Choosing A Ring For Men 

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Men are generally quite fine with making a few adjustments in their choice - this when it comes to jewelry. Choosing a men's ring might seem like a low challenge task for this reason. In reality, there are a lot more factors that need to be assessed before, choosing a men's ring. Not all of these are directly related to the impressive looks of the ring. Men love big rings, big gems and heavy metal weight. While this sounds awesome issues like budget limitation and specific gem choice need to be meticulously addressed. For example a men's ring design that includes a large 6 carat gemstone, might be too exorbitantly priced if the gem was a ruby, sapphire or emerald. Choosing a men's ring needs to address the issue of metal selection. If you wish to have a heavy gold ring, make sure that your budget can match the price tag. There are many reasons why men's silver rings are extremely popular. Kaisilver offers the same superior standards of gems and workmanship for men's gold or 925 silver rings. 

tanzanite ring for men

A men's sterling silver ring, also available in 14k and 18k gold. Showcasing one of the rarest gemstones of all time this men's gemstone ring boasts of a natural certified tanzanite gemstone. Found in just one small piece of land on the planet, tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamond. Learn about the ring ... more

sapphire ring for men choosing

When choosing a sapphire men's ring, make sure that you get a natural, certified sapphire in the ring. You also want to make sure that the sapphire is not fissure filled or glassed fill. With sapphires directly procured from the mines, Kaisilver ensures that you always get the best sapphire gem at every price point ... more

choosing sapphire ring for men

When picking a sapphire ring for men,  make sure that you get a natural sapphire - while conventionally heated sapphires are okayed by gem experts, you should not spend heavily on glass filled or fissure filled sapphire gems. Also note that sapphires gems are available in yellow, blue, green and pink colors ... more

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Choosing a ring for men is more than grabbing the design and gemstone that you like. The design configuration and the metal weight are features that need to be checked carefully. You don't want a broad imposing men's ring with insufficient gold or silver weight, light weight rings can bend and dent easily. Style experts at Kaisilver recommend the bezel gem setting for men's rings. Bezel setting involves the complete rim of the gem, being enveloped with metal. While offering a very secure gem setting, a bezel set stone is also well protected  from side impact. Gemstone rings for men need to seriously evaluate the features of the gem. If you foresee the ring being worn often in not so friendly environments, you should know that gems like emeralds, kyanite and even opal - are more prone to getting damaged. These are issues that you can always discuss with the Kaisilver experts even if, you plan to make no purchase from us. If you plan to pick a gem for a men's ring based on color, you would be interested to know that many different gemstones have the same base color. So you might want to pick a stone that fits your budget and is also, sufficiently durable. 

Gold rings for men can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. Our production experts recommend 14k rings for men, this is the gold 'k' rating, that provides the best combination of gold content and hardness. At the end of the day it is all your choice, 10k rings for men can be quoted on request. When picking a 925 silver ring for men, consider going for a ring that is not plated. Any plating done on silver will wear off (in random patches) with time. Kaisilver maintains the same superior standards related to gemstone, metal and workmanship - for men's rings in gold or silver. 

How To Buy: Before you confirm your order for a men's ring or any other Kai Silver jeweler, discuss your requirements with our experts at Ask as many questions as you wish, make sure that all your queries have been answered. You can pick any men's ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or sterling silver, with the gemstone of your choice. You can request for any design modifications that you choose. We will gladly craft a one-of-a-kind jewel with, a design concept provided by you. All gem options are available for men's rings in gold or 925 silver, your gem selection need not be limited to what you see on our websites. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The preferred source for gems and jewelry, Kaisilver services over 12,000 clients located in 15 different nations. We craft high end gold and silver jewelry with, your design or ours. Networked to gem miners and cutters across the globe, we place absolutely no restriction on gem selection. Preferential access to 200 million carats of gems ensures that, you get the best gem at every price point. Email us at if you have any questions or requirements, we will always be glad to help even if, you do not plan to buy anything from us.