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The MH-02 men's ring from Kaisilver is a high end jewel, this will be true irrespective of whether you order the men's cross ring in gold or silver. Men prefer to wear simple wedding rings, this is something that keeps the demand for men's bands at a consistently high level. So if you are interested in wearing a men's cross wedding band ring, Kaisilver should be your only choice. Expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand, the cross ring for men ships globally. Since each ring is fully custom made, all design modifications are possible. You could for example define the width of the band, or choose a different engraving in front of the ring. The ring is sturdy and stylish, no metal scooping inside the band of the ring, the MH-02 men's ring is supported by an optimized metal weight. 

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Fine craftsmanship and a hefty metal (gold weight) are the hallmarks of this men's wedding band ring. Kaisilver jewelry in general weighs around, 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers would provide for similar designs. So when you make a price comparison between Kaisilver men's rings and rings from other sources, make sure that you evaluate all the features and not just the price. Should mention here that, the silver or gold men's cross band ring would have the same superior standards. Very few high end jewelers can make this claim but,, we are committed to maintain our high standards irrespective of the metal or gemstone that you select. 

Highlights Of The MH-02 Ring:

  • The ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold - or 925 silver. 
  • Gold and sterling silver rings have the same premium standards.
  • All jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand. 
  • The band width is in the 9mm to 10mm range. Can be customized to your preference.
  • The ring can be ordered in all ring sizes and all band widths. 
  • The cross motif etching on the ring, can be changed to any motif of your choice. 
  • The ring has a weight of around 25 to 35 grams. Larger rings need more weight. 
  • Equal importance to external appearance and long term durability. 
  • We can craft a unique jewel for you based on your own design concept. 


Request for 10k gold price quote. Yellow, white and pink gold options available in 10k, 14k and 18k gold. We recommend no plating for your silver ring but, the final decision is yours. Any plating done on silver will wear off after a while.

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The design for every Kaisilver jewel is thoroughly researched before being finalized. Notice that the MH-02 men's wedding band, has a slight barrel style curve. This adds a dose of sophistication to the ring - the feature does demand a higher metal weight especially because, there is no metal scooping done inside the band. The design is streamlined with no pointed edges or corners, this adds to the durability of the jewel. Protruding or pointed design features in a jewel, are more likely to get damaged by physical impact. The ring is crafted as a men's cross wedding band, the cross is etched into the metal. The etching is partial meaning that, it does not cut through the metal. But if you prefer to have the design of your men's ring modified and have, the cross cut right through the metal, let us know and we can do that for you. It is also possible to order the same men's ring with no etching, this would be a simple plain band with high quality workmanship. And since this is a custom made men's wedding band, the etching can be decided by you - so your options are not limited to a cross. You could for example have a lightning or yin yang motif, etched into your ring. A men's ring with an initial etched into the metal would also be great, the options are really endless. You could even change the design concept for your men's cross ring and request for, a gem or diamond to be embedded in the band. We could even craft a unique jewel for you, based on your own design ideas. Browse through more Kaisilver Band Rings For Men, to gain some design inspiration. 


Most jewelers would make a ring similar to MH-02 with a metal weight of 15 to 18 grams. The idea is to flash a 'friendly' price tag and pull a wider buyer base. A Kaisilver men's ring is custom made for a specific buyer, we do not see the need to compromise on quality and focus on a low price tag. The men's cross wedding band shown on this webpage, would have a metal weight of around 25 to 35 grams. This weight is estimated based on a ring size of around 8 to 10 and a band width of around, 9mm to 10mm. The band width of the ring and the ring size can be specified by you, and we will inform you about the estimated  ring weight before, the order is confirmed with payment. As would be evident from Kaisilver big rings section, we are geared to handle ring size requirements up to US size 15 or even 16. While the durability of a men's wedding ring would not depend entirely, on the metal weight of the ring - the weighs is significantly influences durability. 


Each men's ring in gold or silver is meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand. These highly skilled artisans have been, crafting fine jewelry for over a decade. The dedication and concentration that goes to craft each men's cross ring is clearly visible, in the quality of the jewel. Repeating that the same premium standards are maintained for men's rings or other jewels - in gold or silver. While it is true that using mechanized production methods and reducing metal weight, would deliver cheaper rings for men - Kaisilver is all about premium quality, the focus is not on gaining a mass market. We craft your men's ring in gold or silver just for you - no attempt to compromise on quality and no need to compromise on quality. 


The MH-02 men's cross wedding band ring, can be ordered in gold or silver. An interesting fact is that, Kaisilver sees a growing interest in silver rings for men. Besides the more affordable price as compared to gold rings, 925 silver rings also have a confident and classic appeal - men seem to be impressed by this. Strongly suggest that you leave your men's silver ring un-plated simply because, any plating done on silver will wear off after a while. When this happens the ring would start tarnishing in patches and this, makes it very challenging to clean and polish the jewel. Leave your men's silver wedding band unpolished and clean it the moment tarnish starts to appear. This will be much more manageable and something that you can do on your own. You can review the Kaisilver cleaning silver jewelry report, for more information on the subject. 

And if you are looking for a men's gold wedding band ring, specify your choice for 10k, 14k or 18k gold. The price table mentions the price for 14k and 18k men's rings, email us at if you need a price quote for a 10k men's ring. We would recommend a 14k men's wedding ring as 14k gold, provides the right balance between hardness and gold content. Having said that, we leave the final decision to you. Besides making a choice of an18k, 10k or 14k men's cross ring, you can also specify white, yellow or pink gold. 


The cross ring as shown in the image has a band width of 9mm to 10mm (1cm). Since each men's ring is fully custom made - you could request for a band width ranging from 5mm to 111mm. No doubt that the price of your men's cross wedding band ring, would be influenced by the band width selection and the ring (finger) size. The price table shown on this webpage is therefore an estimation, you will be quoted the actual price once we have all the details specifically related to your ring. Just keep in mind that the thickness of the metal, would need be optimized for the ring size and the band width. Insufficient metal could result in lower thickness something that, would make the ring prone to bending and denting. 

Allowing you to customize the band width for your ring, has some real advantages. As an example, you could choose the MH-02 cross ring design for a pair of wedding bands. This is where the 'his and her' wedding rings, have the same design concept. Style experts believe that, wearing a pair of wedding bands improves matrimonial bonds. Not getting into any debate on that but, keeping the same theme for a pair of wedding rings does sound awesome. 'His' wedding band could have a band width of around 8mm and 'her' wedding band, could keep the band width at 5mm. These are merely suggestions and the final choice will always be yours. 


We keep harping about the 100% customization that Kaisilver provides for all custom made jewelry. This is a powerful feature and you should take advantage of it. We spoke about band width in the above paragraph, something that could enable you to have a pair of awesome and sturdy cross wedding bands. Choosing gold (10k, 14k or 18k) or silver and getting the same high quality standards, is another customizable feature. The MH-02 is shown here with no texture on the surface of the ring, you could request for a dull or slightly hammered finish, or a tree bark texture. No limitation on textures as long as you could clearly describe what you want. We referred to the ring as a cross wedding band for men but, you have the option to request for any other motif to be etched on the ring - instead of the cross. 

Consider including a gemstone or diamond in your wedding band, contact our experts at the email address provided below. And if there is something totally different that you have in mind, let us know and we will work on the details and finalize a price quote for the same. 


You obviously expect a high end men's ring to keep in stay in shape for many long years ahead. Kaisilver experts share your desire and ensure that, your men's wedding band does not deform or dent easily. As a plain band ring with no gemstone or diamond, the MH-02 is easy to maintain, the good metal weight ensures that the ring keeps it shape and condition for a long time. As mentioned earlier, the metal weight of the cross band ring is optimized based on the band width and the ring size. We have therefore eliminated  the presence of low metal thickness.  

A final word about durability of any jewel and not just this men's wedding band is that,  jewelry should not be worn in environments where, it can be struck by physical impact. Exposing your jewelry to strong chemicals and detergents is not recommended. You are welcome to seek advice from our experts if, you need any help on cleaning your gold or silver men's ring. 


If you wish to order a men's ring or any other jewel from us, discuss all your requirements with the team at - we will be glad to help. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. Each jewel is fully custom made and can therefore, include all your preferences. Taking the MH-02 men's cross wedding band as an example - you could specify the choice of metal (gold or silver), the band width, the ring size and the cross or any other motif to be etched into the ring. You can also send us your own design concepts to be custom made. 

Since each jewel is completely custom made and finely handcrafted, there is a 3 to 4 week production lead time from, the date of ordering and receipt of payment. We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer and Western Union as modes of payment. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. You can let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we, will provide details for the same. 


This is one of the first questions that would come to your mind before you place an order with us, and very rightly so. When it comes to gems and jewelry it is important to value and evaluate the jeweler before valuing the jewels. While it is sad that most jewelers are in the business for a quick buck, the best way to do this business is to build relationships based on trust and reputation. Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. Our policy is to educate and inform buyers about various issues related to gemstones and jewelry. We always place ourselves on the buyer's side and provide frank and honest suggestions. Over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers from 15 nations, rely on Kaisilver for all their requirements. 

The expertise of our support team extends to gem production, fashion trends, designing and jewelry production. This expertise is made available to everyone, you need not make any purchase to get the benefit of our experience and knowledge. Email any issue or doubt that you might have to Our support team will analyze your requirements and come up with suitable suggestions.

We are the only custom jewelry provider to accept all jewelry orders in gold and silver. Most jeweler prefer not to produce single piece silver jewelry due to the small profit margins. And even if you do find a jeweler to produce a custom silver jewel for you, rest assured that the jewel will not be given the same attention and customization features as a gold jewel. At Kaisilver we welcome orders in gold and silver, the quality of design, gemstones and craftsmanship remains the same for both metal options. By using the same team of designers, gem cutters, craftsmen and quality control experts for gold and silver custom jewelry in Thailand, we prove our commitment to quality irrespective of the metal used. Our gem stone procurement covers leading gem manufacturers in all gem mining locations. This gives us direct access to over 200 million carats of quality gems. This is the reason why our clients always end up getting the best gemstone at each price point. 


Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am very excited and overwhelmed to receive my ring and earrings. The ring is EXACTLY the same as the one that was stolen and I never thought I could replace it exactly, even to the spinal effect of the stones.It was very kind of you to take the trouble and time, and allow me to take the time to describe exactly what I wanted.The result is the ring is perfectly the same and the earrings match so well, just like the ones I lost. I do thank you so much. Your service and products have been excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.  Reading the comments of other people you must be very pleased with the pleasure you give to your customers, when they receive your products. Please use me for publicity if you wish. Thank you also for your good wishes and blessing.Thank you and God bless ...... Patricia Dodd. more.

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