - this is especially true when ring sizes are large. This is something that can be discussed with our team experts even before, you confirm your order and make a payment. 

Kaisilver Men's Aquamarine Rings Highlights:

  • Aquamarine rings for men are custom made in gold and sterling silver. 
  • You can order your men's ring with aquamarine in your design or ours.
  • All aquamarine gems are natural and certified, custom cut by our artisans. 
  • Gold and sterling silver men's rings have the same superior quality standards. 
  • We place no limitation on design or gemstone for all Kaisilver jewelry.
  • Optimum metal weight ensures that the rings are durable and long lasting, 
  • We recommend bezel setting for gems, this provides a secure mounting. 
  • Darker shades of blue aquamarine can be provided at an additional cost. 

Caring For Your Ring: We did mention that aquamarine is a tough gem and also that, the features of a Kaisilver men' aquamarine ring help in increasing the durability of the jewel. However there are some basic tips on caring for jewelry that, are relevant for all types of jewelry - pay careful attention to the information provided in this paragraph. Jewelry should not be worn in situations where they are likely to be exposed to physical impact or strong chemicals and solvents. 

Silver aquamarine rings will be easier to clean and polish if, they have not been plated with any other metal like rhodium, gold, platinum etc. A plated men's 925 silver ring will develop a wear off on the plating no matter, where or how the ring is plated. Cleaning silver rings that have started to show a wear off on the plating, cannot be cleaned easily. A non-plated silver aquamarine ring, can be easily maintained if the jewel is polished at the first signs of tarnish. Stubborn tarnish on silver could require professional help in the cleaning process. 

How To Buy: We believe in need of a personal touch when, decisions are being taken to purchase high end jewelry. This explains why you will not find any 'Buy Now', 'Express Checkout' icons on our websites. If you wish to make any purchase from us or have us craft a jewel for you with your own design, send details to our experts at  they will be glad to help you make the right decisions. Since you will never be obliged to make any purchase from us, we encourage you to take advantage of our expertise in all aspects of jewelry design, crafting, gem selection and gem cutting. 

You can pick any ring from our website and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver with an aquamarine gem or, with any gem of your size. Your men's aquamarine ring can also be crafted with a design concept provided by you.  

Who Is Kaisilver: Widely acclaimed as one of the leading online sources for high end custom jewelry, Kaisilver maintains the same quality standards for both gold and silver jewelry. Preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gems from leading gem mining locations across the globe, allows us to provide an unlimited choice of gems. You need not restrict your choice of gemstones to what you see on our website. Designs for your jewelry order can be picked from our website or provided by you. Over 12,000 quality conscious jewelry lovers spread across 15 nations, wear fine jewelry crafted by our highly skilled artisans. Email your queries or requirements to  we will be glad to assist you in any way that we can.