Gemstone Rings Women And Men 

Gemstone rings offer a great way to express yourself, both men and women love to wear rings with gems that they love. It really goes beyond likes and preferences, rings are often worn with gems that have a special meaning or significance. Rare gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds are a status symbol. In the old days, these gems were often reserved for royals and aristocrats. We live in a time when style, trends and fashion are taken seriously! And gem stone rings play a part in expressing our style statement. In this report we talk about both gold and silver rings with gemstones. The amazing thing about buying a Kaisilver ring with gems is that, we place absolutely no restriction on gem selection. Preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems from across the globe ensures that, you always get the best gem at each price point. 

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gemstone heart ring claddagh

Heart gemstone rings are a symbol of love and true love, need not be limited to matrimonial relationships. Symbolizing love, togetherness and loyalty, the 4 century old claddagh ring is one of the best heart gem stone rings that you will find. Finely crafted in gold and 925 silver with no limitation on gem. Review this amazing jewel ... more

Square gemstones lend a sophisticated touch to both gold and silver rings. When choosing the ring design for  square gem ring, make sure that the gemstone is firmly mounted and the sharp corners protected from physical impact. The RG184 ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, your choice of gemstone. Check our more details at ... more.  

sapphire gemstone ring gold or silver

When choosing a Kai Silver gemstone ring for men or women, you have a choice of gold or 925 silver. Both metal options would be finely handcrafted to the same premium standards. For your gold gemstone ring, pick white, yellow or pink gold - and pick the gemstone of your choice. Each ring is fully custom made, all ring sizes available ... more

gemstone ring for men

A sturdy gemstone ring for men, shown with a citrine gemstone. Kaisilver rings with gemstones are finely handcrafted in gold and sterling silver. When ordering a ring from us, choose the gem of your choice. We place no restriction on gem selection for silver and gold rings. Each ring is fully custom made in Thailand, in all ring sizes ... more

ring gemstone mother

A gemstone ring for mothers is a perfect example of how, versatile and meaningful the selection of a gem stone ring can be. Mother's rings in gold or silver can have an unlimited choice of gems, when you order from Kaisilver. Gems can be selected based on preference of color or type, you could even choose a multi gem familybirthstone ring ... more

promise  rings for men and women

While there is no reason why plain or gemstone promise rings, cannot be worn by both men and women - it is generally women who wear these meaningful jewels. The design of a gemstone promise ring can be decided by you. There is no specific ring design that is classified as a promise ring. Review our promise rings at  ... more

gemstone claddagh ring

Gemstone rings can have both beauty and meaning. The claddagh gemstone  ring from Kaisilver, can be crafted with the gemstone of your choice. If you prefer to have a tourmaline gemstone ring, pick from green or pink tourmaline. There is no restriction on gem selection and both, gold and silver rings have the same superior standards ... more

tanzanite diamond rings

A gorgeous collection of gemstone rings, showcasing the rare and gorgeous tanzanite gemstone. Procured directly from the miners in Tanzania, the only location where the gem is found - Kaisilver gem cutters in Thailand, meticulously custom cut each gem. Includes custom tanzanite diamond rings for men and women ... more

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my birthstone

Selecting A Gemstone

Talking about a gemstone ring in silver or gold from Kaisilver is based entirely on your choice. With an unlimited selection of gems to choose from, the idea of picking a specific gem that suits your style and budget can be a daunting task. Fortunately we have an excellent support team, that includes top experts from every segment of the gems and jewelry industry. You can communicate with them, ask as many questions as you wish and then take a decision. We are not sales centric and will be perfectly okay, if you ultimately choose to shop at another jeweler. 

Gems By Color: A very popular option for choosing a gemstone ring is color. The scintillating world of natural gems includes just about any color that you can imagine. Prices, base colors, durability and color shades vary widely - this is where working with a jewelry provider that is knowledgeable and willing to share expertise, comes in handy. A few examples of gem options for some popular gemstone colors:

  • Red Gems: Ruby, rubelite (reddish pink tourmaline), red garnet, red spinel, rhodolite (raspberry red) garnet, bixbite (red beryl).
  • Green Gems: Emerald, peridot, demantoid, tsavorite, chrome diopside, green jade, green tourmaline, moldavite, malachite, chrysoprase, green sapphire.
  • Blue Gems: Sapphire, blue topaz (3 shades), blue topaz, blue tourmaline (indicolite), blue spinel, kyanite, blue zircon (natural), iolite, tanzanite, turquoise, aquamarine, blue apatite.
  • Pink Gems: Pink tourmaline, pink sapphire, pink spinel, pink opal, pink quartz, pinkish rhodolite garnet.
  • Orange Gems: Orange sapphire, fire opal, carnelian.
  • Black: Black onyx, black spinel, black tourmaline, black sapphire, black star sapphire.
  • Other Colors: Discuss with our experts. 

Gems By Type: Gemstone rings that are chosen by gem type are awesome. Unfortunately most jewelers severely restrict gem selection. Buyers are left to work within limited stocks and gems that are often overpriced. Being networked with gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, Kai Silver has preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Choosing a gem for a gold or silver ring is a pleasure, you are restricted to nothing. Any gem that is found on any corner of the globe can be procured and custom cut. Ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds were until recently - the most popular gemstones. Jewelry lovers have now become more conscious of the gems that they choose, they are also keen to learn more about gem history, location, mining patterns etc. This has led to a much wider range of gems being patronized and you will now hear of gems like topaz, all colors of sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, emerald, all colors of tourmaline, spinel, all colors of garnet, zircon (natural), peridot, amethyst, jade etc. The Kaisilver gemstone team includes highly experienced gem experts with deep knowledge about, all aspects related to gem mining, procurement, cutting, pricing, durability etc. We encourage you to discuss gem details with our team (contact email below this report), this even if you plan to buy nothing from us. We are passionate about gems and jewelry and always ready to share our knowledge. 

Gems By Belief: Gemstone rings are often worn by men and women as they relate to specific, folklore or beliefs. This should  come as no surprise because, crystals and gems were worn centuries ago for the special 'powers' that they were believed to possess. A ruby gemstone ring for example, was believed to impart power and control to its wearer. Sapphires were work to show loyalty and trust. Wearing a gemstone ring with a specific type of jade (nephrite) was supposed to cure kidney disorders. The ancient belief that, wearing a garnet kept a person safe during a journey has followers even today. Aquamarine gemstone rings recommended by crystal healers - the idea is that, the gem brings peace, harmony and reconciliation into a home. We could go on and on, different times in history, different civilizations had their own reasoning for the choice of specific gems. While we must clarify that, these beliefs are based on personal belief and trust, we would like to say that - we can procure any gem that you fancy from any part of the earth for your gemstone ring.  

Birthstones: Silver or gold gem stone rings with birthstones, relate to certain beliefs in gemstones. With specific gems being connected to the zodiac sign under which a person was born, we have now come to relating a birthstone to the month in which a person was born. This quite obviously turned out to be more convenient when, the modern calendar with its 12 months was established. When it comes to a gemstone ring with a birthstone, the choice of the gem does not leave much room for selecting the gemstone. Scroll up to see the very popular Kaisilver birthstone chart, each month has one (or more) gemstone designated as its birthstone. The belief is that each one of us has a very special gem that remains connected to us all our life. Requesting for a special occasion ring with your birthstone, adds to the significance of the jewel and the occasion. For example when picking a gemstone ring for an engagement or wedding, consider picking the birthstone of the wearer. Another interesting option would be to exchange birthstones, in matrimonial gemstone rings. So her ring would have his birthstone and vice versa. This is believed to strengthen the bond between the couple, something that is always desirable. Mothers rings offer a great opportunity to be choosy about the gemstone selection! Her favorite gem or fem color, her birthstone and gems to match her favorite wardrobe color. And if you wish to really add that special significance for a mother's ring, go for a multi gemstone ring. Pick the birthstones of all family members and get a spectacular jewel that showcases the true spirit of a family. Once again this is something, that Kaisilver will be glad to do for you - your design or ours, unlimited gem options and in silver or gold 

Gold Or Silver

We maintain the same premium standards for both gold and silver gemstone rings. So your choice would depend on what you like and what you can budget for. Having said that, it is only right that we provide a few notes and explain the options that you have when buying a ring with gemstones from Kaisilver. The price tables on our websites give prices for 14k and 18 gold and sterling silver. But if you would like to have a custom ring crafted in 10k gold, send us an email and we will send across a price quote. Gems are worn for their color and the color of the metal, can add an interesting flavor to the jewel. So when you plan to get a gemstone gold ring, consider the color of the gem(s) and then pick from white, yellow or pink gold. Silver as a prime option for fine jewelry has happened in the past decade. Men have always had a preference for silver gemstone rings. Besides being much more economical as compared to gold, 925 silver also has a more confident and assuring look. Very few jewelers care to offer silver jewelry with quality to impress, silver rings are generally made to capture the lower end market - the idea being that it is the market segment that cares little about quality. Stories aside, Kaisilver uses the same team of fine artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, to craft both gold and silver jewelry. The same stringent quality checks are applied to  all jewelry, irrespective of the price tag, metal or gemstone. When ordering a silver gem stone ring, choose to leave the ring un-plated. Unlike what many jewelers explain, any plating on silver will not be permanent. It will wear off in patches and make cleaning and polishing, extremely tough. While we can plate a silver ring at no additional cost to you, we will recommend that you leave it un-plated. This will make it easy for you to polish the ring as and when it shows any signs of tarnish. 

Ring Highlights

  1. All rings are crafted in gold or 925 silver,  to the same superior standards.
  2. You can pick our designs and request for modifications or send us your own design ideas.
  3. There is no limitation on gem selection, gems need not be limited to what is shown on our websites.
  4. Kaisilver rings are designed and crafted to ensure good looks and long term durability.
  5. Our rings generally weigh 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide. 
  6. A team of expert artisans, gem cutters and talented designers in Thailand work on all orders. 
  7. Stringent quality standards at each stage of production are applied for both gold and silver jewelry. 
  8. Gold rings can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k yellow, white or pink gold.
  9. All jewels in all designs with all gem options, can be crafted in gold or sterling silver. 

How To Order

Do not be in a hurry to confirm your order and make a payment, we are in no hurry to rush your decision. Each image on this page has a short description and a link to the complete report. It is very unlikely that you will come across any other jeweler provider, who is willing to disclose as much detail as we do. And even after doing that, we suggest that you do not rush to confirm an order. Discuss your requirements with our experts at All design features can be modified, you can even provide a design sketch or image to be custom made. Once you have all the information, move to the order confirmation and payment phase. 

Production lead time is 3 to 5 weeks from the date that payment is received to complete the order  process. We recommend payment through Paypal for first time clients but also, accept Western Union Money Transfer. We will provide details once we know your preference for mode of payment. Shipping is through Fedex with web tracking. We will let you know if there are any additional shipping charges, this information will be confirmed before the order is finalized. 

Who Is Kaisilver

The leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver crafts rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and cuff links in gold or silver. You can pick from our designs or provide your own design specifications. There is no limitation on gem selection, we will gladly procure and custom cut any gem for you from any corner of the globe. We today serve over 12,000 clients from 15 nations. Being networked to leading gem mining and cutting operations globally, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of quality gemstones. Email us at if you have any queries related to gemstone and jewelry. 

Customer Feedback 

The ring is absolutely beautiful, the ruby stunning. I was worried whether it would ever come, being delayed due to all the turmoil in Bangkok, but when it finally did, I was absolutely delighted. I’ve looked in many jewellery shops and haven’t seen a ruby as nice yet. Thankyou, my girlfriend, now fiancé, absolutely loved it! The communication and customer service was really excellent as well, customizing the ring went very smoothly, and the price was excellent for the quality. Regards ...  John Williams.

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