Engagement Ring With Aquamarine 

For quite some time now young couples have realized that, you really need not splurge on an extravagantly priced diamond engagement ring - not saying though that, diamond rings are no longer popular. So what is it in the design of the RG125n aquamarine ring that, makes it an engagement ring. The answer is simple, there is absolutely nothing in this aquamarine ring that says that, it is perfect for an engagement ring or less suitable (in any way) for a regular or daily wear jewel. 

The fact is that the differentiation in terms of design, gemstones or diamonds for a special occasion ring and a casual wear jewel - has now become irrelevant. Yes you would expect a wedding or engagement ring to be expertly crafted and fortunately, that is the way all custom made jewelry at Kaisilver is crafted. A team of talented designers and super skilled artisans and gem cutters, work on all Kaisilver orders including the RG125n aquamarine rings. Irrespective of whether you choose gold or silver and irrespective of the gemstone that you choose, a Kaisilver jewel will always be a high end piece that you will be proud to wear.

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Whether this is chosen to be a daily wear jewel or an aquamarine engagement ring, the design is perfect for all occasions and aquamarine is suitable in more ways than one. The RG125n as shown in the image has a 7x5mm rectangular gemstone, this is neither tiny nor too big - just the right size to deliver style and sophistication and yet, be comfortable to wear. Aquamarine has a pleasant pastel blue color something that, soothes the eye and mind. Just a short note that, you could order this ring or any other Kaisilver jewel, with the gemstones of your choice. 

Most engagement rings with a similar design concept, would be crafted with round diamonds - look around and you will agree. We have decided to lift the style statement and selected square, princess cut diamonds. You can also pick other gemstones instead of the diamonds for your ring, this would surely lower the price tag on the piece. 


Below are the details for the ring with diamonds. 

You can request for any gem of your choice, specify 10k, 14k or 18k gold and further specify yellow, white or pink gold. Let us know if you prefer to have a 10k gold ring and we will provide details for the same. The gold and silver aquamarine ring, will have the same superior standards. All design modifications can be accommodated including, gem type, shape and size. 

Email us at sales@kaisilver.com for any queries.

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Below are the details for the ring with NO diamonds. You can request for any other gemstones instead of the diamonds or, the design could even be modified to take off the side stones, 


Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue gemstones and is rated at 7.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, used to measure the hardness of gemstones. The gemstone belongs to the beryl mineral family that gives us gems like morganite (pink), emerald (green) and bixbite (red). The gemstone is durable enough to withstand frequent usage. Talking about the RG125n aquamarine ring, the idea of wearing an aquamarine engagement ring - it would ideally be expected to be worn often and last a lifetime! Might mention here that the RG125n aquamarine ring has advanced features, that help add to its durability. We will talk more on durability in the coming paragraphs. 

There is more than beauty that gem and jewelry lovers today seek when, picking the gemstones for their jewelry. Customs, traditions and belief in the metaphysical properties of various gems - is a strong influencer in selecting gemstones. 

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman for good luck, protection, and fearlessness. The gems in the early days could be worn as talismans or as aquamarine rings and pendants. It just became more comfortable and more stylish, to wear gems like aquamarine in various types of jewelry. 

Throughout history, aquamarine has been thought to possess healing properties. It was believed to soothe the nerves, enhance communication, and promote overall wellness. This is something that Kaisilver fully understand, we still get many orders for aquamarine rings, pendants and even earrings - from buyers who wish to benefit from the 'special powers' of the gemstone. Just clarifying here that, these are based on customs and traditions and we do not claim that, aquamarine or any other gemstones from Kaisilver possess any 'magical' properties. 

Crystal healers often recommend couples to wear an aquamarine gemstone if, they happen to be having confusion and trouble getting along with each other. The gemstone is believed to help reconciliation and harmony. If you believe in the special properties of gemstones and have already tied-the-knot, you could still get yourself an your spouse a pretty aquamarine ring in gold or silver. 

Practitioners of crystal healing often use aquamarine to enhance meditation, communication, and spiritual growth. It is believed to open up channels for clear and heartfelt communication and to protect against negative energies.

An engagement leading to a marriage between two individuals, is all about building and retaining a strong relationships. Misunderstandings, tensions and even squabbles are a part of every relationship! The traditional belief that aquamarine helps build harmony and reconciliation, does seem to make an aquamarine suitable for an engagement ring. 


We are talking about the RG125n ring as an aquamarine ring but in reality, all Kaisilver jewelry including this gemstone ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. We place absolutely no limitation on gem selection and you are not restricted to what is mentioned on our websites. 

Not just the gemstone type but even, the gem shape and size can be decided by you. Just let us know what you need at sales@kaisilver.com and we will, provide details and a specific price quote for your requirements. 

All gemstones are natural and independent third party testing certificates, testing for authenticity can be provided on request. And in cases where you prefer to go for synthetic or lab created gemstones, let us know and we will discuss details with you. It is important in such cases, that the gems would be as requested by you. 


The RG125n jewel from Kaisilver Thailand is an aquamarine diamond ring, so a little about the diamonds in the ring. Diamonds are natural and not lab created, let us know if you need lab diamonds and we will work out an updated pricing for your gold or silver aquamarine ring. 

The diamonds are 3mm square princess cut diamonds, when set next to the 7x5mm rectangular center gem - the diamonds stay in the limelight as, the diamond size is almost half the size of the aquamarine gemstone in the center. This is precisely whey the RG125n aquamarine ring appears far more expensive than its price tag would suggest. If you choose to have a 9x7mm rectangular or octagonal gem in the center, you might want consider, piling 3mm square diamonds on either side of the gemstone. Just remember that all design specifications for all Kaisilver jewelry, can be modified to suit your requirements. 


Very few jewelers care to maintain high standards for silver jewelry, lovers of silver are made to believe that silver jewelry can never be high end. Fortunately Kaisilver the leading online end provider for high end made to order jewelry, maintains the same premium standards for both gold and silver jewelry. 

You can specify a gold or silver aquamarine gemstone ring, the fact is that many jewelry lover adore the confident and classic look of sterling silver - no doubt that a silver aquamarine ring would be more affordable as compared to a similar ring in gold. We leave the choice of metal to you.

If you wish to have an aquamarine gold ring, make a choice of 10k, 14k or 18k gold - further specify white, yellow or pink gold. The price table mentions 18k and 14k gold rings, let us know if you prefer a 10k aquamarine gemstone ring and we email you a relevant price quote for the same. 

Your choice of a gold or silver aquamarine ring is entirely up to you, since quality will never be an issue in gold or silver. We would however recommend that a silver ring not be plated, this because any plating done on silver will wear off with time. At that time the wear off will happen in patches and cleaning and polishing the ring would pose a challenge. An un-plated silver aquamarine ring on the other hand, will be easier to clean as long as, the cleaning and polishing processing is done just as the tarnish begins to appear. Email us on the email address mentioned below if, you need any more information related to gems and jewelry. 


Leading the online high end custom made jewelry sector for over 2 decades, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations. A team of dedicated artisans and gem cutters, lead by a band of talented designers work on all Kaisilver jewelry in Thailand. We ship globally and craft jewelry based on your designs or ours. 

Networked to all major gem mining and cutting operations in the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that we place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstones. We are one of the very few, probably the only, high end custom jewelry provider to maintain the same superior standards for both gold and silver jewelry. We craft all jewelry including bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles, earrings and even cufflinks as as per your designs or ours. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions that you might have. We will be glad to help even if, you end up buying nothing from us. Our idea is to keep you informed and allow you to make your own decision. 


We have always mentioned that high end jewelry was never meant to be purchased in a rush. If there is an aquamarine ring or any other jewel that interests you, email details to our experts at sales@kaisilver.com include your preference for metal (gold or silver), gemstone and design - remember that you can also send us your own design concepts to be custom made. 

If you wish to have one of our English speaking experts talk to you on the phone, please include your phone number, location and preferred (your local) time convenient for you to receive the call. Please mention your requirements clearly so that, we can have an expert prepare for the call and help you. We will bear the call charges at our end. 


This ring is the best, I am totally overwhelmed and ecstatic at the sheer magnificence of this ring, it is unquestionably the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have seen, the colors are outstanding, it is as per specifications, a very big thankyou to the entire team at Kaisilver, a job well done. I would not hesitate to buy jewellery online again however it would only be from Kaisilver, why would I go elsewhere? Once again thank-you sooooooo much. Kind Regards & Warm Smlies from Sean Melbourne Australia. :) ... more.