Kaisilver Jewelry Thailand

Jewelry and gemstones have made Thailand famous across the globe. From classic jewelry that, has come down from generations to contemporary designs that, impress even the most style conscious jewelry lover - Thai jewelry covers the entire range. While there are hundreds of jewelry and gem providers specializing in specific jewelry ranges, Kaisilver has the required expertise to deliver every style and design. A team of expert artisans, designers, gem cutters and production experts, works on all Kaisilver custom made jewelry orders. We happen to the only jewelry source in Thailand and one of the very few globally, to ensure the same premium crafting standards for gold and silver jewelry. We craft all types of jewelry in gold or silver, with your design or ours and your choice of gemstones. Contact us at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries, related to gems and jewelry. 

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onyx silver pendant or in gold

A classic onyx pendant in sterling silver. Design inspired by Thai royalty, an antique concept that can be ordered as a big gemstone pendant in gold or silver. Kaisilver based in  Thailand, maintains the same superior standards for gold and silver jewelry ... more

Jewelry from Thailand pendant Kaisilver

A fine garnet pendant from Thailand, crafted by Kaisilver with any gem of your choice. The dimensions of the pendant can be decided by you. The PG1100 Kaisilver gold or silver pendant, is crafted to the same superior standards. Suitable for men and women ... more

december birthstone tanzanite

Handcrafting fine custom jewelry in Thailand for over 2 decades, Kaisilver has access to a huge base of gems from across the globe. Tanzanite is rare and expensive - we source tanzanite gemsdirectly from the mines. Reviewing the December birthstone ... more

jewelry thailand kaisilver

Meticulously handcrafting high end jewelry in Thailand for over 2 decades, Kaisilver places absolutely no restriction on gem selection. Tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds - we discuss the amazing features of tanzanite in this Kaisilver report ... more

tanzanite ring thailand

A spectacular Kaisilver collection of finely handcrafted, tanzanite diamond rings from Thailand. We today serve over 12,000 jewelry lovers in 12 nations. Expert Thai artisans work on each tanzanite ring, meticulously crafting it in gold or sterling silver ... more

rings thailand kaislver

Expertly handcrafted gold and silver tourmaline rings from Thailand. Based in Thailand Kaisilver offers all types of fine custom made jewelry in gold or silver - no gemstone limitation. Tourmaline rings can be ordered with red, pink, green or blue tourmaline ... more

thailand jewelry gold rings

Jewelry from Thailand, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans at Kaisilver. Custom gold rings crafted in 10k 14k or 18k gold. The same quality standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry from Kaisilver Thailand. Read on for  more details ... more

cross pendants silver or gold

Kaisilver custom pendants, a selection of vintage style silver crosses - also available in gold. Expertly handcrafted and not mass produced ... more

While Kaisilver specializes in high end custom jewelry, we are also geared to offer production for larger volumes. The jewelry shown on our websites, has been finely handcrafted in Thailand and shipped across the globe. Traditional Thai jewelry includes classic designs, most of these would have come down from royal households through the centuries. We are equally comfortable designing and crafting, modern designs including the latest trends in France and Italy. Gemstones used in our jewelry are handpicked by experts and custom cut, gems are procured from all parts of the world. 

How To Order: We encourage you to email our experts at  sales@kaisilver.com  and discuss your requirements. All the jewelry shown on our websites, can be crafted in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice. You could ask for design modifications while placing your order, we can also craft a unique jewel for you based on our own design concept. Gold and silver jewelry, have the same premium standards. There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of, order confirmation and receipt of payment. Payments are accepted through Paypal, Bank Transfer and Western Union. We recommend that first time Kaisilver buyers choose Paypal. You can let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we, will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: For over 2 decades, Kaisilver has been serving the world with finely handcrafted custom made jewelry. Crafted by extremely skilled artisans in Thailand, Kaisilver jewelry can be ordered in gold or silver with no limitation on gem selection or design. This means that, we can work with your design or ours. By staying connected with all major gem mining and cutting operations in over 27 nations, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. 

Over 12,000 style and quality conscious jewelry lovers from 15 nations, proudly wear a jewel meticulously crafted by Kaisilver artisans. Contact us  at  sales@kaisilver.com  for any questions or requirements  that you might have. We will be glad to help even, if you end up making your purchase from another jeweler. We urge you to take full advantage of our expertise and have, all your queries answered. 

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