gold and silver rings for men

Kaisilver custom makes men's rings in gold and sterling silver with no limitation on gem selection. The design and structure of our men's rings are finalized, after an intense research into the preferences and lifestyle of the modern man. Some of the Thailand's finest artisans work on each ring, no mass production and no using readymade blocks and molds. We ensure the same high quality standards for both gold and silver rings, this is achieved by assigning the same team of artisans and gem setters for both options. You could pick a design from our website, request for design modifications and pick the gem of your choice. We are equally comfortable crafting a unique ring for you based on your own design ideas and sketches. 

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white gold rings for men

We talk about white gold rings for men, using the MAN04N white gold ring as an example we cover issues relate to gemstone and metal color combinations and more. Read all about Kaisilver custom made men's gemstone rings ... more

Men's gold and sterling silver rings with all gem stone options. The MAN63n shows a handsome men's ring with a square green tourmaline gemstone. You can request for design changes or send in your own design concept ... more

sapphire ring for men

Blue sapphire has been one of the most highly sought after gemstones all through history. Kaisilver procures this gorgeous gemstone directly from miners across the globe. Review the handsome MAN135 sapphire ring ... more

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