The December Birthstone Tanzanite 

Very likely formed millions of years ago, it is interesting to note that humans first came into contact with tanzanite quite recently - that was around the year 1976. We say recent because, many other gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, garnet and even diamonds - have been known for many centuries. It is not very often that the birthstone charts are edited, so it might come as a surprise to hear that tanzanite is one of the birthstones for the month of December. An important edit to the birthstone charts in the year 2002, designated tanzanite as a December birthstones. By way of information we would like to mention that, the other December birthstones include blue zircon, and blue turquoise. We have come across birthstone charts listing blue topaz as one of the birthstones for December but, there is no official notification to confirm this status for blue topaz. The Kaisilver birth stone chart is included at the bottom of this report, it happens to be one of the preferred birthstone charts for gem and jewelry enthusiasts. 

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With most birthstones having a long history, it is quite common for them to have folklore and traditions attached to them. Tanzanite a gorgeous and rare gem remain hidden from humans for millions of years, and was first identified in 1976. It is therefore no surprise that, the gem has a limited history and is not assigned any traditional meaning. However the rarity of tanzanite, makes it tremendously desirable and justifies its listing on the birthstone charts as a birthstone for December. While diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, garnets and tourmalines - are found at many locations in the world - tanzanite is a one location gemstone. Tanzania is the only nation in the world that conducts, commercial mining for tanzanite. This does not mean that, tanzanite is abundant in Tanzania - it is only a small stretch of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro that, holds all the tanzanite that there is on our planet. 

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So when you talk about the December birthstone tanzanite, the story is about a natural gem that is believed to be a 1,000 times rarer than diamond. We are also talking about an exceptionally gorgeous gem that, is found in just one location on earth. This is what increases the desirability and status of tanzanite, one of the few gemstones that called for an edit of the rarely altered birthstone charts. Add to this the fact that tanzanite is also quite expensive and you would understand why, tanzanite is not a mainstream gem. A great choice for a wedding or engagement ring, the fact is that you really need  not be born in the month of December to enjoy this amazing gemstone. Tanzanite engagement rings can be designed to confirm to a range of budgets, discuss details with our experts on the email provided below this report on tanzanite birthstone rings. 

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A few facts about the December birthstone tanzanite, some of these might be details that most jewelers prefer to remain silent about. Wearing tanzanite reflects your refined tastes for style and jewelry, no doubt about that. But it is important to know that, tanzanite needs a degree of care and attention when being worn, stored and cleaned. Avoid wearing your tanzanite ring or other jewelry studded with tanzanite, in environments where the gem can get hit by physical impact. It is in general not advisable to clean tanzanite gems or jewelry, in an ultrasound cleaner. If cleaning your tanzanite jewels, requires something more complex than what you can handle, take the help of a professional jeweler. Keep tanzanite away from strong detergents or chemicals, this is good advice for all jewelry and not just for jewelry with tanzanite gemstones. 


This report on the December birthstone tanzanite, would not be complete without mentioning how and why, this blue and violet gem was named tanzanite. First found in 1976, tanzanite had its entire marketing strategy worked out by renowned jeweler Tiffany's. Technically speaking tanzanite is gem quality zoisite - the mineral zoisite. When working on marketing plans, the team at Tiffany's realized that the word zoisite, seemed to sound much like the English word 'suicide'! This was the reason why the gemstone was named tanzanite, the name was obviously influenced by the country in which tanzanite was first found. Not wrong to say that, gem quality tanzanite has never been found in any other location - this until today. 


If you happen to be shopping for tanzanite the birthstone for the month of December, here are some important tips on selecting color. Tanzanite is found in a violet-blue color, it is possible to find the December birthstone, with a dominant blue or a dominant violet color element. There was a time when tanzanite gems with a dominant blue tone were preferred but,  that is no longer the case. It is true that all color shades of tanzanite within the violet-blue or blue--violet color range, have their own loyal following. 

Equally important as color is the color saturation level of this December birthstone. A light or pale color shade of tanzanite, would be referred to as low color saturation. A deep colored tanzanite gem would be said to have a high color saturation. Kaisilver stylists recommend tanzanite in the medium color saturated zone. Pale colored tanzanite would not hold much color and most of the light hitting the surface of the gemstone, would quickly pass right through the gem. Picking a low saturation tanzanite December birthstone, would mean that you experience little color and sparkle. Very dark or deep colored tanzanite which is tanzanite with a high color saturation, would absorb most of the light that enters the gem. Picking such a gem would mean that you see a nice blob of color but, little sparkle and glitter. 

To get the best experience from this December birthstone, go for a medium saturated tanzanite gemstone. This is the gem that gives the right display of color, sparkle and life. We would encourage you to communicate with our experts at if, you have an interest in buying a tanzanite gem or a complete jewel with tanzanite gemstones. 


Tanzanite has never ceased to fascinate men and women of all ages, color and race. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why, gem experts thought it wise to add it to the birthstone charts - tanzanite is the birthstone for the festive month of December. It is not uncommon for men to prefer deep or very saturated tanzanite gem colors but, the December birthstone in the medium saturated color range still remains the hot favorite. If you happen to be looking for men's tanzanite gemstone rings, keep in mind that the gem shows a steep price rise (per carat) as the gem size moves above 3 carats. At kaisilver, you could pick any of our men's rings and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver with, tanzanite or any gem of your choice. We can also craft your ring or any other jewel, with a design concept provided by you. 


That tanzanite the birthstone for December is found in just one location on earth is true, also true is the fact that tanzanite is very much rarer than diamonds. Style experts would confirm that, both tanzanite and diamonds are scintillatingly desirable in their own unique ways. The wonderful thing about this December birthstone is that, it pairs  well with diamonds. And no denying the fact that yellow or white gold tanzanite diamond rings, hold a prestigious position in all high end jewelry collections. Our suggestion would be to keep the diamonds limited just to add a small dose of glitter in your tanzanite ring. Putting it simply, let the tanzanite take center stage especially if, you are going for a tanzanite ring to celebrate a December birthday. 


We have referred to tanzanite as one of the December birthstones in this report, a quick note on the other birthstone options for someone born in the month of December. Let us start by  clarifying that blue topaz whether sky blue, swiss blue or london blue topaz - is not considered to be a December birthstone. Two other blue gemstones namely blue turquoise and blue zircon are listed as birthstones for December along with tanzanite. Zircon is a natural gemstone and should not be confused with another factor made stone - going by names like cubic zircon, cubic zirconia or zirconium - this artificial manmade gem is totally different from zircon which is a natural gemstone.  


Whether it is a tazanite jewel in gold or silver or any other gemstone, we encourage you to discuss details with our experts at - do not be in a hurry to rush your order. Each item shown on this webpage, has a link to the complete report. Remember that most jewelers do not care to provide such detailed information to jewelry lovers, so spend some time understanding the information related to the item that interests you. 

You could pick any jewel from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver, with your choice of gemstones. We can also craft a gold or silver jewel based, on your own design idea. There are no restrictions on gemstones or designs - both gold and silver, have the same fine workmanship. Your gem choice need not be limited to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. 


Leading the high end online custom made jewelry sector for the past 2 decades, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 clients located in 15 nations. A team of superbly skilled artisans, gem cutters, designers, gem experts and production experts in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry. The same attention to details will be given for both, gold and silver jewelry. 

Networked to major gem mining and cutting locations across the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This explains why we your gem selection is not constrained to any specified collection of gemstones. Rest assured that we consistently deliver the best gemstone, at each price point. No middlemen and no brokers or agents, we source gemstones directly from the mines and originating sources. Get in touch with us at if you have any queries or requirements, related to gemstones and jewelry. We will be glad to help even if, you purchase nothing from us. 


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