Kaisilver Jewelry From Thailand

Custom jewelry from Thailand by Kaisilver, no restriction on gemstone or design. Thailand's finest artisans, craft high end jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Pick a design from our websites or send us your own design sketch or image. Being networked to the world's leading gem mining and cutting operations, we offer our clients an unlimited range of gems to choose from. You need not restrict your gem selection to what you see on our websites. Over 12,000 knowledgeable gem and jewelry lovers, rely on Kaisilver for all their requirements. We ship across the globe and have a client base that extends across 15 nations. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver with any queries or questions that you might have. 

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aquamarine rings for men

Aquamarine with its fine blue color is a favorite with men and women. Review the Kaisilver men's aquamarine ring collection. Crafted in Thailand by our skilled artisans, gold and sterling silver men's gemstonerings are available in all sizes ... more

moonstone rings

Moonstone the fascinating natural gem with its, mystical shimmer is popular with both men and women. Kaisilver crafts superior gold and silver moonstone rings to the same quality standards. Choose a design from our websites or send us your own design ... more

kaisilver diamond rings

A sizzling collection of finely crafted diamond rings. You pick a design from our collection or send us your own design ideas. Kaisilver diamond rings for men and women, crafted in Thailand. Both gold and silver rings crafted to the same superior standards ... more

bands for men from Thailand

From the leading online custom jewelry provider in Thailand, Kaisilver crafts men's rings in gold or silver - no limitation on gem or diamond. Review our men's band ring collection, request for design changes or send us your own designs to be custom made ... more

claddagh rings custom

Regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history, the claddagh ring symbolizes love, togetherness and loyalty. The four century old ring is suited for all occasions. Kaisilver handcrafts the finest rendition of the historic jewel in 925 silver and gold ... more

what does claddagh mean

What does claddagh mean? The historic claddagh ring is acclaimed as the most meaningful jewel in history. The meaning of the ring is derived from the features of the jewel. The first claddagh ring was made by an Irish fisherman turned slave for his beloved ... more

men's birthstone rings

A great resource for men's birthstone rings, handcrafted in gold and silver by Kaisilver Thailand. You pick a design from our websites or send us your own design concept. Finely crafted in gold and sterling silver, all ring sizes and no limitation on gemstone selection ... more

sapphire ring for men

Crafted by kaisilver in Thailand, this men's sapphire gemstone ring collection will please even the connoisseur. Your design  or ours and a choice of pink, green, yellow or blue sapphire. Same superior quality standards for the gold and 925 silver ring ... more

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How To Buy: Before you ask us about the mode of payment etc, make sure that you have all your requirements clearly mentioned to the support team at  sales@kaisilver  . Do not be in a rush to confirm the order and make payment until, you have all your queries clearly answered by our team. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the phone, send us an email with your phone number, location and time suited to receive the call. Also give us details of your general requirements in the email, this will allow us to assign the right expert to arrange a call. Every product page has a detailed explanation regarding, prices, options and payment modes accepted.