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The term online jewelry is way to wide, so let us explain this in the specific context of Kaisilver the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry. Websites providing jewelry online are abundant, most offer mass produced merchandise focused on pleasing a mass market. What we are talking about is finely crafted custom made jewelry that, can be ordered online. These are unique jewels where you get to pick the design or send in your own design concept, you are not bound by metal restrictions (available options include sterling silver, 10k, 14k and 18k white, pink or yellow gold) and your choice of gemstone or diamonds, need not be limited to what is mentioned on our websites. You can order rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, earrings and even custom made cuff links online. And if you wonder whether, ordering high end, high priced jewelry online - the news that we today serve over 12,000 quality conscious clients from 15 nations, might be of interest to you. Our team of experts at will be glad to clear any doubts or questions that you might have. 

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men's rings online

Men's rings online, the same premium quality standards for gold and sterling silver rings. This white gold men's ring collection for men, can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold - there is no limitation on gem selections. We also provide online custom rings with your own design concepts ... more

pendants online gemstones 925 silver or gold

Custom made pendants online, finely crafted in gold or 925 silver, our online pendants can be ordered with just about any gemstone that you fancy. The dimensions, gem size and shape and even the design can be customized to your preference. Send us your own pendant designs to be custom made ... more

ruby ring online

Choose the right jewelry provider for your online ruby ring and you will surely, get a better ring and a better price as compared to a showroom price. Kaisilver handcrafts high end custom ruby gemstone in gold or silver - same premium standards for both metals. Review the collection and learn more ... more

ring for mother

Buy a mothers ring online from Kaisilver and you can include, all your preferences. Besides providing the same superior quality standards for gold and sterling silver mother's rings, we place no restriction on gem selection and combinations. The design for your mother's ring can be yours or ours ... more

bracelets online gemstone gold silver

Bracelets online that compromise on nothing. When you order an online bracelet in gold or 925 silver from Kai Silver, you get a gorgeous jewel that looks awesome and is designed and crafted to be long lasting. Pick from our design collection or send us your own design ideas. All gemstones and all gem combinations ... more

claddagh ring gold or silver

Claddagh rings online, Kaisilver is widely acclaimed as the best source for the historic claddagh ring. With a design based on an extensive study on the 4 century old ring, each Kai Silver claddagh ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made centuries ago. Custom made for men and women ... more

garnet rings

Gold and silver rings crafted with red garnet, spessartite, demantoid, tsavorite or rhodolite garnet. Same superior quality standards for gold and silver rings, pick any gemstone ring from our website and request for it to be crafted with garnet or a gemstone of your choice. Can also work with your design ... more

promise rings online jewelry

Promise rings have special meaning, a custom promise in gold or silver can include your choice of design and gemstone. Kaisilver provides finely crafted promise rings in gold or silver with no limitation on design or gemstone. Online promise rings are finely handcrafted by highly skilled Thai artisans ... more

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Jewelry Online: Kasilver custom made jewelry online  is handcrafted in Thailand and shipped across the globe. While online rings are extremely popular, we are geared to accept and execute online jewelry orders for all types of jewels rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and even cuff links. We deploy the same team of extremely skilled jewelry artisans to craft both, gold and silver jewelry. Very few jewelers craft fine quality silver  jewelry, this explains why most fine silver jewelry buyers, prefer to work with us. You will find numerous designs on our websites, all of which can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. You can also place an order online to have one of your own design ideas, crafted by our team. The gems shown on our online resources, need not restrict your choice - we will gladly procure and custom cut just about any gem that is found on our planet. Each design is researched to ensure that he jewel looks awesome and is also, sturdy enough to withstand long and frequent wear. One of the major factors to influence the durability of a jewel is metal weight, this is precisely why we invest around 40% to 50% more metal (silver or gold) weight than,other jewelers do. 

Rings Online: Ordering a men's or women's ring online from Kaisilver, ensures that the jewel includes all your preferences. More than 90% of the rings sold online are mass produced pieces, quality is often compromised to please mass markets with 'friendly' price tags. Jewelry showrooms online or offline, in most cases work with jewelry producers - the displayed pieces are either borrowed or purchased from the producers. While this is really not bad, it implies that the price that you pay is inflated with multiple layers of commissions and profit margins. When you buy a ring online from Kaisilver, we handle the entire production process that starts from design, gem procurement and cutting, master wax crafting, right up to the metal crafting and gem setting. Our online rings whether in gold or sterling silver, are not made from ready molds and standard catalogs - meticulously handcrafting with attention being given to every detail is the hallmark of all Kai Silver jewelry. Production experts conduct stringent quality checks after each process, the piece moves to the next phase only after quality checks are passed. There is no limitation on design which implies that - you place your online ring order for a design from our website or, send us your own sketch/image. Gemstones are an important part of any jewel and this is clearly seen in our rings. We place no restriction on gem type, shape, size or cut. Gems are sourced directly from leading mining/cutting operators, so no middlemen and no multiple commissions. 

Pendants Online: While choosing a pendant might seem like a easy task, buyers often have a different story to tell. Liking a design but preferring to change the dimensions, picking a different gem or loving a different gem shape or size and even, visualizing a pendant that for some reason is hard to find online. It not rare for a jewelry lover to browse online pendants and not able to find a specific metal or gold color. All these are issues that disappear the moment you, decide to get your pendant online from Kaisilver. Our collection should inspire your choice but, we can also craft online pendants in sterling silver or gold with your own design concept. You could even pick a few pendant designs and request us, to combine specific elements of the design to craft the pendant of your dreams. And like always, you get the superior Kaisilver quality standards for gold or 925 silver pendants ordered online. 

Bracelets Online: These are one type of jewels that, will rarely be worth buying ready made - not that there is a shortage of mass produced bracelets in the market. But tell you what are the true advantages of ordering a bracelet online from Kai Silver. Bracelets are large jewels, they require significant gold or 925 silver weight to make them durable and long lasting. Ready bracelets need to compromise on quality features, this to keep their prices attractive. While bracelet designs are an important aspect, it is true that gemstones are what really bring out the beauty and grace of a bracelet. Ordering an online bracelet in silver or gold from us mean that, the entire piece from end to end - will be crafted to fulfill your design preferences AND also, to ensure that it is durable and long lasting . With a metal weight that is around double of what most jewelers would offer, we ensure that you silver or gold bracelet does not bend or snap at the slightest excuse. When it comes to gemstones for an offline or online bracelet, you are very unlikely to receive the unlimited gem selection options that we provide. And don't forget that your online bracelet order need not be limited to the bracelets shown on our websites - you can request for design modifications or send us your own design sketch or picture. 

Excuse us if this note on bracelets is a big long, there are way too many options and innovative design ideas to ignore. While not all these ideas could be accommodated by most jewelers - it is something that we are well prepared and geared to handle. You can specify the length of the bracelet and what is more interesting is that, we can also customize the width of the bracelet by accommodating the right gemstone sizes. You have an unlimited gemstone choice, you can also mix and match gems in any way that you fancy. Add to this the fact that, the design for your online bracelet is defined by you and, you will understand just where to shop for your bracelet from. 

Earrings Online: Kasilver earrings ordered online offer a great way to get, a pair of good quality earrings. Our earrings are not 'cheap' but, you can rest assured that you get the best material value for the money that you pay. With the entire production process being handled in-house, gems being procured directly from the miners and the absence of expensive showroom rents and sales commissions - Kaisilver prices are loaded with real value and very modest profit margins. Since earrings would quite often need to pair with existing jewels like, necklaces, rings and pendants - coming to us for the earrings is a good idea. Preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones and a team of highly skilled gem cutters, enable us to match gem type, color, shape and cut - with any existing jewels that you might have. 

How To Buy: Every jewel shown on this web page is accompanied by a short paragraph and a link to the detailed report. We do not recommend that, you order an online jewel from us without checking out the complete report. You can always contact our expert team at with any questions that you might have. We custom craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver, with gemstones of your choice. You can even send us your design ideas - we will work together on finalizing price and features. 

Who Is Kaisilver: For over 2 decades we have been serving over 12,000 discerning gem and jewelry lovers across 14 nations. Jewelry ordered online can be crafted in gold or 925 silver with the same superior quality standards. There is no limitation on gem selection for our jewelry, all gems are sourced directly from miners. The designs all jewelry can be picked from our websites or emailed to us by you. Get in touch with us at with any requirements that you might have. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

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