Kaisilver Man Rings, Custom Made

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Man rings by Kaisilver are high end custom made rings in gold and sterling silver. We happen to be one of the very few highend custom jewelry providers to maintain, the same superior standards, for man gold and 925 silver rings. You could choose any man ring from the Kaisilver websites and request for it to be made in gold or 925 silver - with the gemstone of your choice. Being networked to almost every gem mining and cutting operation across the globe, we place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstone. You need not be limited to the designs or gemstones seen on our websites. Rings can also be crafted based on a design concept provided by you. Our experts are always glad to answer any queries or doubts that you might have. Email the team at sales@kaisilver.com and take advantage of their expertise in all aspects of gems, jewelry and style trends.We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us.  

big man ring

A big man ring with a large blue topaz gemstone. Custom made as a gold or sterling silver man ring, the jewel is available in all ring sizes. You can pick the gemstone of your choice when ordering any Kaisilver man ring. Read about details and options ... more

men's gemstone ring

A stylish design for this men's ring crafted in white, yellow or pink gold with the gemstone of your choice. Crafted by the finest jewelry artisans in Thailand, the MAN57AM men's ring is available in all ring sizes - you can choose gold or 925 sterling silver ... more

men's aquamarine ring

A tremendous men's ring set with a natural aquamarine gemstone. The sparkling pastel blue color of aquamarine makes it a great choice for all metal colors. A tough gemstone, aquamarine symbolizes peace and harmony. Get details for the MAN64 ring ... more

birthstone rings for men

Birthstone rings for men, add a special touch to a man's style. We make a special connect to our birthstone, which is defined in the month that we are born. Kaisilver men's birthstone rings can be ordered in gold and silver. Handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand ... more

man amethyst ring

Big size man rings need to be durable, good looks is not enough. Kaisilver ensures that every man ring is invested with an optimized gold or silver weight. This weight is generally around 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide for similar designs ... more

mens ring plain no gemstone

A men's plain ring in gold or sterling silver, MAN100 men's claddagh ring retains all the features of the first claddagh ring made around 4 centuries ago. Kaisilver claddagh rings are custom made for men and women, plain or with a gemstone of your choice ... more.   

man diamond ring

A man diamond ring with a luxury look and superior workmanship. The man ring is custom made in gold or sterlingsilver, you can choose all diamonds or a combination of gemstones and diamonds. Crafted by some of Thailand's finest artisans ... more

men's gemstone ring

A classic three gemstone ring, suitable for both men and women. Shown with blue sapphires but, available with all gem options. You can even combine different gems in the same ring. The gemstone size can be increased to make the band width wider ... more.

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