Custom Rings Gold Or Silver

Rings are surely the most popular type of jewelry, this because both men and women of all ages seem to like wearing a ring. It is not uncommon for jewelry lovers to build an entire ring collection of their own. Unless you happen to be a hardcore fan of either gold or silver rings, Kaisilver experts suggest that you include both metals in your jewelry collection. It is quite true to say that most jewelers, give secondary importance and low attention to sterling silver jewelry - lower profit margins have a big role to play here. Fortunately at Kaisilver we maintain the same superior standards for both gold and silver rings - this is true of all the custom jewelry that we craft. You could pick any jewel from our websites or send us your own designs, select gold or silver as the metal and let us know your preferred gems and diamonds. Email us at if you have any queries related to gemstones and jewelry, we are here to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

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band ring for men and women

Band rings are fine for both men and women. Being fully customized and expertly handcrafted by Kaisilver Thailand, all features of silver and gold bands can be customized for band width, ring size and even the surface texture. More details for RG230 ... more

custom aquamarine gemstone ring

Custom made as a gold or silver gemstone ring, shown with an aquamarine gemstone and diamonds. Expertly handcrafted at Kaisilver Thailand and shipped globally. Customizable and with all gem options, perfect for an engagement or wedding gemstone ring ... more

etched ring silver or gold custom made

Etched bands provide an interesting option for band rings. The RG234 band ring is shown with an ivy creeper style design all around the band. You could have an etching of your choice like the peace symbol, the yin yang or lightning symbol etc ... more

When building a ring collection, keep the purpose or the occasion for which the ring would be worn in mind. Budgets are generally allocated based on purpose, give importance to quality and durability - the rush for low prices can be disappointing in the long term as, cheaper jewelry almost always involves a compromise of quality standards.

Fair to say that men are far more careless as compared to women, when it comes to caring about their rings and other jewelry! While we do not encourage carelessness, we do believe that adding advanced features to improve durability - might be a good thing when it comes to men's rings. 

The style and designs for men's and women's rings, will depend on personal preference but well researched designs will in general deliver rings that are more comfortable to wear and long lasting. Gemstones and diamonds can add to the price of a ring, it is quite common for the value of diamonds and gemstones in a gold ring, to be worth much more than the gold or even platinum in the jewel. 


All Kaisilver jewelry including gold and silver rings, are meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled artisans at Kaisilver Thailand. We ship across the globe and remain, the leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry - this for close to 3 decades now. The design for rings can be yours or ours, we can also modify the features of our rings to suit your preference. You have a choice of gold and silver to choose from, both metal options are crafted to the same high standards. There are no restrictions on gem selection, you can request for a gemstone not mentioned or shown on our websites. 


Fine jewelry like that crafted by Kaisilver, was never seemed to be purchased in a rush. Before you move to the order confirmation and payment phase, email us your requirements at we will get back with a detailed reply, you can ask as many questions as you wish without, feeling obligated to make any purchase. Remember that, we can craft a ring or any other jewel, based on your design or ours. We can also accommodate requests for modification of design features to match your preferences. 

The team will inform you about the payment and shipping options once, we have all the necessary information to make a purchase decision. While we will be absolutely happy to craft your jewelry for you, we will have no problem if you choose another jeweler to work with. All that we aim to do is to keep you fully informed to make the right decision. We will not pressurize you into placing an order with us. 


When it comes to high end custom jewelry online, Kaisilver Thailand has been the leading provider for over 2 decades. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks etc in gold or silver. The same superior standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry, we ship globally. By staying closely networked to gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is why we place absolutely no limitation on your choice of gemstones. 

We can craft jewelry based on your design or ours, the design features of our jewelry can be modified to suit your requirements. You can email your queries to us at and also include your own designs. 


Hello, i recieved the ring this morning, excellent timing. And she absolutly loved it. I just want to thank you for all the help, care and time youve given me and put into this process. Its been a pleasure. Thanks again and happy belated new year to you and yours. Only a week off i think =) my very best Mr.Brennan Kenefick, U.S.A ... more

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