What Is The Price Of A Gold Ring? 

How much should I pay for a gold ring? What is a good price for a gold ring? These are common queries that are received by the Kaisilver support team - every single day. The price of gold would obviously be one indicator of how much you end up paying for a gold ring but, there are many other features of the ring that will influence the price. If you plan to buy a gold ring and are wondering how much to pay for it, try understanding your requirements and then browse through various options. Mass produced gold rings would use mechanized modes of production, this would obviously lower the cost. These will be rings that lack the finesse of rings finely handcrafted by Kaisilver. If you are looking for a gold ring that looks good and is crafted to be long lasting, a custom jewel is your best option. High end ring would involve craftsmen fees, this because they do not rely on mass production methods. Each gold ring is handcrafted by extremely talented and skilled artisans and gem cutters. You pay for the premium quality and this is one component of the price tag of the ring.

The other components  that would decide how much you pay for a gold ring, would depend on the gold alloy 'k' value, the gold weight of the ring. Most gold rings are designed to accommodate gemstones and/or diamonds  - these embellishments will also add  up on the price. We will continue this discussion on the lower part of this web page. 

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diamond gold ring price

The price of this diamond gold ring, can be significantly customized based on you preferences - this would also  mean that the price can be brought closer to your budget. You could combine diamonds and gems in the same band. The ring is shown with a combination of square and round diamonds - all ring sizes ... more.  

men's gold ring price

The  men's diamond sapphire ring is a good example of how, the metal portion of a ring is not the only factor to influence the price of this men's gold ring. Sapphire, rubies and diamonds are rare and expensive, they could easily be more expensive than the gold content in the ring. This ring is tough and durable ... more

opal ring claddagh heart

The price of gemstone gold rings would vary widely, the Kaisilver opal claddagh ring is a classic example of how finely handcrafted jewels with gems procured directly from the mines, can wear a reasonable price. This opal gem ring is unique, it has a custom cut Australian opal gemstone and a very meaningful design ... more

men's white gold rings

White gold men's ring collection handcrafted by Kaisilver in Thailand. Custom made rings for men in gold or 925 silver. All gemstone options and in all ring sizes. 10k 14k 18k white gold rings with our design or yours. Kaisilver men's rings can be ordered in yellow, white or pink gold. Review the collection ... more

claddagh gold ring price

When comparing the price of gold rings, there are a number of features besides gold cost and weight, that will have an impact on ring price. The fine craftsmanship, natural certified emerald gem and optimized gold weight for this ring - justifies its price tag. Custom claddagh rings in gold and silver ... more

ruby ring price gold or silver

What is the price of a ruby ring. How much does a ruby ring in gold or 925 silver cost. These are common questions when it comes to a rare and high priced gem like ruby. There are many factors that influence the price of a ruby gemstone ring, this presumes that we are refer to a natural certified ruby gem ... more

gold cat ring price

Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry including rings in gold or 925 silver. So when you look a jewel like the classic cat ring with the gem of your choice, the detailed web page for the jewel will also have pricing details for the gold cat ring. This is true of all rings on our websites, price can be calculated for gold and silver ... more

claddagh ring cost

So what is the cost of a claddagh ring? We will confidently say that, given the fine design, high quality workmanship, handpicked gemstones of Kai Silver claddagh rings in both gold and 925 silver - we will confidently claim that Kaisilver claddagh rings are very reasonably priced. Check out the details ... more

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Gold Price And Ring Weight: Gold is a precious metal, it is rare and expensive. The price of a 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring would obviously be influenced by the gold content in the jewel. While it is true that there is an optimal ring weight required, this to ensure durability of the jewel - this optimum weight would depend on the ring design (dimension) and ring size. This is one of the first reasons why, estimating the price of a gold ring would require additional information. Even with the design and gem information of a gold ring being specified, it is possible to two gold rings with externally similar looks to have significantly different gold weights. As a classic example Kaisilver experts have consistently maintained that, our rings generally weigh around 40% to 50% more than, what other jewelers provide. This is to ensure long term durability, we custom make each jewel specifically for our clients and have no need save gold content and please a mass market. Besides the weight of the gold, the 'karat' value of the gold would also relate to the price of the metal in a gold ring. 18k gold is much more expensive, as compared to 14k gold and 10k gold is priced lower than 14k gold. 

Gemstone / Diamond Cost: The cost element of diamonds and or gemstones, in a gold ring would depend on the gems selected, the size and weight and quite obviously the grade (quality) of the gems. Gemstone prices can vary widely even when, shape, size and weight of the gems are identical. For example a blue topaz gem could be priced at around $ 40 per carat in retail and on the other hand, blue sapphire could cost upwards of $500 and right up to $3,000 per carat. The same thing is true of diamonds though, the price logistics in this case are even more severe. Diamond prices for pieces of the same size, shape, color, clarity and weight could vary by as much as 500 fold. Few jewelers are willing to actually work with clients and make them understand pricing structures. The fact is that, you can get a gold ring that delivers the same visual impact at a moderated price. This by understanding gemstones and opening up to options. When it comes to diamond gold rings, it is important to have diamonds that are natural and look glittering and good to the naked eye. Higher quality diamonds that can be differentiated, only by using specialized magnifying devices are probably not required in most cases. These are issues that you can always discuss with the team of Kaisilver experts even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. We are always happy to guide you in making a well informed buying decision. 

Workmanship: To understand how craftsmanship can influence the price of a gold ring, we need to differentiate between mass production of finely handcrafted single piece jewels. Mass produced jewels are manufactured using machines, workers are trained to handle production equipment. The idea is on getting economies of scale by mass producing jewels. Kaisilver on the other hand, uses the services of some of the industry's finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters. Each piece is given meticulous attention, with no compromise made on even the smallest detail. This production process is cost centric but, there really is no other way to craft a quality gold ring. So the price of a gold ring would depend on the type of production that is used to craft the piece. 

What Is 10k, 14k, 18k Gold: You would have surely heard of terms like 10k gold ring, 14k ring, 18k gold ring etc - you might also come across jewelers who tell you that an 18k gold ring is the best option. Let's take of the mystery that surrounds this gold 'k' talk. We need to talk about this because the 'k' value that you choose, would play a part in defining the price of your gold ring. Pure gold just as it is refined from the ore cannot be used to draft durable gold rings. When it comes to crafting a gold ring or any other gold jewel, pure gold that is mixed with a few other metals is used. The metals added to pure gold, can also impart a color to the metal - we will come to that in the next paragraph. So when you add metals to pure gold to form an alloy, you would need a standard to define just how much of pure gold is retained in the alloy. It is this percentage of gold that affects the price of a gold ring, the proportion of the other metals influence the hardness (durability) of the metal. A very simple rule to remember, the higher the 'k' number of the gold alloy, the higher the price. But the lower the gold content in the alloy, the harder the metal and the lower the price. A quick summary of gold content in the 3 gold alloy numbers. A 10k gold ring would have around 42% of gold, the same ring if crafted as a 14k gold ring would have 58% gold and finally an 18k gold ring would have 75% gold content. It will now be clear why an 18k gold ring would be more expensive, than a similar ring crafted in 14k or 10k gold. So what is the best option for Gold 'k' when you order a gold ring. We would say that 14k gold rings carry the best equation between, metal hardness and gold content. The choice is yours and our team of experts, would be glad to guide you on that or any other issue.  

What Is Yellow, White, Pink Gold: We will run through this issue fairly quickly mainly because, the color of the gold chosen for a gold ring should not influence the price of the ring. Read this in conjunction with the above paragraph - the price of a yellow, white or rose (pink) gold ring, would depend on the gold 'k' value and not on the color of the gold alloy. This means that within 10k gold the cost would remain the same across,  different gold colors. The same rule would apply when it comes to the price  of 18k or 14k gold rings. 

Customizing Price: One very important advantage of going for a custom made gold ring is that, it could be possible to customize the price of the ring based on your budget. This is why there is no simple explanation to the question about - what is the price of a gold ring. If you like the design of a specific gold ring but, found it to be beyond your budget - we encourage you to discuss your requirements with our team of experts. It could be possible to alter the dimensions of the ring or even, change the gemstone to a more affordable option a similar thing could be done with the diamonds (if any) in the ring. We did mention earlier that even a change of the gold alloy from 18k to 14k or even 10k, would bring down the price of a gold ring. Let us spend a few moments saying something about gems and color. As an example let us talk about a blue gemstone gold ring with diamonds. Many jewelry buyers presume that, blue sapphire is the only natural blue gem. While blue sapphire happens to generally be the most expensive blue gem, there are a range of gems that are found in various shades of blue. You have 3 gorgeous shades of blue in topaz - the deep london blue topaz looks far more expensive than its price would suggest. You also have iolite and tanzanite and the latter can often match the color tone of the most expensive blue sapphires. The same logic applies to other gem colors like green, pink and red. So remember that, the price of a gold ring can be customized by picking the right gem for your budget. The fact that we at Kaisilver,  place no restriction on design, dimensions or gemstones and metal (gold or 925 silver) - means that we offer the best option for you to get your dream ring at a price, that is as close as possible to the budget allocated by you. 

How To Order: Each item shown on this web page has a link, that would take you to a very detailed report about the item. Having said that, we urge you to discuss your requirements with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com . Learn about options, suggestions and ask as many questions as you wish. Do not be in a rush to order until you have all your questions answered. We can also craft your gold ring or any other jewel, with your own design. Pick the gemstone of your choice even if, it does not happen to be mentioned on our websites. Each gem is handpicked, custom cut and certified for authenticity. Let us know if you would like to discuss your requirements with our experts on the phone. We will bear the call charges - just include your complete requirements, phone number and location in the email. Mentioning your requirements will enable us to pick the right expert and better prepare for the call. Once you have all the details make a buying decision, you will never be obliged to make a purchase from us. 

Since each piece if handcrafted and no use of ready made blocks or molds is made, there is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and payment being made. There really is no way to hurry production and still maintain our high quality standards. Payment is preferred through Paypal as it is safer for you and us. We do accept Western Union but recommend, Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we, will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: 12,000 quality and style conscious jewelry lovers rely on us for their requirements, our clientele today spreads across 15 nations. We prove our commitment to quality by finely handcrafting all types of jewelry in gold or silver - both metal options crafted to the same superior quality standards. An expert gemstone team keeps us connected to gem mining and cutting operations across the globe. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we give you an unlimited choice of gemstones to choose from. You are not limited to gemstones mentioned on our websites - we have earned the reputation of providing the best gemstone at all price points. The design for your Kaisilver jewel, could be provided by you or picked from our websites. We welcome you to discuss your requirements with our team at sales@kaisilver.com we will gladly provide constructive advice and suggestions - no sales talk.