Rings For Mother

The meaning of a mother's ring is quite straightforward, it is a ring that would be worn by a wonderful mother - somewhere across the globe. And what is the best ring that you should choose for your mother. What are typical mother's rings designs. Let's unravel all these issues in this report, we will also introduce you to some gorgeous design ideas for a mothers rings. Just remember that it is the thought of gifting something to your mother that matters, mothers are selfless and will always be so. And talking about mothers ring designs, there really is nothing that you need to restrict yourself too. Keep reading this report and we will together, make a memorable journey. 

heart mothers ring claddagh

This is a legendary jewel considered to be the most meaningful jewel in history. Symbolizing love, togetherness and faithfulness - the love in the claddagh ring is not limited to matrimonial relationships. Finely crafted by skilled Thai artisans in gold or 925 silver, all gem options. Get to know all about  the 4 century old claddagh ring ... more

mother ring 3,5,4,6 stones

A 3, 4, 5 or 6 stone mothers ring design concept. The ring could showcase the birthstones of all family birthstones. Sturdy rounded prongs ensure that, the prongs do not snag or scratch delicate scan. You could also have the names of all family members etched inside your mothers ring. Yellow, white, pin gold or 925 sterling silver - all sizes ... more

When Is The Right Time: The time when most people buy gifts for their mother is on Mothers Day. The US celebrates Mothers Day on the second Sunday in the month of May. Kaisilver gets a large number of orders for mothers rings starting in the month of April. Clients obviously want to get a custom ring and receive it in time for the actual day. It is our opinion that, everyday is the right day to show gratitude to a mother - really no need to wait for any special day. It is also common for a mother's day ring to be gifted to mark a birthday. 

mother ring 4 stone

Shown as a 4 gems stone mother's ring, the ring has a very classic and organic look. You choose the gemstone type, shape and size - could mix a shapes and sizes in the ring. 4 Shown as a mothers 4 stone ring in 14k gold, the antique design look would look gorgeous in 925 silver as well. The dimensions of the ring can be customized ... more.   

mothers ring gold or silver

Modest dimensions, not very bulky a securely mounted center gemstone - the amazing glitter of natural diamonds. A perfect mothers ring, choose her favorite gemstone or pick her birthstone. Comfort is of high importance when it comes to a ring for mother, the design fulfills that requirement perfectly. In gold or 925 silver ... more

Plain Or Gemstone: Should you pick a mothers ring with a sparkling gem or diamond or, should you go for a simple ring with no gems or diamonds. This is once again something that, you should decide on your own. No need to be tied down by conventions, what others are doing or even what you did last year. A plain ring for a mother, could be a simple band - you could have it etched (inside or outside) with a short meaningful message. Something like 'THE BEST MOM' or 'love you MOM' would be awesome. It is even possible to create motifs from the alphabets in the word MOM and make them a part of your mothers ring. We will talk about gemstone and diamond rings for mothers in paragraphs that follow. 

mothers ring gold or silver

The timeless classic, the Kaisilver mother's ring that has been highly sought after for a couple of decades. A center oval gemstone of your choice, flanked by 2 pear shaped gems. You pick all 3 gems. The mothers ring is shown with, a star sapphire in the center and a white topaz on either side. A classic design for a 925 silver ... more

mother ring gemstone ruby

A rare and expensive gemstone ruby, for this single gem mothers ring. Though not absolutely necessary, the ring has a natural diamond flashing its beauty on either side of the gemstone. Not a bulky ring but, still very sturdy and long lasting. Ruby symbolizes love and affection, you could pick mums favorite gem for the ring ... more

Design Selection: We mentioned right in the first paragraph that, design selection for mothers rings is not restricted to any specific style or design elements. But what we will talk here covers issues beyond, external appearance of the ring - we cover issues relating to comfort, safety and durability. A  bulky or broad mother's ring could be uncomfortable to wear for long durations. Having said that, you surely do not want to go for a mothers ring design, that is flimsy and easily damaged. A ring that has the gem or diamond mounted with a high  profile where, it protrudes far beyond the surface of the ring is likely to get damaged. Protruding gems and design elements, are prone to getting hit by hard surfaces and objects. Gems like emerald and opaque, require an additional dose of care when being worn, cleaned and stored. Keep this in mind when choosing the gemstone for your mothers ring. The simpler and less cluttered the design for a mother's ring, the easier it would be to wear and care for the jewel. 

pink sapphire ring

Explore all gemstones when  making a decision to go for this white gold mothers ring, customized mothers ring with all gem options in 10k, 14k or 18k gold or sterling silver. Comfortable to wear and not very heavy and cluttered. For a sapphire gemmothers ring - choose from yellow, white, pink,  green, orange or blue sapphire ... more

ring for mother customized

A nice band ring choose a tapered band width if this is for a mothers ring. The design can accommodate 3 to 6 stones of your choice. An elegant design that combines timeless and contemporary design elements. A sprinkling of diamonds to add a dash of luxury. All gold colors, great for a silver mothers ring, custom in all sizes ... more

Choosing Gemstones: We recommend natural gemstones for a mothers ring, so let's leave out look-alikes and lab created substitutes. In this paragraph, we will provide random ideas on choosing gems and diamonds for a mothers ring. Some of those ideas will then be covered in detail in subsequent paragraphs. The most common way to select gems for a mother's ring is to pick moms favorite color. When choosing this option, remember that the same basic color could be represented in more than one gem type. Communicate with Kaisilver support (details below), to get some ideas and suggestions on the gem color issue. Picking a ring for mom would be simpler if, you she adores a specific gemstone - in such a case, try to stay with that gem as far as possible. Mother's birthstone rings are another option, pick her birthstone based on the month in which she was born. We will get into more details about family birthstone rings lower down in this report. These are rings that include birthstones of all family members - obviously a jewel with intense meaning and significance. 

mother ring birthstone

Never forget comfort when choosing a design for a mothers ring, the RG220N scores high on that point. The design can be customized to include 5,4 or 3 stones. Everything about this ring is customizable including the number, size and type of gemstones. A column of diamonds on either end of the gemstone row. All gem combinations ... more

gold ring mothers

The convenience and durability factor of the RG215D can never be doubted. A very simple design, a center gem of your choice bordered with metal (gold or silver). Add meaning to this mothers ring with a short message etched inside the band. The band width, size and shape of the gem and the gem type - as per your choice ... more

Gems By Color or Type: You most probably know mom's favorite color or more specifically, the gemstone color that she seems to enjoy. When choosing a gem for mothers ring based on color preference, it helps to know about the range of gems that have the same base color. This can often help you pick a gem that is more affordable, larger or even more durable. For example mothers rings with green gems, could be crafted with jade, peridot, green tourmaline, emerald, crysophrase etc. The interesting thing is that peridot and tourmaline, are more affordable than emerald and are also easier to maintain. Choosing a reputed jeweler like Kai Silver, will ensure that you have all the advise and guidance that you need - with zero sales hype and pressure. 

Now talking about the preference for specific gems like ruby, citrine, emerald, diamond etc. A mother's  gemstone ring with a specific gem preference, could make things a bit easier. Having said that, you will still need to handle issues related to gemstone cost, durability and design suitability. For example, choosing a big gemstone ring for your mother, with a gem preference like ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond - would mean a significantly high price tag. Just keep in mind that our experts are always ready to handle your questions, this even if you buy nothing from us. 

silver ring mothers ring cat also in gold

Mothers and cats always seem to rhyme, the cutest sterling silver cat ring that you will find. Beautiful depiction on natures adorable creation. A center gemstone, a very open and airy design for this mothers ring. Crafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand, gold or 925 silver and no limitation on gem selection. Review details ... more

white gold mothers ring

A spectacular ring for mother, consider a single color gem or add a splash of color. Combine the gems of your choice, the flower motif never ceases to please the eye. Combine ruby and sapphire - different sapphire colors or open your mind to the whole range of natural gemstones. Diamonds alternate the petals and the center ... more.

Mother's Birthstone Rings: We now come to birthstone rings for mom, a very interesting and meaningful concept when choosing a gift for that most precious person in your life. The birthstone charts should help you choose the right birthstone for her ring. Since Kaisilver places no restriction on design, it is possible to customize a ring to bring it as close as possible to your budget. We can also custom make a mother ring based on your own design idea. 

While talking about birthstone rings, we should mention family birthstone rings - they take the concept of birthstone rings to the next level. This ring would basically include the birthstone of each family member. It is not uncommon for mothers, to place an order for such a ring at Kai Silver - this need not always be purchased as a gift. A father could purchase a family birthstone ring for his wife, the mother of his children.  Having said that it is most often, the grown up children in the family that pool resources and  gift a family birthstone ring to their mother. You could choose any multi gemstone ring and request for it to be crafted with the birthstones of your choice. 

Gold Or Silver: With Kai Silver maintaining the same superior quality standards for both, gold and silver jewelry - the choice of gold or silver for your mothers ring is entirely up to you. A silver mother's ring would quite obviously carry a lower price tag as compared to a similar ring crafted in gold. And you would need to arrange a bigger budget, if you wanted to gift a gold ring to your mother. We provide options for 10k, 14k and 18k gold rings, each of these gold colors can be ordered in yellow, white or pink gold. The prices tables generally quote 14k and 18k gold, you can request for a price quote if you would like to have a 10k mothers ring. 

It is true that a silver ring would tarnish and require an occasional cleanup, this would not be the case if the ring was made in gold. And don't you fall for the talk about getting a plated silver ring - with the claim that it would prevent tarnish formation. The truth is that no plating done on silver, will last forever. It will peel off after a while and this will not happen uniformly. In this patchy condition, cleaning and polishing the ring would be a challenge. So if you prefer a sterling silver ring for your mother, leave it un-plated. Cleaning the ring would be far easier as and when the need arises. 

Still on the topic of silver rings, we would like to make an important point. There are some rings that have a classic design. The Claddagh ring a 4 century old legend, the Kaisilver RG150 ring or the RG237 ring are good examples. If you order such rings for your mother, the concept done in silver seems to have a much better look. You can review such designs in the above portion of this report. 

Kaisilver Ring Highlights

  • Custom made in gold or 925 silver, same superior quality standards. 
  • Each ring is handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand.
  • Design can be modified, we can also work with your own design. 
  • No restriction on gemstone, all gem combinations are possible. 
  • Rings are optimized in terms of metal (gold or silver) weight. 
  • Highly skilled artisans in Thailand, work on all Kai Silver orders. 
  • We craft rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. 
  • Each ring is fully custom made, all ring sizes available. 

How To Buy: We provided complete details for each product shown on our website. Each ring shown on this web page has a link to a complete report page, it is extremely unlikely that you would come across any jeweler who cares and dares, to discuss details that we do. Read the report, request for any modification that you might need - discuss with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com they will be glad to help. Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase, make sure that you have all the information that you need. There is no limitation on gemstone, the design can be yours or ours. All jewelry can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, the same superior quality standards are maintained for both metals. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand, we today serve over 12,000 clients across 15 nations. A team of highly skilled jewelry and gem specialists, finely handcraft each jewel. We craft rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and cuff links in gold or sterling silver - your design or ours. Networked to most reputed gem mining and cutting operations in the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Your choice of gems or design is not limited to what you see on our website, we will gladly craft a unique jewel for you with your own design sketch or image. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to assist you on any issue related to gems and  jewelry. 

birthstone chart