Rings For Men And Women 

Rings have been worn for centuries but, they were not as stylish, colorful and pricey as we know them to be today. Historians have reason to believe that, the first rings were made from seaweed and thread, they then moved to being made of wood. Metal rings came much later when humans learnt how to melt metal and shape it. Kaisilver gold and silver rings today can be crafted with no limitation on design or gemstones. Jewelry is a symbol of style and status, it often has a special meaning to the wearer. Crafted by highly skilled jewelry artisans in Thailand, each ring is designed and made to look gorgeous and be durable enough for prolonged use. Equal quality standards are maintained for gold and silver rings, the design can be picked from our websites or provided by you. 

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sapphire gold ring with gemstone

A claddagh gold ring handcrafted by Thailand's finest artisans. Available in gold and sterling silver with all gemstone options. First made more than 4 centuries ago, the ring is regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Available in all ring sizes ... more

band ring emerald

A classy band ring shown with emeralds. You can choose the gems for the MAN71H ring, all gem combinations are possible. The design can be made suited for men and women by customizing the gem size and band width of the ring - in all sizes ... more

Custom sapphire ring shown in white gold with diamonds. You can order a gold or sterling silver ring for men or women, with the gemstones of your choice. This ring can be ordered with a combination of gemstones and is finely handcrafted in all ring sizes ... more

rings for men gold or silver

Rings for men finely handcrafted in Thailand, expert artisans work on each gold or 925 silver ring. You choose the design or send us your own design concept, there is no limitation on gem selection. A blue sapphire ring for men, all ring sizes available ... more.

diamond gold ring

A diamond gold band with a princess cut diamond.You can order the ring in white, yellow or pink gold and sterling silver. The center square gem can be selected by you. The optimized metal weight ensures a sturdy gold band ring, long lasting and durable ... more

rings for men bands

Band rings for men are very popular as wedding bands but, you can wear these impressive jewels for just about any occasion. Kaisilver offers men's band rings in gold and sterling silver. There is no limitation on gem or diamond, can also work with your design ... more

ring for men with sapphire

Rings for men are best ordered as custom pieces. Ready made rings cater to mass markets and are generally compromise on features - the idea being to display attractive price tags. This gemstone ring for men is available with all gem options ... more

pink sapphire ring

When ordering a sapphire ring from Kaisilver, you can choose a pink, green, yellow, blue or green sapphire gemstone. Each gem is meticulously inspected before being custom cut. An authentication is done by an independent gem testing lab ... more.  

Gold Ring Notes: When people talk about a gold ring, reference is generally made to a ring crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k yellow gold. You could in reality have a white, yellow or pink/rose gold ring. Being too soft to make durable jewelry in its purest form, gold is alloyed with metals to increase its harness. Metals that are added to gold can impart a color to the resulting alloy. The proportion of gold to other other metals present in the alloy, define the 10k, 14k and 18k standards that we hear about. To keep the explanation simple and non-technical you should know that, 10k gold is harder than 14k gold but has a lower gold content as compared to 14k gold. Similarly 14k gold is harder than 18k gold but has a lower gold percentage as compared to 18k gold. When ordering a gold ring, you would specify the 'k' value of the gold - aim for a gold alloy that has an optimum balance between gold content and hardness. At Kaisilver we recommend 14k gold rings but, leave the final choice to you. It is important that the 3 gold colors (yellow, white and pink), have the same degree of hardness and gold content when, compared within a specific 'k' value. So if you hear something like, 14k white gold is less durable as compared to 14k yellow gold - it is a wrong notion. 

Not all gold rings have gems or diamonds but, these natural stones can add beauty, status and meaning to a ring. Gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds have been known for centuries. Wearing a gold ring with these gems is a status symbol, rings with these gems can often involve a gem cost that is higher than the value of the gold in the ring. Some gems are more expensive than others, not all gems have the same level of durability and hardness. These are factors that you will need to consider when you order a ring with a gemstone. 

Ring Durability: This is one aspect of the ring that a buyer should really not have to worry about - simply put, it is the responsibility of the jeweler. Unfortunately extremely few jewelers really care about how, your ring would appear or last once they have sold it to you and received your money. This is a short paragraph but at the end of this, you will be aware of essential features that go to influence the long term durability of a gold or 925 silver ring. The design of the ring has an important role to play, this is where the type of gem setting used, the elimination of pointed and sharp edges etc would be handled. Metal weight is undoubtedly one of the prime factors that defines, just how well your ring will keep over the years and decades. Lowered metal weight results in thinner metal sections, this makes a ring prone to deformation and denting. You should know that Kaisilver rings are generally crafted with a metal weight, that is around 40% to 60% more than what other jewelers would provide for similar designs. Two rings might appear very similar externally, in reality one could weigh half of what the other does - the lighter one will generally have lower durability. Some gems are more durable as compared to others, having said that the right type of design and gem mounting and a skilled gem setter - can significantly up the durability of a gemstone ring. Before we end this paragraph you should know that, no matter how tough and durable your ring is - it should never be exposed to areas where it can be struck by physical impact. You do not want to wear your gold or silver ring in environments where, it could be exposed to strong heat or chemicals. If you plan to buy a ring from Kaisilver, make sure that you request the team  at  sales@kaisilver.com   for tips on maintaining, wearing, storing and caring for your ring. We will be glad to advice even if, you happen to buy your ring from another jeweler. 

How To Order: Below each item shown on this web page is a short note and a link, the link will take you to a complete report page. Details for gem options, pricing and metal details will be available in the full report. You could pick any jewel from our website and request for it to be crafted in sterling silver or gold with, your choice of gemstones. You can also send us your own design idea to be custom made. Our support exports will glad to provide any clarification or advice that you might need, email them at  sales@kaisilver.com  and you will have a detailed reply as soon as possible. If you would like to have us call you on the phone - detail your requirements in the email, include your phone number and location. Mention the time suitable for you to receive the call. The call charges will be borne by us, we are fine if you ultimately choose to buy nothing from us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver handcrafts all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver. The designs can be yours or ours, both gold and 925 silver jewels are crafted to the same superior standards. Over 12,000 quality conscious jewelry lovers spread over 15 nations, rely on us for all their gem and jewelry requirements. Being networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations across the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you always get the best gemstone at the price point that you spend. Your gem selection need not be limited to what is shown on our website. We will gladly procure and custom  cut just about any gem that you prefer. Get in touch with our team at  sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or requirements. 

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